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Why didn't you tell me?  by DarthPendragon
Why didn't you tell me? by did i srsly say that
What could've happened right after season four, after Lena found out Kara was Supergirl. I don't own Supergirl and all that, this is just what could've happened but defi...
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Of Knights and Aliens by The_Sarcastic_Dork
Of Knights and Aliensby Beau Howard
Things are done differently in the Danvers Kingdom, where Queen Eliza Danvers herself has adopted the Kryptonian Kara Zor-El and where her other daughter Alex is a full...
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Without You by lezziemates
Without Youby lezziemates
Kara has a three year old daughter that not many people know about. When Lena meets Kara and McKenna out one night, Kenna instantly takes a liking to her. So the three o...
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Supercorp One-Shots and Parallels by jaywrites21
Supercorp One-Shots and Parallelsby lezlolatina0310
Just as the title says. One-shots and parallels with your favorite Arrowverse ship in the whole multiverse.
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supergirl imagines *FEMALE x FEMALE* by InMyFictionalWorld
supergirl imagines *FEMALE x InMyFictionalWorld
i'll be taking requests for female character x female reader imagines, as well as writing some of my own ideas. hope you all enjoy:) *these characters are not mine. the...
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The Superfriends Chat by beefmince
The Superfriends Chatby a real steak pie
schottthroughtheheart: i forgot you had long hair lol schottthroughtheheart: also who's the guy next to you gaydanvers: he's my ex gaydanvers: also gaydanvers: STOP MAKI...
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Science Doesn't Explain  by ShippingEverything_
Science Doesn't Explain by Jay
PREVIOUSLY TITLED "Unimaginable" Don't hate me for changing it and then changing it back I can't come up with a title for the unpublished sequel that relates t...
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We Meet Again (Sanvers) by Camrenansnorminah
We Meet Again (Sanvers)by Camrenansnormimah
[Completed story] "Kara , do you copy?!" " A-Alex " "Yes I'm here ,what's going on over there are you ok?!" "We have an injured civili...
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Supergirl (Jasper Hale)  by Anna1744
Supergirl (Jasper Hale) by AnnMarie
Kara is a normal girl well that is what everyone else thinks but she is actually from a different planet. No one knows but her adoptive sister Alex. Kara and Alex are go...
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Forget Me Not by kxradanvers
Forget Me Notby kxradanvers
Six years since Kara Danvers was last seen as Supergirl Six years since Kara Danvers last worked at CatCo Six years since Kara Danvers disappeared But everything is abo...
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My Little Legend  by KLegendsM15
My Little Legend by KLegendsM15
Sara has trained Emily before she could even walk to be strong. Sara trained her daughter and taught her everything she knows. When both Ava and Sara are ready to send t...
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Supergirl Imagines by IavlIe
Supergirl Imaginesby uel.
a compilation of imagines from Supergirl by @Xavierhl on Tumblr.
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Runaway Girl by SupercorpAgentReign
Runaway Girlby Faith Bird
Lena is seventeen when she can't stand living with the Luthors anymore, so she runs away. It's the middle of the night when Alex is driving to a motel and Kara urges her...
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Adopted || Supergirl  by OddityofJustice
Adopted || Supergirl by Lex
Alexis Luthor is a 15-year-old who has been but up for adoption from birth. She has always wondered what her mother is like. She has seen her in the tabloids, on TV, in...
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Supercorp One Shots (Kara x Lena)  by loserwriterperson
Supercorp One Shots (Kara x Lena) by Z
A compilation of short stories requested on popular demands. Cause everyone needs more Supercorp in their life. Other characters may make appearances too.
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Zor-Allen Love Story by Sydneys2003
Zor-Allen Love Storyby SydneyElizabeth
One night out can change someone's life. Lucky for Barry Allen, that change goes by the name Kara Danvers. Kara and Barry meet at a bar and from there, their relationsh...
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SEDUCCIÓN by Draange
Kira Danvers es uno de los nobles más influyentes en Kryptón. Pudiendo tener a quien quisiera a su disposición escoge a la única mujer que no sigue sus normas. Esta hist...
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A supercorp tale by Jules231
A supercorp taleby Juliaa
Lena and Kara have a huge crush on each other, but they don't know that. They go through some challenges trying to have a happily ever after, but it all ends up being an...
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Area 51 (SuperCorp) by DenisseRamos25
Area 51 (SuperCorp)by Denisse Ramos
Se imaginan que hubiera pasado si la nave de Kara Zor-El hubiera sido interceptada por el gobierno de USA. Se imaginan una Ciudad Nacional sin Supergirl, un Metropolis s...
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The Future by ShippingEverything_
The Futureby Jay
Kara and Lena recover from their kidnapping together. They're trending on Twitter, there are fan accounts dedicated to their relationship. Fans are just posts away from...
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