Minorviolence Stories

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Amnesia [Book One] by aeroplanets
Amnesia [Book One]by scar
"I've always been curious about that. When you're on stage in front of thousands of people that adore you, do you ever look at those people and wonder? Wonder about...
Blood Vines (Skephalo) by ramisinhell
Blood Vines (Skephalo)by ram
Blood and ice, water and vines, across the world, in the same place he nearly died. Deep in the ocean, deep in the ground, vines, slime, brownish red, all year-round. &q...
A Pet's life by AspenOwl
A Pet's lifeby AspenOwl
Klance Klance Klance SMUT!
Gift Exchange by SuchASadLittleBaby
Gift Exchangeby HandFulOLizards
Pro Hero Deku gets called out to investigate reports of apprant villain Volatile Light and gets more then he expected
Young Justice - X Crisis by Ai-Tea
Young Justice - X Crisisby Ai-Tea
Deathstroke summon another Robin from another universe(Teen Titans), brainwashing Robin to work under him. He goes with a name Red X, dealing with Justice League members...
sound of victory: a wings of fire fanfiction by sandwingsrule11
sound of victory: a wings of fire...by desert the sandwing
This is a story about a female dragonet named Sun. Together, she and her future friends will proceed to rid Pyrrhia of villains and restore the peace.
Punch Me Again by doq-meat
Punch Me Againby k y l e
Now, you've never been punched before, but you want to feel it again. Just to make sure you processed it correctly; it was supposed to hurt, right? And you were one hund...
Their Home, A Protector {Soobin-centric} by TyunnieBFF
Their Home, A Protector {Soobin-ce...by Via[비아]🌘🌔
Soobin is a home to many, a home that protects. One would thing he could never hurt anyone with his gentle warm persona, but there's nothing he wouldn't do for his membe...
Lock and Key | SARAWATINE by MintyLix
Tine Teepakorn is the first born in his family and with that comes the responsibility of marrying the daughter of a neighboring kingdom. But what if he doesn't want to...
His Name Is Ringo by ChuJoe52
His Name Is Ringoby ChuJoe52
Like anyone, Ringo is a bit self conscious, and for him it manifest the most when he ties his hair up in a ponytail. However, things get complicated when a coworker find...
The Zodiac Chronicles-Book 1-Those of the Stars by GlimmeringAmethyst
The Zodiac Chronicles-Book 1-Those...by Glimmering - Amethyst
The solar Zodiac have been seen as legends for years, but what if there was more to the story? Meet Demona, a willowy albino high-schooler who doesn't have the best luck...
The President's Past- A Detective Story by svalter227
The President's Past- A Detective...by svalter227
The President has a troubled past. What is it between him and his top advisor? Murder at the White House. Can junior FBI agent Lou Fullington put an end to this madness...
I Will Always Love You (o2l) by FanFicGirl_1
I Will Always Love You (o2l)by FanFicGirl_1
Ever since o2l started up to when they broke up Kandy has loved them. She still watches their old videos even though she watched them many times. Will a trip to the beac...
Unexpected by Letmeputuonhold
Unexpectedby Natalia Romanova
When terrorists somehow get backstage at ATEEZ'S Concert, a lot goes wrong, and the members find help where they least expect it.
SECOND CHANCE. by littlesheenjogu
"Get her away from my premises within an hour. If I even get a sniff of her scent after the hour I have given you, I will not be held responsible for what I'll do.J...
Siren of the Moon  by GlimmeringAmethyst
Siren of the Moon by Glimmering - Amethyst
Nova never had a family. She grew up on the rough currents of the Shark tribe's territory, fending for herself, and causing as little harm as possible. That is, until th...
Memories by Della122302
Memoriesby Della Ann Johnson
Natalie was a normal 21 year old. Was. She lived with her best friend Peter. They grew up together in an orphanage. Then something dramatic happens and all they have lef...
Germany's Daughter by Taigashin
Germany's Daughterby Mairi Balmer
It seemed like an ordinary night for the Axis when a basket turns up at the door, inside? A white wolf pup with a lot to say, literally. The three nations soon find out...