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An Anthology Of Short Stories by riyaguha95
An Anthology Of Short Storiesby Riya Guha
Cover Credits: @Secretgiggles783 Oh, well, the title says it all ;) Delve into this book to find some sweet, cute and even heartbreaking short stories that one might rel...
The Deep End Of Ecstasy by Shinchan655
The Deep End Of Ecstasyby Idiotic_nohara
Circumstances lead Ajey to meet not only new but a strange personality, Sam. She isn't depressed. Perhaps she lost the excitement of living while she was dodging the sto...
Midnight Skies by Darknightfall456
Midnight Skiesby Dead
"Random midnight thoughts sprinkled with feelings onto old stained papers." " My thoughts are those stars spread over the midnight skies like chocolate sp...
In This Moment by treblehearts
In This Momentby jess
time is precious because of all the moments in between. --- some moments, memories, and musings written by yours truly cover by @dysanic
Mixed Feelings! by PreethiVenugopal
Mixed Feelings!by Preethi Venugopal
When you are too much into something, you start getting influenced by it. Kathir Mullai is an emotion. So Yes..My love for KM has made me to take a plunge into writing...
𝐑𝐞𝐟𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬🕯// 𝐩𝐨𝐞𝐭𝐫𝐲 by moonlit_elixir
𝐑𝐞𝐟𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬🕯// 𝐩𝐨𝐞� moonlit_elixir
~just a collection of poems written by me. ♡ - #3 in poetry on 29/12/20 #17 in poem on 3/1/21 #4 in poetrybook on 23/1/21
Intricacies by afterthoughts
Intricaciesby viola theron
We look up at the same sky and we see the same thing and suddenly, it's not so lonely anymore.
Dear God by welkinist
Dear Godby welkinist
To the world, I've seen you in distress. I've seen you trample over sands. I've seen you aim missiles. So when my cuts needed healing, I chose God over you instead. - ...
Through Weathered Eyes by DOUGOTTSON
Through Weathered Eyesby Douglas Ott
This book will contain poetry, prose, musings, and songs. Throughout a life of consistent chaotic circumstances, one's mind must manipulate mechanically to adapt. These...
I, Girl by vuItures
I, Girlby - ̗̀ tina ̖́-
i am my own god, my own spirit, my own prayer. -- a complete series of 44 poems concerning girlhood, dread, and catholic guilt.
A Lover's Heart  by Queen_of_life_Heba
A Lover's Heart by Ruhika Bhattacharjee
[Featured by @WattCliches] "Love is strange, right? One just cannot fall in love with the 'right' one." Love is but a emotion so twisted, that once you enter...
Conversations That Matter by dbrodriguez
Conversations That Matterby queen
what do you want to say? what do you want to hear? // a series of conversations; personally made, written, and thought of by me. • highest ranking #28 in Poetry - 11/23...
Black Dwam by bored_mama
Black Dwamby nick
Dwam /dwɑːm/ noun SCOTTISH a state of semi-consciousness or reverie. Musings...Reverie... Cover by @Bodhisattva00
When I'm Not Writing by greenwriter
When I'm Not Writingby J.D. Ruiz
This is a collection of my musings and random thoughts, travel life, painting, and public announcements for my stories and upcoming works. Keep this in your library if y...
Let The Sky Swallow Us by rememberiwasvapour
Let The Sky Swallow Usby Jupiter Wells
"That's what you 'n Holst found, months ago, wasn't it?" Orion asked quietly, without opening her eyes. "The End of Time... hell of a thing to stumble upo...
i'll never be a poet by bathtubbrain
i'll never be a poetby nobodi
and here's the pretentious proof
Renaissance by astralyrics
Renaissanceby shameem
IN THIS MORALLY GREY WORLD WITHOUT HEART, I AM A TECHNICOLOR WORK OF ART. ✰ poetry and prose ✰ © 2020 astralyrics | all rights reserved.
YOU AND THE MOON by marightbrain
This is a collection of poems about the moon and everything beneath it, but mostly about you.
Diaphanous | poetry ✓ by travist_
Diaphanous | poetry ✓by αҡαɳҡรɦα༊
❝ let the light pass through you ❞ ──where she put her finger on her lips and let her thoughts wove into apathetic words 【 a poetr...
Secrets Hidden in the Dark by WakingUpInParis
Secrets Hidden in the Darkby Paris
A collection of poetry about love, life, addiction, adventure, death, drugs--lots of drugs and alcohol--and insomniac musings.