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Allah's Choice✔️ (editing) by yusrahwrites
Allah's Choice✔️ (editing)by Urdaddy’sdream
What happens when young orphaned Khadijah is forced by her uncle to marry Saleem, a man she never knew existed? With an unsupportive family on her hand, and a drama lov...
Prophets Stories In Islam by Sufia_khann
Prophets Stories In Islamby Sufia_khann
Asalamu Alaikum friendz, Here I will try to write some Prophetic stories. As I would like to share my knowledge, being a Muslim it's our first and foremost duty to share...
Abadan(forever) by meenatsalanke
Abadan(forever)by meenatsalanke
❤️Amina is a beautiful,smart ,loving ,chatterbox and a caring person. She's a straight forward lady until she met Muhammad ❤️ ❤️Muhammad on the other he's a rich handso...
Life of Fatima(Ongoing) by safiyyerhhh
Life of Fatima(Ongoing)by safiyyerhhh
Not good at describing Read to find out yourself!!😁 . . . . . . . . . . Fatima Bashir is a Beautiful Independent lady. Hausa by tribe. She is from Kano state. S...
عشانك.. by Farahmuhammed30
عشانك Farahmuhammed30
ساعات الحب بيبقى اكتر حاجه منقذه في اوقات كتيره جدا ..و ساعات بيكون اكتر حاجه ممكن توقعنا في الغلط و يمكن الغلط اصلا احنا منكنش مدركينه .. و ساعات الغلطه ديه تبقى حبل ن...
Stories for Children (Islamic Stories) by EshmiMithila
Stories for Children (Islamic EshmiMithila
Religious moral stories for kids.
HEART by _sabbrinaaa_
HEARTby inaome
Apa jadi kalau kita kahwin dengan orang yang kita tak suka? Dua hati bersatu tanpa kerelaan. Muhammad Firash dan Nur Hayfa Naura. #silalahbaca #sambungandarimrsharraz ...
40 Hadith by ashkitty98
40 Hadithby ....
40 hadith of the best and most inspiring human being to ever come across the face of this earth, the prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Note: This is no...
Islamic reminders by UKM0330786
Islamic remindersby Kulsuuum
Duas, quotes and other useful stuff to know
RAWANI (Royal Turban) by QudrahAdam
RAWANI (Royal Turban)by 🖤•🖤
Najmah, A lost princess of Zauzau with a terrible pass was pushed into a marriage with a rude and arrogant prince who wants nothing to do with her. What will happen when...
For the Love of Islam by MuslimahAtHeart
For the Love of Islamby MuslimahAtHeart
Facts and trivias about Islam open for both Muslims and non-Muslims. :)
Food - Hamza Yusuf  ( Notes ) by TrueWayofLife
Food - Hamza Yusuf ( Notes )by TrueWayofLife
[This following article is based on a lecture given by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Hanson in London, England. It was previously published in the Muslim Word—a monthly newsletter...
Inspirational Islamic Stories  by Sufia_khann
Inspirational Islamic Stories by Sufia_khann
Asalamu Alaikum friendz, Here I will try to write some Inspirational Islamic stories.
Stories of Tawbah (Repentence) by TrueWayofLife
Stories of Tawbah (Repentence)by TrueWayofLife
If ever you become overwhelmed with sins and feel hopeless - this book is for you. A collection of true stories of tawbah ---- A must read to reflect on what previous p...
The stories of Sahaba  by TheGirlWhoLovesIslam
The stories of Sahaba by Mahito
Their stories of Sahaba are important as they lived at the same time as the prophet and spent time with him, believed in him and did great things. Read this story if you...
I Am A Muslim: Islamic Reminders  by hiba_nina
I Am A Muslim: Islamic Reminders by hiba nina
Wallahi there is good and bad in everything and everyone. If you look hard enough you can see that. You just need to search for it. And soon you will realise the beauty...
Why am I empty - [Personal Notes] - Yasmin Mogahed by TrueWayofLife
Why am I empty - [Personal Notes] TrueWayofLife
A write-up of notes of “Why am I empty” by Yasmin Mogahed.
Ali and Fatima:From Love to Death  by belovedummati
Ali and Fatima:From Love to Death by Mominah
The story goes that one day Ali - may Allah be pleased him - noticed that his wife Fatimah -may Allah be pleased with her - had in her hand an 'Ood al-Arak, also known b...
💞💞💞LAILAH💞💞💞 by AishaMaaruf1
💞💞💞LAILAH💞💞💞by Gimbiya Ayshu
Wallahi ko zaka mutu bazan taba auren kaba yaya Abba na tsaneka na tsani duk mai sonka, "ni sa'ad nakeso kuma shi zan aura" ta karasa fada tana fashewa da wani...
Seerah of Muhammad (s.a.w) by AlexRiderLover
Seerah of Muhammad (s.a.w)by AlexRiderLover
This is the history of Muhammad (s.a.w), compiled from the lectures by Mufti Ismail Menk. It is filled with important incidents that we should know of and take lessons f...