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Up in the Stars by sapphox
Up in the Starsby sapphox
Enid is moving across the world to attend university. Away from all that she knows, she soon finds herself at the center of three men's unyielding attention. Three men...
The Unmatched Beauty 18+ by MaFuyu4
The Unmatched Beauty 18+by Ma Fuyu
"Why can't you understand that I don't want both of you?" She cowers in fear as they both growled. Trent clenched his jaw, he was livid. Tyler closed his eyes...
The  Mafia Bosses Secret ( A Glass Siblings Series , Book One ) by watercharms
The Mafia Bosses Secret ( A Watercharms
"So nice of you to join me Miss Glass " " NICE , NICE ? You practically kid- well id say kidnapped , but that's too nice a word for the torture I went an...
Mated To Twins [OLD VERSION] by Suzidebeer
Mated To Twins [OLD VERSION]by Sussan de Beer
Alexi White has always wondered whether she was really related to her family or if she was adopted. Being the quiet girl she, could never really tell her parents no. She...
Dragon's Slave [Revised] by CSW1995
Dragon's Slave [Revised]by C. Swallow
~FRESHLY EDITED WITH NEW ORIGINAL SONG LYRICS!~ Madeline is one of the thousands of slaves captured by the Requiem Dragon Horde to assist them in maintaining the mounta...
A Hybrids Tale by bedfasttoast13
A Hybrids Taleby bedfasttoast13
* UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION * United we stand, Together they fall. Looking down upon the city I have called home for most of my existence it feels unrecognizable. Fire s...
Falling For My Homophobic Brothers ♥Complete♥ by NevaehHM
Falling For My Homophobic Jai Salvatore
Kellin is gay and has a major problem; he's in love with his two brothers. That isn't his only problem though. That would make his life way to easy, and we all know that...
Please, Help by Hope_cuellar
Please, Helpby Hopey
Amelia thought that she could have a normal senior year in high school while her mother was away on vacation. Boy was she mistaken. She gets kidnapped and slowly finds h...
Queen of Witches by DeAngelisaDavis
Queen of Witchesby DeAngelisaDavis
THIS IS A MENAGE STORY, MEANING- MxFxM. TWO GUYS AND ONE GIRL. NUMBER 1 in #Kings NUMBER 12 in #vampire NUMBER 15 in #bisexual NUMBER 50 in #witches NUMBER 184 in #werew...
Stupid by WrappedInABlanket
Stupidby Wrapply
/|\ Feel free to read, but currently under editing /|\ I walked up to a man taller than me obviously, I'm only 5'3. I tugged on his sleeves and he craned his neck to loo...
Ours by baobeimea
Oursby baobeimea
Mew Jongcheveevat and Suppasit Jongcheveevat are twins heading the most formidable mafia. They are young in their world so to speak, but they have earned the respects of...
Lana (A Love Story) by valeriangeroux
Lana (A Love Story)by Valerian L. Geroux
Tom Thorson cares about his reputation more than anything. He wants to be the cool kid, and always does reckless things that he thinks would help him gain popularity, bu...
Beauty and the Two Beast (FAIRYTALE KINKS #1) by sxsgod
Beauty and the Two Beast ( sxsgod
HIGHEST RANKING: #185 - 7/1/2017 "Literally, beauty and the beast is overrated," Kara muttered as she glanced at her father. "You literally had to get you...
Evangeline is an orphan, she worked hard so that she can survive and pay for her apartment and all her necessities and food. She is doing fine on her own and had a happy...
A Song Made in Heaven by Callabunny
A Song Made in Heavenby Callabunny (Maggie Lynn)
Sang Sorenson didn't believe in soulmates. Love at first sight was a myth. Divorce rates were at an all-time high, and in her part of town knowing your father's name put...
Love us by RavenNewmoon
Love usby Raven Newmoon
A 40 year old meets and falls for two men with a secret.
Dragon Lords - Book #3 by BeastlyKingdom
Dragon Lords - Book #3by Beastly Kingdom
When a female is corned by four honry Dragon males, things can get a little frisky.
Interstellar Love by chiskey56
Interstellar Loveby Chiskey
Past the stars that your eyes can see. Deeper into the universe than you have ever dreamed any could go is a world where only the things of fables live. Creatures far be...
Fate Becomes Us by forever-evermore
Fate Becomes Usby Malena
Relationships are not as easy as people make it seem. Add in infected werewolves and humans and any relationship would struggle. But Ethan, Erik, and Liam have been thro...