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Urmila ke Lakshman supernatural  by AmanSingh251
Urmila ke Lakshman supernatural by Aman
This is a supernatural fictional story based on ramayan of 5 episodes
Her Boss by CrisCee21
Her Bossby Christina
Have you ever lusted over your boss? Addison Chase is a package full of temptation. She's ahead of her game at only thirty-five years old, and that's not the only thing...
Being Sheikh's Substitute Bride by author_BibzMina
Being Sheikh's Substitute Brideby PandaBear🐼
Highest in Spiritual:#2 What's Hot (27/05/17) (Book One in The Sheikh's Brides Series) Zuhaiba is the daughter of of tribe and the eldest sister.She is loved and adored...
Trolls: Band Together (AU Version) by MasterClass60
Trolls: Band Together (AU Version)by MasterClass60
When Branch discovers that his brother, Floyd, has been trapped by Velvet and Veneer, he and Poppy go on a journey to find the rest of Branch's brothers, reunite BroZone...
Untainted Desires ✔ by khadyjatt_Faransa
Untainted Desires ✔by khadyjatt_Faransa
~BOOK 3 IN THE DESIRES SERIES~ STARTED. ON 20-JANUARY-2021 FINISHED. ON 15-OCTOBER-2021 #1 in mothers. On. 7-08-2021 #1 in introvert. On 16-06-2021 #4...
A Volturi Story- Dusk Till Dawn by Athenodora_Sulpicia
A Volturi Story- Dusk Till Dawnby Athenodora-Sulpicia
Set during New Moon, Alice and Bella are rushing against time to save Edward from certain death. But what happens when a certain human gets a little too interested in th...
The Story of Our Life by SolLunaEstrellas
The Story of Our Lifeby Valentina
"There's something about wanting to protect a person that is hurting more than you that takes away the pain of losing your baby." Normani and Dinah love their...
He's a Cheater ✔️ by thewisenightowl
He's a Cheater ✔️by thewisenightowl
Their love story was the definition of perfect. At least, in Mary's eyes. Jake was a sweet and caring person, who understood and respected her. And she loved him. Jake...
Little Hands -:- Fifth Harmony Kidfic by SolLunaEstrellas
Little Hands -:- Fifth Harmony Valentina
"She just laid there, little hands pressed against her chest, and listened. All she heard was the sound of three little humans breathing and the sound of her wife h...
Lightning Strikes Twice by wildheartswiftie13
Lightning Strikes Twiceby Jillian
Méalla Mikaelson is a hybrid. One of the Two Original Hybrids, in fact. When Méalla's brother Elijah calls her to New Orleans to get their brother Klaus out of a bind, n...
Memories of the Seven (PJO) [COMPLETED] by Bianca_di_Angelo_18
Memories of the Seven (PJO) [ Bianca Di Angelo
Hera forces the Seven and some extra have to Reveal there pasts. Leo is scared they will not except him. . Hazel is scared to see how she died again. Reyna is worried...
The Probabilities of Maybe by wheadee
The Probabilities of Maybeby 𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐲
A teen on the hunt to solve his older brother's murder may get more than he bargained for when he hits the streets for answers
The Serial Killer in me by Miz_Gold
The Serial Killer in meby Gold Monday-Odin
Edited by: a very lovely @jgfairytales Can you love a serial killer? No? Why not? How would you know they were a serial killer? It could be your neighbor. It could be yo...
★   ❪  𝙄𝘾𝙆𝙔 𝙄𝘾𝙆𝙔  ❫⠀ !  coed af by kikoluvcatz
★ ❪ 𝙄𝘾𝙆𝙔 𝙄𝘾𝙆𝙔 ❫⠀ ! ❪ @𝐊𝐈𝐊𝐎 ❫
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Baby of Panem by musicislife4ev
Baby of Panemby musicislife4ev
"Convince me," Snow said. One night on the Victory Tour makes that all too easy, because what better way than a baby? Katniss returns to district twelve, where...
mutilations by UNWILTED
mutilationsby 𝒁.
we are all savage to someone © z. t. corley, 2023
Samjhota (Completed)  by salley145
Samjhota (Completed) by TinkerBell145
Preeta and Preesha, both their deliveries are due on the same date. While Preesha births twins without her knowledge, Preeta's daughter is born stillborn unknown to her...
My Hero Academia Brother Scenarios (discontinued) by r0manticize_
My Hero Academia Brother ʚĭɞ 𝙲𝚛𝚢𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚕 ʚĭɞ
REQUESTS: CLOSED!! [Story request's, not characters] The mha boys are your older/younger brother!! Pronouns: She/Her
KHADIJAH✔️ by Khadijah_Babangida
KHADIJAH✔️by Khadijah Babangida
Khadijah is a beautiful young lady, brilliant and obedient. Patience is her motto. Her father is a man of greed, he knows no one but himself. Food and clothing were neve...
Coming Home (Over & Over) by SolLunaEstrellas
Coming Home (Over & Over)by Valentina
"I know, baby. I know. Right now everything is falling apart and giving up just seems easier, but you can't. You can't give up, because maybe tomorrow will be bette...