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On The Target ✔ by Kinza244
On The Target ✔by Bakesomevkookies
Being a rude actor and model, Taehyung never was on good terms with the others. He always stayed separated from each person except for a few. He was just spending his li...
The Crimson Swordsman (Sword Art Online X OC/Male reader) by Corrupted839
The Crimson Swordsman (Sword Art Cørrūptêd_839
Akiri Shiranobu was a young boy with a passion for parkour. Everything changed after a fateful accident caused him to lose his legs. Now, he finds himself trapped in a d...
The Love You Give and Take by Bellastar7310
The Love You Give and Takeby Bella
Zara Monroe the girl with a tragic past struggles against her past and future. The girl left behind by those who should love her most. She is reunited with her 5 older b...
ON HOLD!! Help Me Stand //Larry Stylinson // (Mpreg)  by rayray3120a
ON HOLD!! Help Me Stand //Larry Hobama☕
Born with paralyzed legs, Harry Styles has lived a challenging life. He is constantly teased, picked on, and pushed around in school. Soon enough there is a new kid in t...
No Matter What by dreamsmadereal
No Matter Whatby Jess Gonzalez
Ayla Green and Connor Midnight are high school sweethearts. They have their whole lives planned out: she's going to be an astronaut, and he's going to be the greatest fo...
You, Me, We by AyeeshB
You, Me, Weby Aisha Bello
They say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Well, life gave me so much more than lemons. Life gave me asthma, she gave me paralysis, made me sickle celled, a...
Don't Wake Isabell by Ms_Horrendous
Don't Wake Isabellby Jakayla Toney
A series of sleep paralysis leaves Esther restless. However, when they start getting more intense, Esther soon learns that something is trying to communicate with her. S...
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The Tales Of Unrequited Love by ReighTuuM
The Tales Of Unrequited Loveby Millicent
"It must be quite something, a feeling like this... it is quite something. Wanting someone for so long that in your head they were yours and with some twisted inter...
Paralyzed by LifeMomentsMemoir
Paralyzedby LifeMomentsMemoir
A nearly eight-year span of my life has been almost too dramatic to be believed. It began on Father's day 2009 when we brought our second child and oldest daughter home...
Oneironaut: A Guide to Lucid Dreaming by soriewrites
Oneironaut: A Guide to Lucid ✨ s o r i e ✨
Oneironaut: a person who explores dream worlds, usually associated with lucid dreaming Lucid Dream: a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming Have you ever want...
When the World Turned Upside Down  by peculiarleah
When the World Turned Upside Down by peculiarleah
With the Great War raging in Europe, Colin and Dickon are sent to fight. They come home broken, hoping to rebuild their lives with those they love.
Dreams of a Hormonal Teen by thenamelessage03
Dreams of a Hormonal Teenby Basil
This is a collection of my dreams that I have written down. I'm gonna try to add more, but I have to look through my old texts to find them. (Warning, some chapters con...
Caring for Ivar by peculiarleah
Caring for Ivarby peculiarleah
An injured Ivar returns from England
Station Five by dlmackenzie
Station Fiveby D. L. Mackenzie
Mia Cordova is a nurse's aide at Los Arcos Care Center, a large skilled nursing facility caring for the profoundly disabled. Abby Tate, Mia's twenty-one-year-old patien...
The Sleep Paralysis by limei_wallim
The Sleep Paralysisby Lee Gruif
Short quotes and poetry Highest Rankings: #2 in sleepparalysis #6 in paralysis Cover by @Nicoismysenpai ❤️ © 2018, All Rights Reserved
Nightmares are Dreams Too by JellOfAllTrades
Nightmares are Dreams Tooby Jell Esguerra
"Get a glimpse of what's it like when I sleep every night. Welcome to my mind."
Silent as Stars: rewrite  by onyxkedron
Silent as Stars: rewrite by Onyx Kedron
Two souls connected, Intertwined like roses on a weaving, wooden archway; This, my dear readers, Is no fairytale. This is the tale of a boy, and a girl, Both just a...
Taming The Lost Hunky Bear (By Shayen S) by DesireInLoveBookClub
Taming The Lost Hunky Bear (By DesireInLove ~ Shayen S
Nadine, a private nurse got a job to cure a paralyzed man in a rich family. She finds her patient has uncooperated behaviours. He's cold, rough and depressed!
Paralyzed by Avacadolover666anime
Paralyzedby Chococake14
Malade Hills was 'paralyzed'. Poor girl needed a feeding tube and couldn't walk but as she learnt more about her illness she discovered something horrific about her moth...
Darling Baby Sister [1] by MayMayElizabeth
Darling Baby Sister [1]by ❤May❤
I do not own any of the supernatural characters or their storylines, I only own my original characters and their storylines. Book One of the "Darling Baby Sister&q...