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Recomendaciones GyuWoo/WooGyu/OT7 by seoyoung89
Recomendaciones GyuWoo/WooGyu/OT7by seoyoung89
En donde podrás encontrar fanfics de esta pareja y más... Todos los derechos son de sus respectivos autores.
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BE MINE by greenite
[COMPLETED] I want you. All of you. Your flows. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want you and only you. I love you, pleas BE MINE.
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Se Dice de Ti ➳ Meanie by Danny_Ig
Se Dice de Ti ➳ Meanieby Danny
De acuerdo a los rumores de la escuela Jeon Wonwoo es todo lo que Kim Mingyu debe evitar. Pero su curiosidad es más grande y quiere saber si todo lo que dicen sobre el m...
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Caged {meanie} ✅ by katzmotelrm
Caged {meanie} ✅by Katz
Wonwoo pretends to be a hard core rebel but really he just wants to be loved, but when someone, Mingyu, tries to give him love, Wonwoo turns it done. Mingyu will try his...
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F.A.T.E [WooGyu] by NgcMc8
F.A.T.E [WooGyu]by NgcMc8
Author: Youki Pairings: WooGyu, HoGyu, MyungJong. Fandom: Infinite. Rating: M Category: Violence, blood, very angst. *Note: Trong fic, thân phận và độ tuổi sẽ thay đổi c...
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DISCIPLINE  by Topwoogyu
DISCIPLINE by Topwoogyu
Description: Kim Sunggyu, the student-teacher that needs to pass this semester with great marks and graduate from college. His goal is to learn from his seniors as much...
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Fivever by hall29
Fiveverby Hanna
Kim Sunggyu is the kid who nobody knows. He doesn't really like to socialize. He only has a couple of best friends and that's it. But he likes that. He likes being unno...
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galaxy | w.j. + m.k. (meanie) by nsavant
galaxy | w.j. + m.k. (meanie)by seokmin trash
i want to know more about the bright light; i jump into your galaxy. into the world that you've let only me in, without hesitation, i go into your galaxy.
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Ketika Cinta Menghampiri by alonelover_aff
Ketika Cinta Menghampiriby alonelover_aff
Menyambutmu, Menjadi Milikku Sebuah kisah, dimana seorang Nam Woohyun menyadari bahwa cinta tak seharusnya menyakiti.
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Write.. One Shot's by LhynNamu0802
Write.. One Shot'sby al0802
💕WooGyu/ GyuWoo 💕YaDong 💕MyungYeol 💕MyungJong 💕WooSoo 💕YeolJong 💕.....
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Woogyu Recommendation ( Watty's version). by afrinalim
Woogyu Recommendation ( Watty's ve...by Afrin Alim
It's all about Woogyu stories and one 8shots. Hope you all will love it!!
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TOUCH (Infinite FF) by skm_ams
TOUCH (Infinite FF)by mayu98_ams
Kim Sung Gyu, a boy who can saw the history of any incidents or people through physical touch. He become a bit of a loner ever since the end year of his middle school wh...
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INFINITE One-shots by Chiseichii
INFINITE One-shotsby Chiichii ♥
Compilations of Infinite One-shot stories that I made. Sunggyu|Woohyun|Dongwoo|Myungsoo/L|Hoya|Sungyeol|Sungjong Stories can also be WooGyu/YaDong/Myungyeol/Myungjong et...
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Good Intentions with Disastrous Results by summerxblessings
Good Intentions with Disastrous Re...by W
{AU} Woohyun and Sunggyu are good friends, single since forever after a few failed relationships, though not for a lack of trying. Woohyun tries to help Sunggyu with cha...
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●『 𝕁𝕦𝕖𝕘𝕠 𝕕𝕖 𝕒𝕞𝕠𝕣 』● by littlextree
●『 𝕁𝕦𝕖𝕘𝕠 𝕕𝕖 𝕒𝕞𝕠𝕣 』●by ❀𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖𝕩𝕥𝕣𝕖𝕖❀
¿El reto de Woohyun? Hacer que Sungkyu se enamore de él. ¿El reto de Sungkyu? Jugar con el jugador. Hasta que la vida cambia las reglas del juego. { Semi-adaptación del...
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My Arrogant Love(NAM WOOHYUN) by NamStepmother_91
My Arrogant Love(NAM WOOHYUN)by infinite_woogyu
On the day infinite members are given free time for themselves to go out for their first time....... An expected encounter happen between nam woohyun and seolhyun .... A...
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Heart Attack! | WooGyu by cinnamarbean
Heart Attack! | WooGyuby CinnaMarbean
Love at first sight. That was what Sunggyu felt when his eyes first set on Woohyun. He couldn't believe that he would fall for someone who he just saw for the first time...
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INFINITE One-Shots (#Wattys2K17) by hall29
INFINITE One-Shots (#Wattys2K17)by Hanna
#8 - myungyeol #15 - woogyu #7 - myungjong #13 - yadong #4 - woosoo This book is basically a collection of one-shots about almost every ship in INFINITE. What genre you...
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✿ MY BABY? ; woogyu by infinitxV
✿ MY BABY? ; woogyuby infinite v
✿WOOGYU✿ Sunggyu se ve obligado a cuidar de su pequeño descuido con ayuda de su mejor amigo, Woohyun.
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INFINITE One-Shots by Kachikizukari
INFINITE One-Shotsby Kachikizukari (Hiatus)
Compilation of INFINITE one shots! Enjoooooy!
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