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Mommies, Daddies & Babies - A 2Moons Mpreg Snippet by Yukichi69
Mommies, Daddies & Babies - A Yukichi69
A collection snippets of 6Moons becoming mommies and daddies with their babies. A daily dose of tears, laughter, fun and chaos. Warning: Mpreg Picture Credit (IG): no...
2 Heart, 2 life [Crossover Sotus x 2moon] by soNobody
2 Heart, 2 life [Crossover Sotus soNobdy
What will happen went 2 people, similar but yet different have to live the other person life. What worse can their life be? Can their love one & close friends notice the...
Omegaverse (2 Moons fanfic) by blairecxross02
Omegaverse (2 Moons fanfic)by blairecxross02
What happens when our 2 Moons are in OMEGAVERSE Universe? Couples: •Pha (alpha) x Yo (omega) • Ming (alpha) x Kit (beta/omega) • Forth (alpha) x Beam (beta/omega)
Betrayal by shinee238
Betrayalby shinee238
Phayo❤forthbeam❤mingkit Omegaverse story Phana leaves wayo after making him preagnant forth marries wayo to protect him . What happens when they meet 5years after. Cha...
Introvert meets Extrovert. (ForthxBeam "Fanfic" story) by K-Zeetrus
Introvert meets Extrovert. ( 🌻K.Zeetrus🍋
Beam is an Introvert person, Meaning he enjoys being alone or just being accompanied with few numbers of people. He mostly like to stay at home, read books, paint and dr...
Forth Beam one shots by forthbeamlover
Forth Beam one shotsby Neysh
A collection of Forth Beam short stories. Characters don't belong to me, only the plot. cover by @meha_k
Engineering Moon and the Crazy Doctor [Completed] by ChervaChenesEklat
Engineering Moon and the Crazy ChervaChenesEklat
"I fell in love with the person who has the brightest smile." ~ Forth #195 in Fanfiction (highest😍) This is a fanfiction based from the web n...
Immortal by jungjoonyoung5555
Immortalby NotJJY
"Listen carefully, because I only say it once," Beam said coldly. "I dont know how and I dont know why, but since I saw how hurt you were when Wayo confes...
FORTHBEAM: Their story by Aru126
FORTHBEAM: Their storyby NaruHina
Its my second ff for forthbeam. Forth has started to live in the room right next to beam's and its their love story.
Freshman by jungjoonyoung5555
Freshmanby NotJJY
Beam runs for his life. Where the fuck is Phana Kongtanim when he needs him?! Owh, yeah... he is now has a boyfriend and no longer could be always available to save his...
2 Moons by jungjoonyoung5555
2 Moonsby NotJJY
A story about two Campus Moons. *** Ming raises his eyebrow seeing Phana in front of him, in the stage, leading the Campus Moon and Star gathering. Yo always talk about...
wedding (M-preg) by foreverhappylove
wedding (M-preg)by foreverhappylove
Forth and ming got wedded unwillingly Forth likes his husband love at first sight "will ming loves him back? Does forth will have a hope in love? will they solve th...
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NotJJY's Story List & Traits by jungjoonyoung5555
NotJJY's Story List & Traitsby NotJJY
Hello! I don't know if readers need this or not, but since some story has connection in between and I am making continuation books for some (now and in the future) This...
Rain Check by jungjoonyoung5555
Rain Checkby NotJJY
Because we're not dating, I can't tell them that....
A Forth Beam story by Aru126
A Forth Beam storyby NaruHina
Forth x Beam now does this couple needs a summary but oh well Forth and beam have fallen for each other and even after hearing a confession from forth, beam is st...
Married To Forth Jaturapoom  by blubrrychoco_cake
Married To Forth Jaturapoom by Blubrrychoco_cake
"Just don't tell anyone we're married." "Okay" ••• "It's good to talk to you again Beam." ••• "I'm here. You can always count on me. W...
Yellow by jungjoonyoung5555
Yellowby NotJJY
Wow. 1 vs 11. Beam blinks. He is frozen on his spot, witnessing that man throw the last punch and one last kick and everything is quiet. All the eleven men are now lyin...
Beam and forth, the love story by Aru126
Beam and forth, the love storyby NaruHina
beam has gone weird lately making his friends worried about him. They are not sure what has gotten into him so they try to help him.
Faculty Unites (BL) by Little_Freesia
Faculty Unites (BL)by Rose 🌹
Gifted University , one of the well known university in Thailand, home for the most bright, disciplined and skillful students from different faculties. What if one day t...
I Think I'm Addicted To You by deebamanja
I Think I'm Addicted To Youby Deebamanja
ForthBeam's love story