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Twisted Love The Series (Forth Beam) by kottran
Twisted Love The Series (Forth Bea...by kottran
"You are marrying me Beam whether you like it or not" "what makes you think that I will ever marry you, you ruthless muderer" "do you want me...
Crazy Love  by FreeyAndy
Crazy Love by Freey Andy
Mingkwan, the CEO of the biggest company in entertainment world - Wolfy Brand company, need to find a bride now. And who said the bride need to be a woman???? Kitkat , a...
Mommies, Daddies & Babies - A 2Moons Mpreg Snippet by Yukichi69
Mommies, Daddies & Babies - A 2Moo...by Yukichi69
A collection snippets of 6Moons becoming mommies and daddies with their babies. A daily dose of tears, laughter, fun and chaos. Warning: Mpreg Picture Credit (IG): no...
A Collection of Kind by suzyrana
A Collection of Kindby Lin Phaelyn S. Ruangroj
A book that basically a collection of purely fanfiction on pairing I feel like writing. Various plots and settings, variety of AUs. May or may not containing rated scene...
Married To Forth Jaturapoom  by blubrrychoco_cake
Married To Forth Jaturapoom by Blubrrychoco_cake
"Just don't tell anyone we're married." "Okay" ••• "It's good to talk to you again Beam." ••• "I'm here. You can always count on me. W...
Playing For Keeps by AnaisNaiim
Playing For Keepsby Anais Na'im
When a misunderstood encounter causes Ming and Kit to get entered into a couples contest, they end up winning before they can put a stop to all the false rumors. They ag...
Bite Your Lips and Fake It by sassandsalt
Bite Your Lips and Fake Itby sassandsalt
Who knows the ever smiling and happy looking Mingkwan actually the type to suffer in silence? Or a story where Ming is injured but won't tell anyone.
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New Moons [2moons fanfiction][ next generation ] by marlia_23
New Moons [2moons fanfiction][ nex...by Marlia_23
It has been almost 22 years since our moons have graduated from University and started their lives with new jobs and their partners. And boy! It was not always sunshine...
The Bet by forthbeamlover
The Betby Neysh
Forth and his gang are drinking and joking. Then they make a bet to Forth that he can't make Beam fall in love with him in a month. Forth accepts and even adds that he c...
JoongNine ONESHOT Collection by BitterSweetrus
JoongNine ONESHOT Collectionby 🌙시트론💫
A Collection of COMPLETE JoongNine ONESHOT Fanfics. A very out of Character story. ๛Fluff ๛Angst ๛Fantasy ๛AU(Alternate Universe) ๑Enjoy Reading๑ ...
Immortal by jungjoonyoung5555
Immortalby NotJJY
"Listen carefully, because I only say it once," Beam said coldly. "I dont know how and I dont know why, but since I saw how hurt you were when Wayo confes...
Howling at the Moons by txdramalover
Howling at the Moonsby txdramalover
Yo is a young werewolf who wants nothing more than to experience life. To live, laugh, and love beyond the restrictions he has always known. Will college be his chance t...
THe LOST soUL by Varshu29
THe LOST soULby Varshu29😍
lets just say there is something in Beam that makes everyone at least have a glance of him once. But what will happened when the kind Beam encountered with hot headed...
Cuteness Overload by jungjoonyoung5555
Cuteness Overloadby NotJJY
Both Campus Moons are busy, but their boyfriends need to be taken care of. One is acting spoiled. One is difficult to be pleased. And why Beam had to be in the middle of...
To Keep Going On by FiiJaa
To Keep Going Onby FiiJaa
2moons fanfic Beam disappeared after his one-night stand with Forth. No one knows where he went. Until he returned 7 years later. the characters belong to Chiffon_cake...
Blue Blood & Furr by jungjoonyoung5555
Blue Blood & Furrby NotJJY
"Who are you?" Forth asked. 2nd born blue blood vampire from East Klan. "Beam, 1st year Med student. You?" Beam said. Leader of East Warewolves pack...
MAFIA'S PRINCE by Varshu29
MAFIA'S PRINCEby Varshu29😍
Forth David Jaturapoom, a well known Mafia of Solar Gang. Ruthless, Cold, Cruel and Scary at the same time, find his interest in one orphan guy named Beam Baramee. He...
Engineering Moon and the Crazy Doctor [Completed] by ChervaChenesEklat
Engineering Moon and the Crazy Doc...by ChervaChenesEklat
"I fell in love with the person who has the brightest smile." ~ Forth #195 in Fanfiction (highest rank...wow...😍) This is a fanfiction based from the web n...
You Got Me by Findthetruelove
You Got Meby 英月
Main Characters are originally from Chiffon_Cake.
Hotter than The Sun by jungjoonyoung5555
Hotter than The Sunby NotJJY
"You are hotter than the sun. Don't let a moon turns you down. Aim for something bigger. Like an earth. Earth suits you better." Beam says softly to Forth. ***