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Why Me? by AnonymousBottt
Why Me?by anonymous
Stacy Lynn a 17 year poor girl living in a rich society. Her interests are totally different. From a total good girl to the city's most bad and craved girl. To know her...
How Noah Makes Love To Himself by EroticLiterature
How Noah Makes Love To Himselfby jacob sartorious sex
-A detailed narrative story of how a teenage boy does naughty things to himself-
Taste of your Love by Ishaaaismessy
Taste of your Loveby HeyImIshaaaa
She was my dream girl and i always wanted to be with her, until the day has come.
Undeniable Love by sweetchoclate9
Undeniable Loveby rose
Alexander Rodriguez. A powerful business man of the Los Angeles. He has it all. Anything and everything he wants. He is powerful and unstoppable. He is devilishly handso...
Wanted By His Diana by sweetchoclate9
Wanted By His Dianaby rose
It was almost over between them. Nothing was remaining. Everything was broken into pieces. At least that is what he thought. Martin left Diana. Diana lost her memory and...
Saving the bad boy by Oratilwe123
Saving the bad boyby Oratilwe123
Isabella Lopez is a rich shy girl who is always bullied by her classmates and everyone else at school. She is a fighter but she knows best than to beat everyone that hur...
Subaru x Yui: Daddy, Oral, Rough by Dialovers_Smut_xoxo
Subaru x Yui: Daddy, Oral, Roughby Dialovers_Smut_xoxo
A request from one of my lovely followers and friend on Instagram! This is a bit different because instead of an x-reader, it's Subaru and Yui There's a daddy kink, eat...
The CEO by Nialovebug18
The CEOby ✨✨
The attraction between two people can be great. The sex can be mind blowing. The kisses can be electrifying....But is it love? Reagan is a smart girl. Graduated from How...
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Jungkook Taehyung OneShots by MorgianaDragneel
Jungkook Taehyung OneShotsby ✨
This book is a little collection of one shots, Jungkook X You, Taehyung X You or Jungkook X Taehyung X You! Enjoy!!
Charlie Puth: Lust & Desire  by mademoiselle_19
Charlie Puth: Lust & Desire by Shruti
What does it feel like when someone is so in love but can't confess it to them....
Finding "the ONE" Online by fotofraphy
Finding "the ONE" Onlineby FARAH
A story of a broken hearted lady who learned to have fun and enjoy her singleness through meeting different men from clubbing and Dating App. How she explore her sexual...
Threesome, Sex//🔞 by LoveBts221
Threesome, Sex//🔞by oneshots🔞
He puts a vibrator in me and watches as I moan his name while his friend sucks him off.
A Miracle It Is (#AMII) #wattys2018 [Not Yet Completed] by Harry_Jayrone
A Miracle It Is (#AMII) ❤Harindrah❤
_____A BILLIONAIRE STORY_____ "Ela...." Her voice even made me more frighten and cringe.... "Ela... You are PREGNANT!" "Noooo...." a stream...
Nicholas Hamilton Imagines by Star_Bowers
Nicholas Hamilton Imaginesby Star Hunt
Imagines about the hottie Australian Nicholas Hamilton
Shu x Reader: Masturbation, Vanilla, Romantic by Dialovers_Smut_xoxo
Shu x Reader: Masturbation, Dialovers_Smut_xoxo
My longest and best smut yet!!! You're cuddling with Shu when he gets a boner. You help him out and he returns the favor. The two of you end the night with some teamwork...
Love Pecks by sweetchoclate9
Love Pecksby rose
Three Devilish Men and their Three Beautiful Women. Nicolas Witmore ♥ Pauline June. Zachary Reynold Knight ♥ Amelia Witmore. Ace Rodriguez ♥ Cara Jones. "Love is no...
Vincent's Fairy by sweetchoclate9
Vincent's Fairyby rose
He has changed. He is not that innocent orphan boy she met years before. There is hunger in his coal black eyes. A hunger for power. A hunger for death. He kills ruthles...