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Myth Stories II:The Battle Between Greek & Rome by pyrusvalcan
Myth Stories II:The Battle nobody
After the story about The Troublesome Aphrodite, something happed again. Very horrible. Read the story and vote for it! And enjoy! P.S. Don't laugh your head off!
Native American Stories by EmberL16
Native American Storiesby Ember Lee
Stories that have been told to me since I was a baby and stories that I have made up. If you don't like people that talk about God or anything religious then this isn't...
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Anansi and the Witch Named Five by lynnegarner
Anansi and the Witch Named Fiveby Lynne Garner
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Egyptian Gods: Legends of egypt by SeanRed795
Egyptian Gods: Legends of egyptby Leona_My_Bae
How did egypt first came to be? Who was the first god? Who created the pyramids? Who defeated Set? Find out in this book of Egyptian legends.
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A Pirated Heart: Magic Unbound by darkdemon125
A Pirated Heart: Magic Unboundby Alyssa Ammons
**FEATURED** The anticipated sequel to A Pirated Heart is finally here! Arabella Cartridge finally has her heart back. There's only one problem.... Circe, the sea godd...
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Pit Bulls The Truth by BadGirl9151
Pit Bulls The Truthby Hailee Thomas
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Once Upon a Halloween - Part 1: New Future (Wattpad Version) by MadoliaSteel
Once Upon a Halloween - Part 1: Highway Unicorn
Part One of the ''Once Upon a Halloween'' Series. ''Once Upon a Halloween'' is a series by Madolia Steel © New Future Once Upon a Halloween a whole new world gets...
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Blood in The Water by DeclarationsOfLove
Blood in The Waterby Kellie
Tessa James knew that when Mr. Vale, the village's most feared man, came to town it was to collect a new bride. This time, Mr. Vale has his eyes set on Tessa who goes on...
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Anything Goes by shefe02
Anything Goesby Shefkija 💕☪
What if there was a game? A horrible, nasty- sometimes calm- little game. Where the rules were written down somewhere , yet you couldn't read them nor have an idea of wh...
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Protecting The Warrior (Book 2 Of The Protecting Series) by hazel3
Protecting The Warrior (Book 2 hazel3
Being a witch that was experimented on Aria has new powers she is terrified to use. Blake finds himself with a girl in a white room. Unsure what has happened to him. A...
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The god of elements meets a beautiful mortal in spring. Their friendship soon blossoms. Alas, all good things must come to an end.
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Face of Glass by DamonWakes
Face of Glassby Damon L. Wakes
In ancient days when the island was new, the three elements-Mountain, Sun and Moon-came to threaten Man. One by one, the hero SutaKe challenged these great figures, and...
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Ruthless by Zuke_K9
Ruthlessby Zuke Denvar
A work in progress. A narration by a boy who's hobbies are reading, playing video games, being a magical bounty hunter(with no pay I add) etc. Along with his weapon cum...
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Isabelle and the God of Thunder by amjonson
Isabelle and the God of Thunderby A.M. Jonson
This Story is about a young girl who doesn't know her true family's history and as she goes along she learns more and more. She learns how her family actually feels abo...
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Invulnerable by nikhitakapoor
Invulnerableby nikhitakapoor
Trust me, when they say you need to save the world... you wish you were normal.... Kidnapped at the age of seven by a school who train her to battle, Natasha Sharma real...
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Black VS Black (On Hold) by stormwolf3
Black VS Black (On Hold)by Nemecia (Snookie4)
Black VS Black. Paws VS Hooves. Pack VS Herd. Wolf VS Unicorn. Boy VS Girl. Together they stand strong, but when apart their inner beast rises. What happens when you...
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The Lores of Lyra - Shattered Star [Book II] by MajaDiana
The Lores of Lyra - Shattered Maja Diana
[Not edited. At all. ] Astronia. Hidden deep, in plain sight is the entryway to the realm of Darkness. With a pathway riddled with Black Holes and impending danger, the...
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(Book 3) Supernatural by Devin_B
(Book 3) Supernaturalby Devin
Book 3 of the Supernatural Series. Nineteen months have passed since the Winchester's left Storybrooke. Castiel proclaims himself to be the new God after him and Raphael...
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Persephone by CupidsGrace
Persephoneby Kate
Persephone is kidnapped by Hades, wonderful. But little does she know that thanks to that she's going to meet her soulmate. Problem is she doesn't know who it is. Hades...
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