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Unstoppable paring (BkDk mafia AU) *CURRENTLY ON HAITUS** by Rexiam_1520
Unstoppable paring (BkDk mafia AU)...by Icy Pops
In a world where the government is corrupt and weak, Mafias rule most of the land. Japan's most powerful mafia is ruled by the Bakugou's, a powerful and rich family. Ev...
➣1-A Chatfic_BakuDeku (editing) by MultishipperBish
➣1-A Chatfic_BakuDeku (editing)by ←~(Ψ▼ー▼)∈
When Tenya Iida decides to create a group chat with his class, many stuff happens. Their common room's sofas get destroyed, a game of truth-or-daring causes Mina to ship...
Bakudeku | Soulmate! AU | by _Trashy_Zero_
Bakudeku | Soulmate! AU |by Lɪʟxᴛʜ
A Bakudeku soulmate AU ~ Quirks still included, the first chapter will explain everything about how the soulmate system works in my story/alternate universe. Caution...
Just One Day (Bakudeku) by Astranger015
Just One Day (Bakudeku)by 💜Amy💜
Bakugou gets into some trouble with the law and is forced to do some community service at the local hospital. He hates the place and all he wants to do is leave, until o...
𝐏𝐎𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐍by ˗ˏˋ 𝔻𝕒𝕣𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕘 ˎˊ˗
"You're mine. 𝐎𝐧𝐥𝐲 mine." As a prince he had everything within his fingertips, a wealth of luxury, immeasurable power and most importantly his favourite to...
Izuku's Secret by arthurANDshrimp
Izuku's Secretby 🌈ARTHUR🏳️‍🌈
A cry could be heard through the halls of UA, not the cries of a student but of a child. Secrets unravel as Mr. Aizawa and principal Nezu try and find the child's parent...
 Bakugou's Secret (Also Quirkless) Boyfriend- Katsudeku by Addy-Chan008
Bakugou's Secret (Also Quirkless)...by Addy_Chan
Bakugou Katsuki was always angry and never had many friends in class 2-A, so he struggles to inform them of his greenette of a boyfriend. (despite being best in the clas...
My Pet bakudeku by RareEclipses
My Pet bakudekuby RareEclipses
I had a description before but I found it havin barely anything to do with the story(my opinion+self judgement) so I'll just tell something about it. World in where hyb...
Bnha Multiverses| bakudeku by _kylexxboyf_
Bnha Multiverses| bakudekuby _kylexxboyf_
When kaminari and the other crackheads find an old looking TV in the basement in their dorms, they discover that the TV can show different multiverses of whoever holds t...
Used Omega by MadHero54
Used Omegaby Can you hear me?
"Why would an alpha like you want an used omega like me?" In a world filled with powers, secondary genders, and kingdoms we follow the story of an powerless om...
Broken||KatsuDeku by Kaizawashi
Broken||KatsuDekuby 🤯
Some bonds are meant to be broken, and some are meant to repair.
Black and White {Abused Izuku Bakudeku} by _-PepperAdams-_
Black and White {Abused Izuku Baku...by Pepper Adams
Izuku Midoriya had a happy life. He had two loving parents, a best friend next door, and a determination to become a hero. But when he was 4 and he found out what his qu...
Shhh...Can You Keep A Secret?(Short Story) by Kim_Kimister
Shhh...Can You Keep A Secret?(Shor...by Kimmy Herron
The story of how Class 1A finds out that the loud explosive angry Katsuki Katsuki Bakugo and the innocent sweet broccoli cinnamon roll Izuku Midoriya are actually dating...
Neko Deku--Bakudeku fanfiction by Tom_Holland_Is_Cute
Neko Deku--Bakudeku fanfictionby Tom_Holland_Is_Cute
Deku has a lot of secrets 1. Having One For All 2. Liking boys 3. Liking Kacchan to be exact 4. Deku, is a Neko Deku swears he will keep his secrets like he has all his...
[KatsuDeku fanfic] by AgirlLovesToRead
[KatsuDeku fanfic]by Agirl
"No way, no way, no way!!! There is no fucking way that he is my soulmate!!" That was what Katsuki Bakugo thought while running upstairs to his room and slammi...
Breaking Down Walls (Bakudeku) by Astranger015
Breaking Down Walls (Bakudeku)by 💜Amy💜
In this story Deku is an up incoming pop star while Bakugou is a model for his mom's fashion agency. Deku however isn't the sweet little cinnamon roll we all know and lo...
That's Mine?!-Kastudeku/bakudeku by TheFinesse_kid
That's Mine?!-Kastudeku/bakudekuby TheFinesse_Kid
Omegaverse! Animal Hybrid! Mpreg! Femboy! Deku 🚫Art nor Characters are mine🚫 Except for the kids All credit goes to the rightful owners Started: 9/16/19 Ended: ?????? ...
My baby Deku (bakudeku/katsudeku)  by bakudeku1647
My baby Deku (bakudeku/katsudeku) by bakudeku1647
While Deku was walking to the shops someone hit him in the head. When he wakes up he's been turned into a five year old. But what happens when the only one he remembers...
The Mafia I Joined {BakuDeku Finished} by PikachusDad_629
The Mafia I Joined {BakuDeku Finis...by Denki Kaminari
It was a cold night, a sad one at that, Izuku just got dumped by his long term girlfriend, she left him for a guy with blue hair and glasses, Izuku didn't quite understa...
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Then There Was Two (Katsuki x Izuku) by Haikyuis4U
Then There Was Two (Katsuki x Izuk...by Unknown2U
Let's just say some stuff goes down and young high school student, Izuku Midoriya is expecting. What exactly? Who knows 😉?The thing is she did 'IT' with the schools pla...