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Meaning Of Love by WooSoo_Princess
Meaning Of Loveby Woo.Soo
Sooji Melihat orang yang kucintai tersenyum, walau hatiku hancur. Itulah arti cinta bagiku.. Myungsoo Melakukan apapun diinginkannya, sekalipun itu tak membuatku bahagi...
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You're My One And Only Love (Nam Woohyun)(INFINITE)[COMPLETED] by jikook_af
You're My One And Only Love (Nam Kim Yoona
An orphan girl who has a hard and tiring life without family and friends. one day she got into an accident and there was teenage boys in the car and that's when her life...
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Existence by summerxblessings
Existenceby W
{AU} One forgets while the other remembers. Kim Sunggyu can attest to the fact that it's harder to be the one that remembered. It's harder to be the one that's been le...
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My Amnesia Boyfriend | Nam Woohyun by kimsyaz
My Amnesia Boyfriend | Nam Woohyunby 🌸Hiatus🌸
[EDITING/REVISING] ❝I dont know you. Get away from me.❞ a story in which a girlfriend was thrown away by her boyfriend but she insist on staying by his side and help h...
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Mianhae by Namu_91
Mianhaeby Namu_91
...Seorang remaja yang merasa hidupnya tidak ada artinya, namun masih memilih untuk tetap bertahan demi impiannya, demi harapannya,demi kasih sayang seseorang... "...
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" let me save you one last time." she repeated time once again to stop myungsoo from dying. + infinite kim myungsoo + romance + tragedy + completed
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Love You As Much As I Hate You (KIM MYUNGSOO/L INFINITE FANFIC) by rinienarinie
Love You As Much As I Hate You ( rinienarinie
Kang Rae Na is a very spoil brat girl with some attitude problem. She grew up with her grandfather that protects her 24/7 each day. An incident happened that make her gr...
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You Are My Everything (NWH|| Infinite) ✔️ by SWHFantasy
You Are My Everything (NWH|| S O N Y
A promise she made to herself not to fall in love, that broke the second she saw him Woohyun: Do you believe in love at first sight? Sony: Yes, i do because i loved you...
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Forbidden Love  by idk17e58t
Forbidden Love by idk
Just read RoseXMaleReader
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My Boss Is A Jerk (Nam Woohyun)(INFINITE) by jikook_af
My Boss Is A Jerk (Nam Woohyun)( Kim Yoona
Shin Hara, a smart, poor 22 y/o girl who's looking for a job and she did but her life got miserable when her boss is a jerk.. Nam Woohyun, a rich spoiled 23 y/o guy who...
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Would You Like To Come Over To Me? by SWHFantasy
Would You Like To Come Over To Me?by S O N Y
How life of Kim Hyunji turns out when she runs away from home to escape from her mother's chains, but she ends up in the hands of thugs as soon as she leaves home? Will...
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WooGyu? by NamStepmother_91
WooGyu?by infinite_woogyu
Sunggyu became a totally different person after an accident happened to Woohyun. And.... It causes huge change in Sunggyu's life..and also Woohyun's. What happened next?
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Secretly Loving You by holimoppo
Secretly Loving Youby Woolim
NC20++ Woogyu Gender Switch
Book 2 : Close Your Eyes by CanYouGiveYourHeart
Book 2 : Close Your Eyesby CanYouGiveYourHeart
Yoo Yejin had a boyfriend name Nam Woohyun but he died because of an accident. But one day when she open the television,she was shocked because she saw her boyfriend,Nam...
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Always (FF) by murasaki_sy
Always (FF)by 𝙨𝙞𝙥.
Antara teman atau cinta. Antara disakiti atau menyakiti. Antara berkorban atau mengorbankan. Antara melepaskan atau mempertahankan. Jika kamu berada dalam posisi seperti...
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Spring Love (Woohyun Fanfiction) by yoontae_kim
Spring Love (Woohyun Fanfiction)by YouAreMyTae
Ahn Hara is Inspirit. She meets Infinite and become friend with them. More than that, she starts a relationship with Woohyun. Read and see their love story. If you like...
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Destiny's Ways | Infinite Woohyun [Completed] by veezmom
Destiny's Ways | Infinite Cris Bangtan
"The two most misused words in the entire English vocabulary are Love and Friendship." - Larry Flynt _ _ _ _ _ _ Where Woohyun c...
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a young lecturer at a university usually create a chaos among girls... When it comes to my should I describe him.. A young,handsome, intelligent lect...
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Dream Catchers || Nam Woohyun Imagines ✔ by SWHFantasy
Dream Catchers || Nam Woohyun S O N Y
Short stories of INFINITE Nam Woohyun-- Featuring Infinite and his idol friends Copyright © Sony / SWHFantasy
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The Broken Hearted Girl (Incomplete)  by DEMACEZER
The Broken Hearted Girl ( @SheenaFranciscoLimco
He's my strength, He is nothing and worthless I pretended to be strong, but I was cowardly. I pretended not to care.
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