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No❤️ || SeongJoong texts [ATEEZ] by felix69eyelash
No❤️ || SeongJoong texts [ATEEZ]by felix69eyelash
toothless: u, me, date, now khj.surdad: no❤️ Seonghwa just thinks Jong is Hella hot. Joong is done with this man's bullshit, but enjoys it way too much. please don't re...
Ateez Little Space by -me-just-me-
Ateez Little Spaceby small-town
Well This is a one-shots' book If you are uncomfortable with the idea , don't read Requests are open in the DMs Enjoooy
Me or music by StayJas
Me or musicby StayJas
Fell in love with Music and You . Can we really make this work? . Mistake or Best Mistake . . Instagram au . Start - 2021/4/5 End - 2022/05/30 Comments what you think...
The Vamps (woosan) by smollkookie
The Vamps (woosan)by kookiesmolhandseu;
There are 4 powerful vampires in the school their rank is R. There are also 4 lil vampires with their rank R but they doesn't want to join R class so they join rank S's...
just come home // seongjoong by happyatiny
just come home // seongjoongby kezi
hongjoong's been overworking. he sleeps, eats, basically lives in the studio. everyone understood the leader's working hard for them and atiny. but deep inside, park seo...
marigold | sh. - hj.  | correcting atm! by -minsik-k
marigold | sh. - hj. | -minsik-k
park seonghwa silently left ateez after finding out he was unexpectedly pregnant but what happens after 4 years when he meets his members again and especially how will h...
Blind Kiss | seongjoong  by ateezblueprint
Blind Kiss | seongjoong by ateezblueprint
[COMPLETE] In which Kim Hongjoong goes to a party and plays a game known as 'blind kiss', where he has to blindfold himself and choose someone, who's also blindfolded, t...
Ohh...? by Papionie
Ohh...?by Sarou
Do parents really still do matchmaking in the 21st century? ⚠️age gap⚠️
My Heart, My Peace | HYUNLIX ✔️ by Tifari
My Heart, My Peace | HYUNLIX ✔️by Tifari
*BOOK 1 OF THE SERIES** Hyunjin is the school's popular bad boy, along with his best friends Seonghwa, San, Minho and Jongho. With his effortless skills in art and dance...
Sweet Rejection | seongjoong by ateezblueprint
Sweet Rejection | seongjoongby ateezblueprint
[COMPLETE] "You must get rejected... no matter what." In which Kim Hongjoong helps out his best friend, Kang Yeosang, by taking his place and going on a blind...
Mermaid on Adventure by gungunindra288
Mermaid on Adventureby Gungun
A mermaid and a captain. Can they be lovers?
one day at a time ✅️ by missmoatiny_
one day at a time ✅️by kim jiyun (slowly coming back)
living as a student while having to takes care of your son is definitely not easy. he was only 17 at that time but he know he had no other choice. "hey, is this yo...
A SEONGJOONG FANFIC Nobody's alone. There is always someone to stay by your side. Life wasn't really great all throughout for him but he knew to take things positively...
MY HOME by Myegointheshow
MY HOMEby Mystar
"At the end of the day you are my safe place" " My home" - Hongjoong _ ships - seongjoong _ Please note it is fictional story no character has an...
The emos,femboys,and popular kids(On Hold) by HwaPink
The emos,femboys,and popular kids( Hwa Pink
Emos are the outcast of the school no one cares about them and they are bullied everyday by popular kids or even normal kids. Femboy are very loud and enthusiastic alrea...
mr secretary ✅ by missmoatiny_
mr secretary ✅by kim jiyun (slowly coming back)
" please be my one and only mr secretary. i need you by my side forever" - kim hongjoong- " i will be mr secretary just for you" - park seonghwa- h...
Texting you - ateez by ShinyAtiny
Texting you - ateezby ShinyAtiny
A texting based story about 8 boys who meet through one mutual friend. Almost instantly after introducing themselves, they begin to form a strong relationship with each...
ateez family au by cuteezers
ateez family auby 𝐠𝐮𝐥𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐮
Because I am a sucker for these *updates at least twice a week *mentions of mpreg
With U // YunGi by nerdygiraffee
With U // YunGiby Nerdy Giraffe
"A boyfriend rental service where the satisfaction, comfort, and happiness of the boyfriends are the top priority. We strive to create a welcoming and safe place fo...
му σмєgα | αтєєz / тχт  by DamnBxtch
му σмєgα | αтєєz / тχт by кρσρ η вℓ
[COMPLETE] An alpha lives along with his five brothers. The six omegas, who are also siblings, are as powerful as any other wolf. They are only weak against alphas. Beca...