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Isolation [Erik Lehnsherr] by ChocoholicMoony
Isolation [Erik Lehnsherr]by Moved
Sometimes feeling isolated is better than actually getting along with other people. At least, that's the view Rory has when it comes to anyone else. It's going to be up...
A Different Kind of Animal by RosalieTarr
A Different Kind of Animalby Rosalie Tarr
Imprisoned in an underground laboratory his entire life, eighteen-year-old Leonardo finally escapes, entering the real world for the first time. Overwhelmed by all the n...
Zombies Vs Aliens: Respawn by krazydiamond
Zombies Vs Aliens: Respawnby Kristin Jacques
A comic apocalyptic sci-fi romp. The zombie apocalypse has come and gone, the world has ended, humanity has crumbled... Nobody told the aliens. Alien brains have some...
The Witcher imagines by Moonchild_writes_
The Witcher imaginesby Angelic_God
Hi!! These will be one shots or longer if wanted. Of any and all characters in The Witcher universe. Currently I've only played the third game and watched the netflix sh...
pantyhose futa demon girl season 1 by nylonpantyhose
pantyhose futa demon girl season 1by nylonpantyhose
my name is jenny daughter aundry mom is da dochter of jerald teller he is general of works allot.dint wear much pantyhose.i became lesbian with my...
Formation by EmbracingYou
Formationby EmbracingYou
The final installation in the Splices trilogy. The pack is in pieces. Selene cannot distinguish the line between good and bad. How to be both Subject Six, and who she ha...
Time Stopped by ivyethereal
Time Stoppedby ivyethereal
Mahigit limang taon na rin mula ng madiskubre kong may kakaiba sa mundong ginagalawan namin. Mahigit limang taon na rin ng napansin kong may mali at para bang may tinata...
The Threesome Apocalypse! by LastMan0n3arth
The Threesome Apocalypse!by LOE
One mistake, 3 monsters, then a threesome apocalypse turned a once quickly advancing Earth into a desolate place. Started 5 December 2019.
X-Men: A New Hope by WritersBlock039
X-Men: A New Hopeby Miss Moffat
As if Star Wars wasn't crazy enough . . . Han Solo can kill with looks, manipulate fire, and phase through any solid object. Luke Skywalker teleports, can heal very quic...
The Crumbling Of Mountains; Restarted by Comrade_Skycandy
The Crumbling Of Mountains; Sky
Welcome to the world of dragons. This world is full of beautiful dragons, though disaster has recently struck. With the remaining dragons of each tribe banding together...
The Force of Gravity by MarvelxFriends
The Force of Gravityby MarvelxFriends
Alone from the age of 10, Amelia Watson doesn't want her... curse. Her mutation. And when two men try to convince Amelia that her power can be used for the benefit of ev...
(2016 TMNT)  Yin and Yang. [Discontinued] by TheUltraWriter
(2016 TMNT) Yin and Yang. [ S.C
What happens when Magical Twins meet 2 Turtle Brothers? TMNT does NOT belong to me! Only my Characters!
Dangerous? (X-men Evolution) by Berfie
Dangerous? (X-men Evolution)by Berfie
(Not edited) To say it short.. I liked to watch X-men, so this story is pretty much X-men evolution but with a girl called Jessie in it (and her best friend Harry) Jessi...
HERC2 by ArdenBrooks
HERC2by Arden Brooks
For thousands of years, every generation was the same, but then, one day, there was a mutation. (A short story for a writing group exercise).
Hourglass City by keepthywits
Hourglass Cityby keepthywits
Power. An ability that everybody should have; everyone except for Lysli Ariflryae. Lysli had always believed that she was destined to be a parasite. That was what societ...
Halexia by AwezingNinja
Halexiaby Awezing Ninja
Doctor Epicycle who has lost her son due to Sickle Cell Crisis onboards on a project to find the cure not only to sickle cell and cancer but to death itself. A lot of he...
The AbNormals by ShaylaFaye568
The AbNormalsby Shayla Faye
"I have to survive. I need to survive. If not for myself, then for my family. For my friends. For him." There are two types of humans in this world: Normals an...
flashs cools de noah by cloudyase
flashs cools de noahby noah
c'est notre exutoire donc on s'e x e c u t e recueil random d'écrits randoms, passe ton chemin si t'as d'autres choses à faire mécréant [?] -> une seule partie [...
Injection by Nanomyte
Injectionby Nanomyte Studios
The world of Injection takes place centuries after a cataclysmic event has brought the human race to the brink of extinction. A corporation named Syntech forms to restor...