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A Second Chance - Superflash by Korijin
A Second Chance - Superflashby Korijin
During the batttle of Infantino Street, instead of Savitar killing Iris , Barry does the unthinkable and saves Iris' life but at what cost?
evil or good I love you by tvdlover52
evil or good I love youby hopewifey2
Why do you always compliment my eyes. Frost asked me Because there beautiful. I said holding her hand I love you. She said I know you do your my wonderful wife. I said...
Flash's Other Daughter by summer0candy
Flash's Other Daughterby Mars
Caitlin left Central City when she found out Barry was planning to get back with Iris who happened to be pregnant. She didn't want to burden Barry so she left to Nation...
The Scarlet Speedster's New Daughter  by Li_lii
The Scarlet Speedster's New Lili
Barry and the team are in for a treat when a new speedster arrives in town. But not just any speedster, it's Barry's younger daughter. He also has Nora visiting from the...
God of Speed's Redemption by Fantasizer27
God of Speed's Redemptionby HayleyWrites
This story is set after season 3 of The Flash. However, Savitar wasn't taken by the paradox. He lives with the help of Team Flash. A journey to his redemption just like...
Paralyzer || Barry Allen (The Flash) Fanfiction by turtulme
Paralyzer || Barry Allen (The LeeAnne Lytton
"Being two blocks away from STAR Labs had always been interesting and appealing in some ways, especially for its location in the science district of Central City. H...
The Hybrid Son by Cait_spade
The Hybrid Sonby Cait_spade
With Nora beginning to adjust to her new life here in 2018 things couldn't be better, until a new speedster show up to hunt her down. Who is this mysterious new speedste...
The past is the future by random_gurl07
The past is the futureby random_gurl07
Calvin Henry snow Allen is the eldest child of Barry and Caitlin snow , this story is about before Calvin and his team travelled to the past to fix things stay tune !! T...
Future untold by MarCollins04
Future untoldby MarvelIsMyName
Nora has always bent the truth to get her way or to complete a mission, but this lie could ultimately erase Carry from existence. - Artwork custom made by me. - #1's dc...
The Boy Who Cried Wolf (The Flash Fanfiction) by Winchester_Huntress
The Boy Who Cried Wolf (The Solstice
A scientist is attempting to perfect a serum of enhanced healing when the Particle Accelerator explodes. His subject, a poor stray dog, feels the effects; in more ways t...
Stuck in the Past by Filipaalves333
Stuck in the Pastby Filipaalves333
This story is the sequel to the Snowbarry story, "The Choice" ... Nineteen years after his birth, Thomas Henry Allen has the life he always wante...
Worm Hole •The Flash • by Bi-Butterfly13
Worm Hole •The Flash •by Arixa
What if Nora wasn't the only family visiter that Team Flash got. But these visitors aren't from A different time their from a whole different world and time. How is team...
The Fastest Man Alive: The Flash by Alex by Alex_Flash
The Fastest Man Alive: The Flash Алексей Протасевич
How I would like The Flash continued after Zoom kidnapped Caitlin. Credits to the numerous works and authors that I have read.
Super Daughter - Snowbarry by Korijin
Super Daughter - Snowbarryby Korijin
What if instead of The danvers family adopting Kara. It's Barry and Caitlin. See how Kara develops and lives as an Allen instead of a Danvers. I got this idea and concep...
The Right One by Filipaalves333
The Right Oneby Filipaalves333
Barry, from a young age, thought that Iris would be his ideal girlfriend, since he always had a secret crush on her. Caitlin, has not completely overcome the death of th...
Light-Speed (CW's Flash) by deankrtn
Light-Speed (CW's Flash)by dean 🪴
"Leave me alone Barry! You don't understand!" "Out of everyone, I am the only one who understands !" "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" "THEODORA...
The Future of Us by LettingItGoxXx
The Future of Usby Karla
Barry's mind is set. He decides in order to fix his current situation, he must travel to the future. When he does, he ends up going too far forward - eight years from hi...
Changes After the Crisis (Snowbarry) by JamesAdmiral
Changes After the Crisis ( JamesAdmiral
After losing everything, Cassandra "Cassie" Rose Snow-Allen begins a race against time to save her family from the Darkest Thunder, and prevent the tragedy fro...
Legacies English Version by thayanepiagno123
Legacies English Versionby Thay Piagno
Barry and Caitlin were just friends, at least that's what it seemed, but the truth is that the two of them looked at each other for some time, and usually when it was ju...
Savifrost: The mystery Girl (rewrite)(Complete) by TheSamonShiper
Savifrost: The mystery Girl ( Max
what if killer frost had gotten pregnant with savitar's baby and in the 6 months caitlin worked for amunet she had the child but was made to believe that the baby died...