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Tutoring Him |✓ by xCandyyx_
Tutoring Him |✓by C a n d y
*used to be named tutoring the badboy* ❝"You're also wearing a devil costume," he states walking towards me, which causes me to move backwards. "What does...
"TEEN ROMANCE"   ~ Malachi Barton  by gggg0088
"TEEN ROMANCE" ~ Malachi Barton by Gia
Giovanna Myers grew rather close with Malachi Barton growing feelings for him quickly, until suddenly, he heard a false rumor. Malachi started to act like she should be...
a forbidden love story: book 2 - INDENTURED by OliviaHartWrites
a forbidden love story: book 2 - Olivia Watson
Evelyn was just a high school sophomore when her whole world was turned upside down. A teacher's magical mirror and one bad decision later... Evelyn is thrust into the t...
ʏᴏᴜ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴇ || ginny & georgia  by lilyboobear1
ʏᴏᴜ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴇ || ginny & georgia by lilyboobear1
✧˖*°࿐ •*⁀➷ "I love you, Pigeon." "It's you and me." ♪ What are the things that I want to say Just aren't coming out right? I'm tripping on words You...
Instagram || Paxton Hall-Yoshida - SEQUEL OUT NOW by SUNFL0WERWALLS
Instagram || Paxton SUNFL0WERWALLS
_paxton started following you. 2s [highest rankings: #1 in Sophomore-29/05/20] SEQUEL OUT NOW
A Ginny & Georgia story -- What happens when Ginny has a hotter twin sister? A Marcus x Reader "Did you just call me Y/n?" "Why do your lips taste like Ca...
Just A Fling by Katrinnnnah
Just A Flingby The Hurricane
Eighteen year old Alexis begins college with her mind set to face her studies and be on her best behavior but almost immediately she resumes, she falls into the wrong ha...
Coach's Daughter by Love_IsEndless
Coach's Daughterby Liz💕
Best Ranking: #5 in Teen Fiction - Preview- "Do you actually care?" he questioned, raising an eyebrow tauntingly. I grinned, trying to emulate his easy humor...
Our Song- Rutger McGroarty by h0e4hughes
Our Song- Rutger McGroartyby ..
Annalei Fantilli is Adam Fantilli's twin sister and younger sister of Luca Fantilli. She goes to Umich the same year as Adam and quickly becomes friends with his friends...
He's A Senior And I'm The Freaky Sophomore by writergurl95
He's A Senior And I'm The Freaky Taylor
Sequel is "Boyfriend's Ex Best Friend"
Whispers of Winter by tawagsakinMala
Whispers of Winterby Maria Jacob
Another start of the year, and seasons to wait. Nallouis David was just like those ordinary students, pumapasa ng projects, nagre-review para sa assessments, nagco-coope...
Unsure by Watt9addr3ad3r
Unsureby R O S E
Paige and her best friend Carson have always been friends but can they be more?
[✓] the four of us ~ hc by easthet1c
[✓] the four of us ~ hcby east
Highschool sucks, but some good close friends can make everything a lot better. <o> When xB learned all three of his closest friends had also had diaries throughou...
An Act Of Love (GonKillu) by euphoriies
An Act Of Love (GonKillu)by euphoriies
Gon freeces, aknown well player about love, other people knew and chose to ignore it, admiring him and crushing on him anyway, Killua Zoldyck were not one of those Peopl...
Strength by Eternal_18
Strengthby Camryn
Sophia is a shy 15 year old girl. The Wilsons adopted her after foster parents were arrested due to several reasons. She thought that she would never escape her foster h...
All A Game by queens_blade
All A Gameby 𝒇𝒊𝒇𝒊✨
[Rated #8 in Broken-heart] Tired of the same old unrealistic romance novels? Pretty girl meets handsome hunk - he breaks her heart- she finds true love in the end. Looki...
Crash and Burn by hizzycg
Crash and Burnby –𝙝𝙖𝙯
"Uh, my mom and I got into a car crash with an 18- wheeler, and I had an epidural hematoma, shattered my leg bone and dreams of playing football, had some seizures...
He Belongs In Detention, and in my Heart. (he's also my brothers best friend)...Crap! by xLimewireJunkiex
He Belongs In Detention, and in xLimewireJunkiex
Sydney is no one in school, the only reason people even know her name is her brother and his best friend, one of the hottest boys in high school Zander. Usually she avoi...
One Kick At A Time (discontinued) by Bucket_Writer
One Kick At A Time (discontinued)by EJ
It is only Amily Malcolm's freshman year, but the pressure's on. Everyone is expecting her to lead their high school soccer team to states, and she intends to do just th...
EYES ON ME | Kim Namjoon Au by monceeharuhi
EYES ON ME | Kim Namjoon Auby Moncee Haruhi
"B-But you are my professor..." I faltered, looking at him. "Did you really think of it when you first set your eyes on me?" Namjoon questioned me ba...