Desires and Flames Book#1: Naila's Memoir by undertherador
Desires and Flames Book#1: Naila' undertherador
"What's my name?" He smiled graciously. "Desaree Monáe." He spoke slowly and softly. "It suits you considering how desirable and longed for you...
  • love
  • memoir
  • blackmail
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The Imperfect's Journal: 1 by TLBainter
The Imperfect's Journal: 1by T. L. Bainter
This is the journal of Darren Stratt, an "imperfect" who is being hunted in America due to a new law which has stripped disadvantaged individuals--now called...
  • thriller
  • daily
  • imperfect
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You Can't Break Her  by TSTurcotte
You Can't Break Her by T. S. Turcotte
#1 in Autobiography, my-life, true-story and Memoir / First place in the Chaos Awards/ Second place in the Golden awards 2k18/ Second place in the Royalty awards I kneel...
  • ewas2018
  • non-fiction
  • featured
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God Has Left the Building by douglashadley
God Has Left the Buildingby Douglas Hadley
These are the beginnings of my Memoirs as a minister for more than twenty-five years in parish ministry. This is a very honest, albeit sometimes sarcastic and satirical...
  • church
  • god
  • wattys2018
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2 Questions Every Girl is Asking Herself by michellezdong
2 Questions Every Girl is Asking Michelle Dong
Every girl is wondering about two things: 1. What do I want to do with my life? 2. What kind of person do I want to marry? So I traveled around the world looking f...
  • wattys2016
  • true-story
  • nonfiction
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in july / ko shinwon by bldmoons
in july / ko shinwonby jiangers!
and sometimes, i wonder about what we could've done in july. cover by @WINEKTH
  • changgu
  • ptg
  • love
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Chronic Laughter For Chronic Illness by mindfulhumor
Chronic Laughter For Chronic Jill Safran
If chronic illness or disability has shattered your funny bone, this merry book might be the RX you need to mend it. Within this work, the author shares her stories as a...
  • self-hellp
  • selfhelp
  • uplifting
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clickbait for losers ( a memoir ) by neptunedolan
clickbait for losers ( a memoir )by jen.
memes, rants, nudes and more !
  • jen
  • luicidhighs
  • bio
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Killer King (Klaus Mikaelson / Kai Parker)  by LaurellGrant
Killer King (Klaus Mikaelson / Laurell Grant
•on hold until further notice - as of June 6th, 2017• When Audrey Gilbert returns to Mystic Falls after her parents death, she learns that things really do go bump in th...
  • theoriginals
  • mrsgavinfree
  • damonsalvatore
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The Imperfect's Journal: 2 by TLBainter
The Imperfect's Journal: 2by T. L. Bainter
Memory loss, chronic pain, tremors. These three characteristics of Darren Stratt's illness raise the difficulty of Darren's exodus from the United States, a country that...
  • disease
  • war
  • shortchapters
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Adventures in South East Asia by Voyageavecmoi
Adventures in South East Asiaby Sarah
After spending a year teaching in Thailand, I made a decision to try travelling with only my quirky self to keep me company. My journey started in Myanmar where temple c...
  • biking
  • myanmar
  • thailand
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Emily Rose: A Pregnancy Story by Fairytale_Fabler
Emily Rose: A Pregnancy Storyby Alicia J. Britton
In letters to "Emily Rose," an expectant mother chronicles the nine months leading up to her daughter's birth. The journey begins with the word "pregnant...
  • stories4mom
  • father
  • birth
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Closeted Catastrophe: Memoir of a Gay Student in the Closet by romanticandalone22
Closeted Catastrophe: Memoir of romanticandalone22
This is a true story- my coming of age memoir of being a gay high school freshman and how I overcame some homophobia and the straight boy crushes. But parts of it get a...
  • gay
  • memoir
  • highschool
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My Week in a Psych Ward-A Short Memoir by RebeccaYancy
My Week in a Psych Ward-A Short Rebecca Yancy
In June of 2016, I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for attempted suicide. In my other memoir, My Taboo Disease, I wrote a few chapters briefly discussing my exper...
  • short
  • women
  • suicide
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Tough Girls Wear Teal: A Decade-Long Journey with PCOS by WriterRenEllis
Tough Girls Wear Teal: A Ren Ellis
IT CAME. SHE FOUGHT. IT DID NOT WIN. Starting with a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at the age of fourteen, I struggled through several years of chronic pain...
  • truestory
  • awareness
  • memoir
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Childhood Days Are Sweeter In Yemen by aleenaagnessparrow
Childhood Days Are Sweeter In Yemenby Aleena Agnes Sparrow
" Childhood days are sweeter..." is not a philosophical piece or a historical note, but it's a story; A story of Yemen which is unknown. A story of happiness...
  • realworld
  • friendship
  • war
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The House On Dale Street by Salemz555
The House On Dale Streetby Anneewakee
Does evil lurk in old houses? And if so, why? Why is it that some people seem to draw these things out and others don't. I have had, throughout my life, what I consider...
  • poltergeist
  • scary
  • evans
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Grunge Girl Diaries: The Senior Years by ktflynn
Grunge Girl Diaries: The Senior NigheanNereus
1995, the real life of a senior in high school during the original grunge era.
  • drugs
  • featured
  • diary
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The Right Story: A Memoir by mystoryneedstold
The Right Story: A Memoirby mystoryneedstold
My entire life, people have told my story so many times that it has become theirs. I want to right this MY way, and tell MY story the way it needs to be told. All of it...
  • memoir
  • drugs
  • alone
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I Don't Belong To You - Sneak Peek! by KeKePalmer
I Don't Belong To You - Sneak Peek!by KeKePalmer
I'm so excited to be sharing this sneak peek of my upcoming book, I DON'T BELONG TO YOU: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice! I want my fans to be the first to read it...
  • nonfiction
  • screamqueens
  • sneakpeek
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