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Park Jimin; Sinner by WingsOfFreedomFan
Park Jimin; Sinnerby Kpoppin Otaku
Park Jimin is a flaming homosexual who just moved to a small Korean town that is homophobic to an extreme extent, though thankfully he managed to make some friends quite...
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The Demon Under The Church by PaperMars
The Demon Under The Churchby This profile kills me
It's surrounded by thousands of miles of land. Blackwater in a town located in America where civilization is nowhere near. Despite it being modern times, Blackwater is a...
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2 Love 1 life (BxB) by AugustWright
2 Love 1 life (BxB)by August Knight
I'm really not good at this... at all lol. Just read to find out what goes on with Kayshawn and Isaac. Comment, like, tell me how you feeling. I like to communicate.
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Oh My Gospel! | Camboy Jimin x Reader x BTS by mociminji
Oh My Gospel! | Camboy Jimin x mociminji
In which you are a prude theology student and one day, your sneaky twin brother sent you a link to the livestream of an infamous camboy, Park Jimin. - Chimminiemine: &qu...
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The Sinners- Larry Stylinson AU by one_direction_storyz
The Sinners- Larry Stylinson AUby danni <3
Louis was a sinner, why was he a sinner? Oh well, let me see, His tattoos, his piercings, his attitude, the what he dresses, his bands, but the biggest sin is being...
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Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferences by we_all_have_secrets_
Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferencesby Daxton Winchester
The second book is up! Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferences 2!!!! (I do not own any of these characters)
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SIN [yoonmin] by monniebee
SIN [yoonmin]by juli
"bring me the holy water, park jimin" "oh daddy, so aggressive" In which Park Jiimin has a tendency of fucking with the wrong people. Until he met Yo...
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Innocence | Choni by chonixserpents
Innocence | Choniby chonixserpents
Innocence. A story in which Cheryl Blossom is your ordinary, good, church girl and Toni Topaz is your popular, HBIC, badass. The definition of the phrase 'opposites attr...
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Eyes of the Fallen by forgetnames
Eyes of the Fallenby forgetnames!
Jasmine is a junior in high school, and is hated by nearly everybody she knows, including her own father, due to her rude personality, unattainable beauty, and terrifyin...
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Heroes by sunsetsoverscars
Heroesby Maycee
Adel had always looked up to the heroes of her favorite TV show, Bleach. The confidence, the fighting, it all seemed so amazing. But when she's mysteriously sucked into...
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Red vs Blue Season 1 /Male Oc by xSpartanLeox
Red vs Blue Season 1 /Male Ocby SpartanLeo
Red vs blue season 1, but with a new man in the group of dumbasses! The Oc Leo is owned by Me Red vs Blue is owned by "Rooster Teeth"
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beetle juice ☹ by hoodlolita
beetle juice ☹by meg😈
a collection of poems.
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Red vs Blue Season 12 /Male Oc by xSpartanLeox
Red vs Blue Season 12 /Male Ocby SpartanLeo
RvB Season 12, with their friends captured, Leo, Tucker, Zeta, Grif, Simmons, and Caboose now find themselves caught in the middle of a planet-wide civil war, and if the...
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Love Has No Gender (Lesbian) by brknshdws
Love Has No Gender (Lesbian)by Cross
Love Has No Gender Copyright © 2012 Charlie Kingston has been fighting with her sexuality for the past year. Her family is religiously Christian and she's known since d...
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The Bad Boy Stole My Bra and Panties by pteen221
The Bad Boy Stole My Bra and Besthighschoolmomma
Meet Jade Smith the most uptight girl of Mountain Valley High. She gets good grades is the drum major of the marching band and is the schools little church girl. The mod...
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𝔲𝔫𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔡 by s8anik
𝔲𝔫𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔡by 𝔞𝔫𝔱𝔦𝔠𝔥𝔯𝔦𝔰𝔱
"let's go piss off our perfect parents then fuck in that church you're always praying in."
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The Forbidden Darkness by VeronikaRephic
The Forbidden Darknessby VeronikaRephic
Sky is a sweet and caring boy who's life isn't the best.His parents don't love him and favour his sister, on top of it he's being bullied.The society were he lives in is...
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Red vs Blue Season 2 /Male Oc by xSpartanLeox
Red vs Blue Season 2 /Male Ocby SpartanLeo
Rvb Season 2, Are group of idiots have returned and what adventures will they drag Leo into? The Oc Leo is owned by Me Red vs Blue is owned by "Rooster Teeth"
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Need A Bad Boy by TrisGraceEverdeen
Need A Bad Boyby Chocolate Girl
All Rights Reserved Wilma Monroe has just recently been dumped by her boyfriend of three years for some unknown reason... Sooner than expected Wilma finds out why she ha...
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Innocents never wins  by _kitten_whiskers_
Innocents never wins by _kitten_whiskers_
Crystal Williams has always lived her life under the watchful eye of her father. she has been so used to following each and every rule her father has for her. one night...
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