Love You As Much As...
By rinienarinie
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Kang Rae Na is a very spoil brat girl with some attitude problem. She grew up with her grandfather that protects her 24/7 each day. An incident happened that make her grandfather became furious with her and punished her. She has to become a maid in Kim Myung Soo's mansion which his grandfather happen to be her grandfather's long lost friend. She has to keep a secret. At the first time their eyes met,hatred grew upon them. He simply looked down on her because she is just a maid meanwhile Rae Na hated him because no one has ever dare against her. As time goes by, she understand a little that being a maid is really taught her lesson. She understand about family,friendship and even love..Little did she know about danger awaits her because someone is too obsessive about her. How Rae Na goes through with these obstacles and how does she find her true love at the end? 1/09/2014-24/09/2014 Credits to the owner of all images

Chapter 1: Goodbye

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Love You...
by rinienarinie