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The Devil's Heart by Kick4L1fe
The Devil's Heartby Kick4L1fe
Everyone chooses their own fate and my choice got me banned to Hell. My name is Satan. I've started to think about life down here. And it sucks. I mean condemning people...
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Silver-Eyed Fool. by CrowWhite
Silver-Eyed Anna
It all started with a letter. The wish of a dieing mother made Nicolas take the journey to deliver the letter to the man addressed on the envelope, Alaric Silverwood. Bu...
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Washed (A One Direction fanfiction)(Original) by shaekybakey
Washed (A One Direction Go away
Hannah's a mermaid. But she's not a normal mermaid. She lives in a vacation hotspot, and works at the Sea Star hotel. Her hearts been broken, by an ass named James, and...
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Bottom Feeders - z.h. by crooked_heart
Bottom Feeders - ♚Zqaud♚
The one where Niall is a straight barrister at a gay night club
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One Woman Pack (ON HOLD) by ArianaAriRodriguez
One Woman Pack (ON HOLD)by ArianaAriRodriguez
My name is Luna, Most 21 year olds party and have the time of their lives at a club every night, but I have to worry about a pack of dirty mutts. My brother say that I w...
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The Devil called Angel (A Tom Parker, The Wanted Fanfic) by SivaKsGF
The Devil called Angel (A Tom Yo Mama ;)
When Tom meets the mysterious bad girl Angel Skies, he falls for her. He tries to change her but she keeps dragging him deeper to a way that has no returning.. Will she...
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Kaos Jolt (Unedited) by HaroldLeeWaddellJr
Kaos Jolt (Unedited)by Harold Lee Waddell Jr.
The story of a guitarist who loses everything, just to find something more: a darker side to his life that he never knew existed. When fate takes his father from him, he...
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Interstates of the Heart by jac809
Interstates of the Heartby jac809
Twenty-six year old Charli Clark is retired and loving it. Moving to an unfamiliar place she is trying to escape her past, but it's apart of who she is and it continuall...
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Without Medicine And You by sady7125
Without Medicine And Youby Sarah
'It' had come. And it had come hard. This disease was going to kill everyone. I thought nothing good could possibly come from this. But I was wrong. Donovan was going to...
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Broken Amethyst (girlxgirl) by Shattered_Violet
Broken Amethyst (girlxgirl)by Shattered_Violet
Amethyst Stone has always believed she was nothing special. To say she grew up on the wrong side of the tracks would have been a complete understatement. After being for...
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Music between us (teacher/student) by MyWords
Music between us (teacher/student)by Mywords
Michelle Smith is a student in high school. She has had a pretty rough life, and lost her dad. She and her sister have a really bad relationship, which gets worse when a...
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Marlboro by dope_maryjane
Marlboroby Darla Elestial Valore
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"Love Kills." by jumpthecliff2
"Love Kills."by Angelina🍒
Of naive girls and the tragedy of love and death. " "Love kills." "But it makes it all hurt a little less." " |Sequel to Smoking Kills|
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Until Every Last Mark Disappears by Blazerboy126
Until Every Last Mark Disappearsby Joey
Emily is a cutter. She likes the feeling of cutting because it takes away the pain in her life. Her father doesn't get her, and yelled at her because she got caught with...
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Hellz Tea by DemonBaristas
Hellz Teaby DemonBaristas
Two girls meet up again after four years of not talking and decide to open a coffee shop with an apartment above to escape from their previous issues. Together they stru...
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Valentine's Surprise (one-shot for RaeKitano's Challenge) by CSwartz
Valentine's Surprise (one-shot CSwartz
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Jamie Oxford's Little Secret by hahmesoppa
Jamie Oxford's Little Secretby Hahmes Oppa
I smiled at him as he discovered my little surprise. "No undies?" He smirked at me. "You like it?" I asked back. "I love it."
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Disappeared by kay996
Disappearedby kay996
Rude and annoying Ava is telling everyone she has a stalker, but no one beleives her until she is found in an alley....dead. Who could this stalker be? and why didnt peo...
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