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Strings of Love by dazzling_glitter
Strings of Loveby ♡
(♡ A Mafia Love Story ♡) No matter, how tangled the strings of my heart get, they'll always find their way to you ❤️
Well, That Was A Thing (Good Omens One-Shots)  by Zakani_Donovan
Well, That Was A Thing (Good Dragon Girl
Random AU's for the Ineffable Husbands that either come out of my mind or got inspired by other AU's in the community (if that is the case, I'll specify from where and w...
7 Minutes in Heaven, But it's 7 Days in Florida (DNF) by Ship_On_The_Sea
7 Minutes in Heaven, But it's 7 Ship_On_The_Sea
It's one thing flying out to another country and spending a week in your best friend's home, but it's another thing if you're in love with said best friend. That's a who...
The Shadow Monarch And His New Companion by yeomra_000
The Shadow Monarch And His New Yeomra
Kim Dokja was just lying in his bed. After a long shower he took. He was just scrolling through his phone when a blue screen flickered upon his eyes. ••••••••••••••••••...
Arylie - a family is born Part 1 by GargiRamtirthaParand
Arylie - a family is born Part 1by Gargi Ramtirtha-Parandekar
Imlie has exposed Malini but is not ready to accept Aryan in her life. But Aryan is determined to win her back, he sets conditions and forces imlie back in his life, wil...
feel my hands. (dnf x gream) by skinny-lovee
feel my hands. (dnf x gream)by a 🎸
"You see the good in everything, George. That's why I like it when you look at me." From a young age, Dream has come to realize that love is complicated. Love...
The Night in the Cabin by PhoebeHenderson6
The Night in the Cabinby PhoebeHenderson6
Lucy and Tim are undercover together in a secluded cabin. Will they have to stay longer than they plan?
All I Want. [ WWE Seth Rollins x Reader ] [COMPLETE] by Alcauter_
All I Want. [ WWE Seth Rollins x Alcauter_
You're in average person working at a semi-boring job. All you have is your best friend Christian, but an unexpected man shows up creating something much troublesome. I'...
Supernatural Imagines/One shots by fizzy31funny
Supernatural Imagines/One shotsby fizzy31funny
Supernatural imagines! That's exactly it - just wrote these for fun so have a read if you want lolz. 😊🥰
For You, I'll bleed  by kaeliowlj
For You, I'll bleed by kaeli ingrid
what if Kinn wasn't the only one who was bleeding for Porsche when he took the bullet for him. What if Porsche too was bleeding for Kinn from the fall off the cliff. Can...
My SpaceHey Kitten: A Riddlebat Story by pauldanospacehey
My SpaceHey Kitten: A Riddlebat Paul Dano SpaceHey
A riddlebat fanfic riddled with angst, lactose intolerance, and love confessions. Bruce Wayne, the Batman, goes undercover on a social media website to hunt down the Rid...
Vegeta's Hidden Talent (COMPLETE) by ThunderBandito
Vegeta's Hidden Talent (COMPLETE)by ThunderBandito
DISCLAIMER: I wrote this when I was 12 so I hope you're all for unnecessary moments and a lot of cringe, some people seem to enjoy it tho. I'm currently 16 so I wrote th...
Deep in the heart  by dazzling_glitter
Deep in the heart by ♡
(♡ Love Story Of Two Classmates ♡) Well a love story of two school classmates 💗 How these two meet again in the future and their love blooms♡ Not a normal love story bu...
Good Omens One Shots by CarleyTheWeirdo12
Good Omens One Shotsby Carley
Hey! I've never done this before but oh well I'm gonna try it. Never ever written fanfic. A couple things before you read this: •I don't do smut sorry :( in my opinion...
7 Minutes in Heaven, But it's 7 Days in Florida - Traducción  by coffewithoutsuga
7 Minutes in Heaven, But it's 7 Goddess of Death
Una cosa es volar a otro país y pasar una semana en casa de tu mejor amigo, pero otra cosa es que estés enamorado de ese mejor amigo. Esa es una historia totalmente dife...
Won't You Love Me? - Hirkagi by vayl0rdz
Won't You Love Me? - Hirkagiby #ACTIVE❤
[ Finally updating again<3 off-hiatus! *slow updates. ] -this story follows on as kagiura tries to make hirano fall for him, will he succeed and finally get with the...
Head Canon requests! by HuneyBuzz
Head Canon requests!by I quit
I really have nothing else to write soooo what tell me a CRK cookie and I will write down my headcanon for them
Mystery Mystery by deep_in_forest
Mystery Mysteryby Forest
Book 1 Joshua - identity ~ a simple college student, - profession ~ cafe barista Jeonghan - identity ~ unknown, - profession ~ flirting...