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Freckles // Yamaguchi Tadashi  by lucy-writes
Freckles // Yamaguchi Tadashi by lightbulb
♡ The story of a freckled-face boy and a silver-haired girl. ♡ * started posting November 23rd, 2017 * * finished posting December 4th, 2017* * i do not own any of the...
In His Silence [1] 》Edward Cullen by bree_tee
In His Silence [1] 》Edward Cullenby Bree
"For him, I would do anything." His silence was what drew Edward in, like a moth to a flame. It enticed him enough to pay closer attention to the boy. His sile...
Freckles [ChanLix] by WhereArtThouStars
Freckles [ChanLix]by 🌿🌿🌿
"Why do you cover up your freckles? They're cute, like you," He asks and is completely unfazed. [Highest Rankings] #1 in Freckles #3 in Chanlix [Milestones] 20...
Red vs Blue Season 11: Male Oc by xSpartanLeox
Red vs Blue Season 11: Male Ocby SpartanLeo
RvB Season 11, the Reds and Blues have been shipwrecked in a mysterious canyon, they will have to work together to survive the greatest foe of all... themselves. ...
the boy in yellow • teruyama by FullyErased
the boy in yellow • teruyamaby FullyErased
yamaguchi has been taking a lot of late-night walks lately, but his nights have been recently erupted by a loud group of bikers. over the next few weeks, he grows consi...
The Sun in My Eyes by muggedoff4life
The Sun in My Eyesby Christy Sparkle
Bobby's friends dared him to audition for Love Island and he never could resist a good dare. He didn't expect to make it onto the show, but he did, and now he's there fo...
Red vs Blue Season 12: Male Oc by xSpartanLeox
Red vs Blue Season 12: Male Ocby SpartanLeo
RvB Season 12, with their friends captured, Leo, Tucker, Zeta, Grif, Simmons and Caboose now find themselves caught in the middle of a planet-wide civil war, and if they...
Forget Me Not (Lovely) by sunkissedcandy
Forget Me Not (Lovely)by maka_the.vibrant
" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1807, ' Every Man has his secret sorrows which the worId knows not and often we call a Man cold when he is only sad ' ," she smile...
The Empath by Lady_Constellation14
The Empathby Rinae
When spoiled princess Avery-Ann runs away from her castle home, the King and Queen are utterly devastated. Crucial yet excitingly momentous plans are put on hold as they...
Tadashi | tsukkiyama by spacetabloid
Tadashi | tsukkiyamaby jasmine ☽
"Call me Tadashi." "No." - In which Tsukishima refuses to call his green-haired friend what everyone else does.
ColdStone Pack  by SqigglyLine12345
ColdStone Pack by Sqiggly
*COMPLETE There once was a girl named Genevieve, yet that was rarely spoken since her fiery hair out shown the simple German name. Ginger was apart of the infamous werew...
Freckled Love (a JeanMarco AU) by ProfessorMoony
Freckled Love (a JeanMarco AU)by K.D. Shiro
Jean Kirschstein, a junior in college, has a lot on his plate. After fighting one too many times with his parents, he decides to get a dorm on campus... only to be roome...
P͓̽r͓̽o͓̽t͓̽e͓̽c͓̽c͓̽ ͓̽Y͓̽a͓̽m͓̽a͓̽ ͓̽C͓̽u͓̽l͓̽t͓̽ by nikkistrange123
P͓̽r͓̽o͓̽t͓̽e͓̽c͓̽c͓̽ ͓̽Y͓̽a͓̽m͓̽ BOKE HINATA BOKE
this is a cult where we rant about kurotsukki bc its garbage, share good hq fanfics and bow down to lord and savior jesus (asahi)
New kid (Paddy Holland x reader) by tpwkfookers
New kid (Paddy Holland x reader)by 🤡
book for the one and only Patrick Holland :) ~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Started: 29 july 2019
Red vs Blue Season 13: Male OC by xSpartanLeox
Red vs Blue Season 13: Male OCby SpartanLeo
RvB Season 13, Stranded on the planet Chorus, the Reds and Blues must convince two enemy armies to join forces or suffer complete annihilation at the hands of a bloodthi...
The Boy With Freckles. by LexxWrittes
The Boy With LexxWrittes
Liam Capricorn, has always had something peculiar about himself, and no, it's not his name. It was his freckles. He had these little brown dots EVERYWHERE. He could neve...
30 Short Jilix storys |Boy × Boy | Jisung × Felix| by bananamilkulover
30 Short Jilix storys |Boy × Boy | °sigh°I stan too many people-
•30 short story's •Side ships included •Fluffy/ Sad/ Happy (all included) •BANANA MILK Rankings: #7 Freckles #8 Squirrel #19 Jilix #280 skz #371 Fluffy
Highschool Stuff (JeanMarco) by _flyingmintbunny
Highschool Stuff (JeanMarco)by Author-Sama
Highschool AU FLUFF SMUT TRIGGER Started: April 18, 2020 Ended: May 24, 2020
Cuban lover boy|/•\| Klance by Keith-Kogane-17
Cuban lover boy|/•\| Klanceby »»——エイ𑁍ビッチ——««
Lance is a famous singer. Keith's a college dropout. The two boys have been friends for a long time. Keith's small crush on Lance develops into something bigger while La...
Paddy Holland Imagines by americasxxxass
Paddy Holland Imaginesby olivia
A bunch of cute little fluffs of Paddy cause he's not appreciated enough! Requests are open! Slow Updates I apologize for my first couple imagines. It's bad middle scho...