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The Secret Life of My Husband, The Professor ✔️ by Hijabi_Tomboy
The Secret Life of My Husband, lilly
❝ You are a Lair, Professor! ❞ I said as I slapped him across the face. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. ❝ No student of mine may disrespect me like that and ge...
Her Wish. ✔️ by rawoya
Her Wish. ✔️by Cinderawia
[COMPLETED]. HIGHEST RANKING: #68 in short stories [16/06/16] "Wallahi you are so breath taking, so... I don't think a word is even created to describe your beauty...
Muslimah Next Door { Editing } by muslimah_07
Muslimah Next Door { Editing }by Lostsoul✨
"Not all Muslims are terrorists." You know how people say never to judge a book by its cover? I shouldn't have done that myself. Growing up with racist parent...
Muslim Love Story (Under Major Editing)  by FatimaO111
Muslim Love Story (Under Major ﷽
Assalamu Alaykum. Peace be upon you. The journey that each of us embark on when looking for love is as unique as the prints at the tips of our fingers. The quest for lo...
My husband, My bully (Complete✔️)  by blazin_bubbles
My husband, My bully (Complete✔️) by Burqa Avenger
Salam u alaikum readers! I wanted to inform you guys that I've started making edits to this story. Some chapters are the same while some are completely different. Anywa...
Her Vocation by alin958
Her Vocationby Hareem Riaz
"Allah guides whom He wills to the straight path." (Al Baqarah | 213) Aasiya is the girl who has it all. At least that's what everyone tells her. So, why can'...
Peace Worth Waiting For (Completed ) by surayya_shehu
Peace Worth Waiting For ( surayya shehu
A spiritual story about two Muslim couples who were arranged to marry each other without knowing they've met and going on a journey of life both having faith in Allah a...
Dawud. by yourmuslimah
#8 yourmuslimah
My stomach dropped the second we made eye contact. He had long and dark brown hair, which curled under the baseball cap he wore backward. The subtle curve of his nose wa...
Soulmates ~ Apart from each other by Pearls_Queen
Soulmates ~ Apart from each otherby Slave of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ...
A journey of two sisters who are opposite of each other. Afsha, a kind hearted and loving girl who loves her family so much and can do anything for her family. On the ot...
Are We Okay?? by Mxslxmxh
Are We Okay??by Muslimah
Aminat Rahman's arrival one night may turn to be her last night alone as comes home to find not one but three unfamilar faces in her living room. She is faced with a que...
Together Forever by FatimaO111
Together Foreverby ﷽
-- We hear many times of couples meeting, spending time together, getting to know one another before getting married and having their happily ever after. How often, tho...
Under Hamoud's Protection (A Somali Novel) ✔ by PopcornSweetcorn
Under Hamoud's Protection (A Safiah Shykh
Just when Hamoud was about to give up and kiss her back, Aliyah broke away. She recalled she had left Yusuf behind. She was kissing someone else. A non-mahram for that m...
Halaal Love ~ Starts After Nikah(1)✔️[Published In Paperback And Ebook] by Dr_Taqiya_Author
Halaal Love ~ Starts After Nikah( Dr. Taqiya Sultana Ali
Syeda Shaheera third-year MBBS student, a middle-class girl. Syed Imaduddin, CEO of S.J.S company, a rich class boy. Two hearts, two different parts, and two different...
A SPARKLE OF TRUE LOVE.. by Ayeshasyed97
A SPARKLE OF TRUE Ayeshasyed97
Glancing at my feet he sighed "who wears heels on an excursion to the mountains Areesha what were you thinking!" he grunted. "I I forgot" "You...
Changing His Ways by So_Relatable
Changing His Waysby So_Relatable
What Umaymah was trying to do was make the bad boy good again. Free from crimes, his bad habits and come back to his religion. Things however, only gets complicated when...
All My Stars  by naia22
All My Stars by N A I L A 🌙
"All My Stars" is infused with love and tangled relations. Unwanted attractions and inescapable, testing situations. Where happiness seems delusive and sadness...
The Unplanned Future.{ON HOLD} by larh_writes
The Unplanned Future.{ON HOLD}by 𝐾𝑎𝑚𝑖🧸🤎~
A prince who isn't ready to settle down at all after what had happened to him in the past is forced to get married to his father's cousins daughter who is the total oppo...
Exchange Of Hearts by Aqleemaabeer
Exchange Of Heartsby 🌬Aqleemaabeer
"No love. No hate. Just two strangers here with a twisted fate", Saying that, he walked outside towards the balcony. Yara was surely hurt by his words but that...
Beyond The Obstacles by jeylaanZ
Beyond The Obstaclesby Hanaa Ahmedı
☆السلام عليكم ورحمة الله☆ She was the light of hope to the afflicted. He was a dedicated soldier of his country. Hoorain Rashid has always lived her life in the simplest...
A Hijabi's Unexpected Love by Aadilah____
A Hijabi's Unexpected Loveby ♡
"Why were you so nice to me before we got married and right after we got married you started treating me like some type of garbage that you have nothing to do with...