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Magician School for the Elementally Inclined by PandoraButler
Magician School for the Elementall...by Death Themself
Childe gets accepted into the school of his dreams and crushes on the Geo House's golden star: Zhongli.
Not so lifeless anymore, eh? by Seikatsu_Myujirou
Not so lifeless anymore, eh?by Seikatsu Myujirou
emotionless Tartaglia x Zhongli who tries to help him express himself and get a life. Or, Tartaglia has been weighed down from the past since the beginning, Zhongli has...
Venti's personally made hellhole by gabyg2534
Venti's personally made hellholeby Gabyg
Venti makes a chatfic. Everyone is gay. Chaos ensues (originally on Ao3)
Behind The Scenes- Zhongli x Childe: DCKZ AU by iiAxelIem
Behind The Scenes- Zhongli x Child...by KaeyasFruitySkewers
DCKZ is slowly losing popularity due to their new rival, 4NEMO, but lead guitarist Ajax has a plan... Some other ships that might be included: Kaeya x Albedo Diluc x Tho...
Can't Stop Loving You | Childe x Zhongli | Genshin Impact [COMPLETED] by KuroNekoette
Can't Stop Loving You | Childe x Z...by Simping for Childe
After the resurrection and defeat of Osial, things became much busier for Childe. He had no time for himself until he met a certain brunette again. ❝ Childe found himsel...
This isn't real by WtfamIwriting
This isn't realby Geosimp
Zhongli has been shut up in Liyue for a thousand years and he refuses to go anywhere outside of Liyue. But as old age is getting to his mothers, he needs to take charge...
Clinging on || Childe x Zhongli by BonbonStars
Clinging on || Childe x Zhongliby Bon Bon☃️
Okay this is a story idea I may scrap, since I haven't wrote in a while i wanna see what i can do. This will be a story including the 11th Fatui Harbinger Tartaglia, als...
genshin impact pics n fics [ships included!] by momomiiru
genshin impact pics n fics [ships...by momo
i collect photos and fics, i share them... that's it that's the book. may include illustrations, comics, untranslated manga, and ao3 fanfic recommendations **if ANY art...
Genshin ChatFic🤞 by Gyav02
Genshin ChatFic🤞by Gyav02
if the Genshin characters had a Group chat Modern AU all of these characters belong to mihoyo all of the ships aren't confirmed canon! Feb 9/2022 - 3rd on xiaoven Feb 11...
Til Death Due Us Part I ZHONGLI X CHILDE  by bloopiehydru
Til Death Due Us Part I ZHONGLI X...by about to cry myself to sleep
this is based of the ship Zhongchi - chili (Zhongli x childe) An ex god trying to Save his dear lover from his cruel fate for loving him, by using Time he Tries to Save...
Narwhal is not food!! by angyorb
Narwhal is not food!!by Lady Ninguang
there is a bit of smut in the story so uh yeah. Also, Zhongli finds Childe had turned into a narwhal and uh, something happens?? Idk lolol okay! Enjoy!!!🤫 Also the seco...
Build a Boyfriend by PandoraButler
Build a Boyfriendby Death Themself
Liyue, a world-famous company for android models, releases the latest model: Geo Series. Childe can't help himself after a bad breakup and buys the Morax Version 3. Cust...
Highschool lovers/Zhongchi by Lun1ayes
Highschool lovers/Zhongchiby Lun1ayes
A boy who starts a new school. He meets many people, but someone catches his eye.
The year's end // Zhongchi by p_a_i_m_o_n
The year's end // Zhongchiby Mira
A story about a prank, a birthday and some flowers. Zhongli x Childe If you dislike the ship, please do not proceed reading Fluff / Angst More info in the first chapter...
Deal [Zhongli x Childe] by Yukiyy_
Deal [Zhongli x Childe]by Yukiyy_
The Tsaritsa has something to ask to Childe about Zhongli.
How do I tell my professor I love him? [ZhongChi] by PandoraButler
How do I tell my professor I love...by Death Themself
Childe fell in love with a professor at his university and decided to get a minor in geology just to experience his classes even though it's completely unrelated to his...
Love Or War // Childe x Zhongli by mikey_chu
Love Or War // Childe x Zhongliby yuki_isasimp
Might as well make the number 1 best ship in genshin impact😗
Should the Day Ever Come that We Are Not Together by leaderofthedolphins
Should the Day Ever Come that We A...by some random idiot
In which a god falls in love with a mortal in every life they live and goes to the ends of the earth to find him again.
Zhongchi Short stories by childeschild69
Zhongchi Short storiesby bog
Short stories about my favorite ship <3 Some angst because if I can't have my happy ending why should they. Stories made by how I am feeling when writing.
Bottom||childexzhongli|| by _glitchnova_
Bottom||childexzhongli||by Nova couzens
bottom childe finds himself with zhongli.. (that's all I'm giving you😊)