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You're My One And Only Love (Nam Woohyun)(INFINITE)[COMPLETED] by jikook_af
You're My One And Only Love (Nam Kim Yoona
An orphan girl who has a hard and tiring life without family and friends. one day she got into an accident and there was teenage boys in the car and that's when her life...
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The Dominant by Reeenn03
The Dominantby Kareena Deen
Kim bersaudara memang murid paling terkenal di Woollim High School. Ditambah lagi keduanya berstatus alpha, semakin bertambahlah fans mereka. Tak terkecuali Nam Woohyun...
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Secretly Loving You by holimoppo
Secretly Loving Youby Woolim
NC20++ Woogyu Gender Switch
You N Me ! by KimAgassi27
You N Me !by KimAgassi
Nam Woohyun dan Kim Sunggyu bertemu di dalam sebuah kejadian yang membuat hubungan mereka tak begitu akur kemudian. Sifat Woohyun yang seenaknya tentu membuat Sunggyu ta...
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WooGyu? by NamStepmother_91
WooGyu?by infinite_woogyu
Sunggyu became a totally different person after an accident happened to Woohyun. And.... It causes huge change in Sunggyu's life..and also Woohyun's. What happened next?
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My Boss Is A Jerk (Nam Woohyun)(INFINITE) by jikook_af
My Boss Is A Jerk (Nam Woohyun)( Kim Yoona
Shin Hara, a smart, poor 22 y/o girl who's looking for a job and she did but her life got miserable when her boss is a jerk.. Nam Woohyun, a rich spoiled 23 y/o guy who...
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Love You As Much As I Hate You (KIM MYUNGSOO/L INFINITE FANFIC) by rinienarinie
Love You As Much As I Hate You ( rinienarinie
Kang Rae Na is a very spoil brat girl with some attitude problem. She grew up with her grandfather that protects her 24/7 each day. An incident happened that make her gr...
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Dream Catchers || Nam Woohyun Imagines ✔ by akiraita18
Dream Catchers || Nam Woohyun 김서니
Short stories of INFINITE Nam Woohyun-- Featuring Infinite and his idol friends Copyright © Sony / Akiraita18
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Prince Venus by liaa96
Prince Venusby liaa96
Cast : Nam Woohyun Kim Sunggyu Kim Myungsoo Lee Sungyeol Ji Ae Genre : Shonen-ai, Fairytale, romance Rating : T Prince Venus berakhir tidak bahagia dengan orang yang di...
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how can you survive if your parents ask you to marry a guy that you really hate?? Park Nera can't run from that. She had to marry Kim Sunggyu the jerk and the bullies. B...
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Let Me Have Your Heart (INFINITE KIM SUNGGYU FANFIC) by rinienarinie
Let Me Have Your Heart (INFINITE rinienarinie
Ha Yoomi, the unfortunate girl who had met with a terrible incident that caused the lives of her entire family. This is all because of a boy who really loves her without...
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There's No Person Like You (INFINITE Nam Woohyun Fanfiction) by NamStepmother_91
There's No Person Like You ( infinite_woogyu
Woohyun,Hana and Hani are bestfriends since their childhood. However,they can't still being a good friends as they started to grow some feelings towards each other. One...
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Our Infinite (Mini-Chaptered) by via6777
Our Infinite (Mini-Chaptered)by Vhayna_Via
Infinite, Apa kalian mengenalnya? Boygroup yang berasal dari agensi yang tergolong kecil ini telah mampu menghipnotis jutaan pasang mata sejak pertama kali menyaksikan...
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Egoism by liaa96
Egoismby liaa96
Cast : Kim Sunggyu Nam Woohyun Minho Key Genre : Shonen-ai, marriage story, angst, drama Rating : T Summary : Cinta tidak bisa dipaksakan, namun Kim Sungg...
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Would You Like To Come Over To Me? by akiraita18
Would You Like To Come Over To Me?by 김서니
How life of Kim Hyunji turns out when she runs away from home to escape from her mother's chains, but she ends up in the hands of thugs as soon as she leaves home? Will...
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VAMPIRE FLOWER  by Kim_Soo_Yeon_
~If only you are here,this is paradise. A paradise where I retained you against your will. A paradise where you can't escape from. A paradise where we can be together...
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【 Woollim Project】From Inspirit To INFINITE by WoollimProject
【 Woollim Project】From Inspirit Woollim Project
Cerita-cerita persembahan seluruh Inspirit untuk INFINITE yang disalurkan melalui event-event Woollim Project. Penasaran seperti apa saja keseruannya? Klik tombol 'baca'...
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Who Am I?[Infinite Fanfiction] by ChinggyuSpirit
Who Am I?[Infinite Fanfiction]by Chingu.Gyu357
Kim Sunggyu, Infinite's leader went missing after Concert's party one night. After 2 weeks, Kim Sunggyu return to Woollim with a girl by his side. But, Kim Sunggyu's ret...
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choking on tulips || woogyu by insporbit
choking on tulips || woogyuby holly
woohyun was woken by an urge in his chest, but he didn't know what it was. little did he know, he had caught hanahaki.
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Forever (WoohyunxSunggyu) by BDee61298
Forever (WoohyunxSunggyu)by Bee
Will a fight tear them apart? Or will it make them last... forever?
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