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A Twist Of Marvel || Infinity War by GeneralOfLoki
A Twist Of Marvel || Infinity Warby Behind The Screen
"KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, BUT IGNORANCE IS BLISS." Naomi Swanson is fresh out of college, working as an assistant in a small paper supply company and inhaling coffe...
Avengers watch Endgame by Avengers_Widow_Hawk
Avengers watch Endgameby Rey_Nat_Clint_Skye
Hi. This is the same story you may have read on my other account. My account was (I presume) deleted so I have to do this again. Please bare with me. I will be doing thi...
The Tale Of Two Starks  by mcujunky67
The Tale Of Two Starks by Kenzie Kate
Amelia Marie Stark, Tony Stark's sister. She's not the tech genius her brother is no in fact she has powers. telekinesis and teleportation. She is called Solar Flare. Fo...
AVENGERS:THE NEW HERO by infern8king101
AVENGERS:THE NEW HEROby samuel dausab
what happens when a thousand year old spartan warrior meets the avengers. In short, this is a story based on the God of War game but instead of Kratos I inserted my own...
bucky barnes imagines by welovebucky
bucky barnes imaginesby 𝒚 𝖆 𝒔 𝖒 𝒊 𝖓 ⋆
in which the fem!reader takes part in various cute and fluffy scenarios involving themselves and bucky barnes - and some sebastian stan too. ✪ smut / trigger warnings ar...
Marvel (avengers) smut/one shots by imsorrymrstank
Marvel (avengers) smut/one shotsby L
a bunch of one shots for you! requests are open and this is still on going :)
Psych the Avengers Out by apchick10
Psych the Avengers Outby A. P. Chick
What if a mind-reader joined the Avengers? A very sarcastic, witty, mind-reader who doesn't play by the rules? Enter Jaycee Strong, on the run, out of control and just...
Avengers Preferences by Lauren_Quintil
Avengers Preferencesby Lauren Q 🌿
I only do Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Carol Danvers, Sam Wilson, King T'challa, Thor Odinson, Peter Parker, and Loki Laufeyson * I DON'T TAKE REQUEST OR IDEA...
Avengers Imagines by marvelsmybitch
Avengers Imaginesby Marvel is my life
Requests Are Needed These are Avengers Imagines, mostly fluff, some smut, and a little bit of death because it's the Avengers I Write About: Steve Rogers|Captain America...
Little Peter-sfw (Irondad Spiderson)  by fanfictionsksk
Little Peter-sfw (Irondad coconut
Just Tony being an Irondad to a little Spiderson
ETERNITY by rvmanvgers
After an alternate happy ending to Avengers: Endgame, Steve and Natasha are tasked to lead a now much larger group of Avengers together. When deaths, the multiverse and...
Tom Hiddleston and Loki Imagines - Bk. 1 by acefury
Tom Hiddleston and Loki Ace Fury
Highest Rankings: 1st in Tom Hiddleston Imagines, 3rd in Loki Imagines, 8th in Loki, 130th in Marvel || Just a writing outlet for one of my favorite actors and character...
|| Loki Imagines || by hurricaneandsunshine
|| Loki Imagines ||by hurricaneandsunshine
Here you can find some scenarios between the raven haired prince, Loki, and the Y/H/C, you.
Marvel Imagines  by batmanwife13
Marvel Imagines by batmanwife13
Hi, everyone! Welcome to my Marvel Imagines book. I encourage you to at least try this book out. If you don't like it, that's fine! I will say that if you don't enjoy bo...
My Soldier by normals_scare_me
My Soldierby sad loser
Bucky Barnes x reader 40's Bucky
Cupid's Rifle [Loki x Assassin Fanfiction] by Pokeypines
Cupid's Rifle [Loki x Assassin Rebecca
Quinn Marks seems fairly normal on the surface. She's 16, loves baggy sweaters, has been all over the world, and celebrates with donuts. What no one knows is that since...
The Spidey Twins by FriendlyFan3000
The Spidey Twinsby FanficFlirt
Reader insert for Marvel's Civil War and Homecoming. A story where you are Peter Parker/Spider-Man's Twin sister (sorry boys) and his crime fighting teammate. I do not...
Winters Storm~Bucky Barns~  by Lone_Wolf_Ludlow
Winters Storm~Bucky Barns~ by April ludlow
She did whatever it took. Sequel to Shock Waves.
Tom Holland & Peter Parker Imagines by LeeJenoCutie
Tom Holland & Peter Parker Imaginesby Liv🤍
These stories are from Tumblr/Wattpad (both) and I give the people credit but if they are mine I'll claim it Best Rankings: #1 in Hollander - 6.19.19 #1 in Tumblr - 8.17...
Remember Me? by eleutheromania99
Remember Me?by eleutheromania99
(Book one) When Anna Smith enrolled in the army, she was best friends with Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. She left them to follow a dream of becoming an agent. But when...