Zombies Vs Aliens:...
By krazydiamond
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A comic apocalyptic sci-fi romp. The zombie apocalypse has come and gone, the world has ended, humanity has crumbled... Nobody told the aliens. Alien brains have some interesting side effects on the ravenous undead. Just ask zombie Li, who wakes up after a quick bite. The world is a wasteland, she's a walking corpse, and her 'snack' melted into a noxious puddle of goo. It's not her day. Determined to figure out what the hell happened to her world, Li hits the road, seeking others like herself. The end of the world brings strange company, and stranger enemies. Struggling to wrap her head around being a zombie and already Li's existence is in danger thanks to impending alien invasion. It's going to take more than a handful of quirky zombies to stop them. She's going to need some serious fire power, like the remnants of the human race. If she can find them. #7 in Science Fiction on 12/3/15 ***Second Place for Science Fiction in Best Fiction Competition*** ***Contains a sprinkling of strong language and zombie violence. No aliens or zombies were harmed in the making of this novel. Recommended for ages 15 and up.***

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Zombies V...
by krazydiamond