Let Me Have Your He...
By rinienarinie
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Ha Yoomi, the unfortunate girl who had met with a terrible incident that caused the lives of her entire family. This is all because of a boy who really loves her without her knowing about his feeling. His family adopted her out of a guilt feeling towards her. She then became heartless and filled her heart with hatred until Kim Sunggyu came into her life. He totally made her mind went crazy with his childish attitude yet still managed to attract herself to him. Until he fell for her, fallen really deeply to the extent he would die for her. Her adopted brother wanted her to stay by her side even though he knew she will never accept him because of what happened to her family. Who will she choose finally? Will she ready to vengeance for her family's deaths? 16/08/2015-on going Credits to the owner of all images.

Chapter 1: The unfortunate incident

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Let Me Ha...
by rinienarinie