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Lena Versus The Universe by xirusvx
Lena Versus The Universeby Iris
Suddenly her legs give away under the gravity of all the implications. She slumps against the wall of her private bathroom and just lets her back slide down against the...
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My Husband Is A She by LionxBunny
My Husband Is A Sheby LionxBunny
Lena Luthor has a husband. A husband she never met. Her husband always gives her gifts. He granted her great power, money and freedom. The greatest gift he ever gave to...
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The Alien Auction - Lena Luthor/Reader by SimpleTimes1
The Alien Auction - Lena Luthor/Re...by StepOnMeKDLL
You arrive in a world that is afraid of aliens. In order to contain them, they keep them chained, locked up and sold to the highest bidder to keep them as whatever they...
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whatever it takes  by rozegoldz
whatever it takes by xoxo
Kara, First off I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for ending things with you the way I did, I'm sorry for not telling you, I'm sorry for suddenness of this all...
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Ride (supercorp) by anonymous8853
Ride (supercorp)by anonymous8853
Kara is the next best racer. Lena Luthor is a rich investor looking for someone to represent on the races to show she can keep up with the uptight rich men but she takes...
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Why didn't you tell me?  by DarthPendragon
Why didn't you tell me? by did i srsly say that
What could've happened right after season four, after Lena found out Kara was Supergirl. I don't own Supergirl and all that, this is just what could've happened but defi...
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Without You by lezziemates
Without Youby lezziemates
Kara has a three year old daughter that not many people know about. When Lena meets Kara and McKenna out one night, Kenna instantly takes a liking to her. So the three o...
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Let's Take It Slow by Wondermunch
Let's Take It Slowby Wondermunch
Meeting her
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Best Friends by LoveStoriesForYou03
Best Friendsby BD
Only weeks after his departure from Earth, Kara finds out she is pregnant with Mon-el's baby. Unknowing of what to do, she instantly calls Lena. She quickly becomes her...
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Lena Luthor/Kage{Oc} Danvers||One-Shots by Ask-Yo-Girl-About-Me
Lena Luthor/Kage{Oc} Danvers||One...by Mr.Disappointment
Random ass one-shot for Lena Luthor and my Original Male Danvers Character Kage. Probably based around an incorrect quote Open Requests
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Supergirl (idk who yet) x fem shy! reader (GxG) by LucWolf4
Supergirl (idk who yet) x fem shy...by VultureInAJumpsuit
Marine mammal behaviorist, Y/N, doesn't really have friends, she's very shy around others. That is, until she meets Alex and Kara. The DEO is tipped off about an unknown...
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Stupid Supergirl AU's by mightnotbeawriter
Stupid Supergirl AU'sby mightnotbeawriter
AU's that will make you go "What the fuck are you on?"
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Fixing History - Supercorp by attemptingtowrite07
Fixing History - Supercorpby attemptingtowrite07
A portal opens up in National City's sky and something, or someone falls through. It doesn't take long to find out who the the newcomer is. How will everyone cope as mor...
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Family - Reader/Lena Luthor by SimpleTimes1
Family - Reader/Lena Luthorby StepOnMeKDLL
Various small stories about the reader's life as Lena's wife. Prompts by: Janafo28
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Angst - Reader/Lena Luthor by SimpleTimes1
Angst - Reader/Lena Luthorby StepOnMeKDLL
I am upset. Lena is dead. Everyone is dead. Season of joy? You mean season of angst
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Persistent by findinglove9499
Persistentby Amanda
Persistent: adjective 1. persisting, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, persevering: 2. lasting or enduring tenaciously: 3. constantly repeat...
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Devil in Disguise (The Originals) by human33
Devil in Disguise (The Originals)by Your Long Lost Author
Castor or Cas are Freya's twin, a hybrid and Lucifer's descendant/doppelgängger, are the second eldest of Mikaelson's brother. He's a powerful witch like Freya and the o...
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Of Knights and Aliens by The_Sarcastic_Dork
Of Knights and Aliensby Beau Howard
Things are done differently in the Danvers Kingdom, where Queen Eliza Danvers herself has adopted the Kryptonian Kara Zor-El and where her other daughter Alex is a full...
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You/Katie Mcgrath and others Imagines by SimpleTimes1
You/Katie Mcgrath and others Imagi...by StepOnMeKDLL
I'll be doing a series of imagines for celebrities or characters that you ask for. Let me know what you want it to be about and who. Also only doing f/f roles as I do no...
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Midnight hour - Supercorp by raddy3
Midnight hour - Supercorpby SuperRed
Overwhelmed, Supergirl seeks the young Luthor to find some semblance of comfort. She's tired and overwhelmed and goes to the one person she feels she can let her guard d...
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