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That Day // Villain Deku by Musical_Leaf_Juice15
That Day // Villain Dekuby Musical Leaf Juice
That day, they didn't know what they had lost. Izuku Yagi was born quirkless. His sister, Izumi Yagi, on the other hand, had an extremely powerful quirk that could m...
A Quirkless Reject by Cloudy_Autumn
A Quirkless Rejectby Cloudy_Autumn
Izuku Midoryia a quirkless kid who still managed to get into UA, hated by everyone including the teachers... Dies in a freak accident due to someone in class 1-A.... But...
Shh (Villain Deku Chatfic) by _RandomBS_
Shh (Villain Deku Chatfic)by _RandomBS_
Class 1-A accidentally adds an unknown number when creating a group chat. Out of curiosity and how non-threatening the unknown number is, the class and teachers decide t...
Let the Hunt beginn (UA Hero/Villain Civil War Practice Game) by Chimera_Regarion
Let the Hunt beginn (UA Hero/ Chimera_Regarion
What happens when after the USJ attack the teachers discuss the possibility of a traitor in UA and find Izukus notbooks.... What happens when the class thinks he was a t...
Villain deku rehab by Gern6348
Villain deku rehabby Gern
Deku as a villain has been captured by the pros and is forced into doing rehab at UA Will he escape? Will he become a hero? How many people has he killed? These question...
He wasn't being himself  by alright_artz
He wasn't being himself by alright_artz
Everything was going well for the young hero in training, Izuku Midoriya. That was until, the league wanted him. The league of villains managed to get their hands on a...
Villain with a Heart (Todoroki X Villain!Deku) Soulmate!AU by Prickle_Prackle
Villain with a Heart (Todoroki X Prickle_Prackle
•Soulmate! and Villain! AU• (Follows manga timeline but I change some things! It also focuses more on him as a villain!) "When your 16th birthday arrives, a mark re...
A Quirk Through Time/Villain Izuku AU by KainXander
A Quirk Through Time/Villain Kain Xander
All Might finds a way to save Shigaraki but loses Izuku. Traveling through time always has a price but no one knows how much it will cost until it's too late.
What a Tragedy by lunermoon10000
What a Tragedyby lunermoon10000
Izuku has lived his life alone since the ripe age of four. Or at least he wishes he was completely alone. His mother leaves him to the streets to pursue better opportuni...
The Surgeon of Death, Izuku by Flames666
The Surgeon of Death, Izukuby Flames666
Izuku was bullied most of his childhood, he was bullied because he was quirkless. So one day he ran away into a forest. While Izuku was in the forest he found a fruit in...
UA's Civil War by Zuki_1245
UA's Civil Warby ━ ずき.˚
·˚┊*: What happens when UA has a special test ready for the students? Dividing them into two groups of Heroes and Villains? What if Midoriya is made the leader of the...
The Boy Who Loved Candy by KillerAkuma
The Boy Who Loved Candyby KillerAkuma
Growing up was strange, especially when it was with villains that didn't act as villainous as you would assume them to be. They were very caring, however odd they were s...
ɪɴ ʙᴇᴛᴡᴇᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪɴᴇꜱ (ᴠɪʟʟᴀɪɴ ᴅᴇᴋᴜ) by Ash_Kat_
ɪɴ ʙᴇᴛᴡᴇᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪɴᴇꜱ (ᴠɪʟʟᴀɪɴ ᴅᴇᴋᴜ)by αѕнєѕ тσ αѕнєѕ
ᴠɪʟʟᴀɪɴ ᴅᴇᴋᴜ/ᴠɪʟʟᴀɪɴ ʀᴇʜᴀʙ {Complete!} Deku was out wandering around with Toga one day, he tried to shush her as he knew they were being tagged by a hero. But... Toga ca...
Payback (BNHA fanfic) by Craptchy
Payback (BNHA fanfic)by Craptchy
•CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE! •Cover art by @/hatironpa on Twitter •Edited by yours truly. •Katsudeku •Villain Deku •Izuku turns into a villain after All Might and his moth...
Most Wanted by Everyones_Wife
Most Wantedby Anime boys go brrr🥴
Mha Prison AU What if instead of a school for hero's U.A. was maximum security prison? Instead of the top class 1-A are the most wanted villains. What happens when one o...
I'll Assist~ Badass Deku AU by anzai00
I'll Assist~ Badass Deku AUby chruny
Izuku Midoriya. Went missing years ago. When his appearance came known to man once again, all hell broke loose. Upload Schedule~ Daily/ every month- I will have a week b...
Lil'Killer Rabbit  by Lady_Night-Chan
Lil'Killer Rabbit by Night
Izumi Midoriya was a sweet and innocent girl that loved one thing above all. Villains. She loved them but told no one not even her best friend. She covered up her love f...
- A Bloody Fantasy -  by Itz_neom
- A Bloody Fantasy - by - Siren -
------ A boy... A boy who's so many things.... A boy who has two paths... And a Bloody Fantasy... ------ By Itz_neom Thank you @Sayacielkill for making my cover...
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a burning villain by PokemomMaster
a burning villainby Pokemom Master
Izuku Yagi after being rejected by both his family and society turned to the dark side however instead of joining the league of villains he became his own boss and the p...
Father Figure (BNHA) by Bluogreensea
Father Figure (BNHA)by Bluo
When he was a baby, Deku's father had abandoned him. When he was 4, he found a new father...