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Kakashi The Hunter by writer2655
Kakashi The Hunterby Log
Kakashi dies and life decides it's not his time. He's 28 again and apparently, not in the same world. What happens when he meets four kids that remind him of Team 7? And...
I'll be here for you, through everything by sunasfavoritephone
I'll be here for you, through ever...by Luna Clarke
Nishinoya felt his face being cupped by someone and opened his eyes. They met hazel ones. "You're ok, don't listen," Hinata whispered. Nishinoya's eyes started...
Tsukkihina ~ secret mate by cherryblob2
Tsukkihina ~ secret mateby CHERRY
A Tsukkihina ABO fanfic... at least I think it is. This is my first fanfic... please go easy on me. Tsukki wanted to keep Hinata a secret for as long as possible because...
Host bar // kazuscara by Sylqv_
Host bar // kazuscaraby Sylqv_
What's more entrancing than getting your monthly paycheck? Spending that paycheck. Spending on what, exactly? Fake, unrealistic love that can only happen in one place--h...
Haikyuu one-shots /~/ Smut and fluff [ON HOLD] by DegenerateMales08
Haikyuu one-shots /~/ Smut and flu...by HopexOrangeJuice
I'm sorry for all of this smutty stuff, it's gonna be pretty hardcore smut. Just letting you know, I'm still a virgin, it's gonna be badly written. I'll try my best. Edi...
Haikyuu!! Rarepair Headcanons by _Ackerlert_
Haikyuu!! Rarepair Headcanonsby _Ackerlert_
Just some Headcanons I have of my favourite Rarepairs ? If you have any that you would like me to post, feel free to send them to me.
What's love? [Iidabaku] by YaoiTerm
What's love? [Iidabaku]by YaoiTerm
[Edit 8; SEQUEL IS OUT "Confusion 'N Spices"] Description- Iida Tenya, one who has never loved romantically before... Or have had someone confess... Gets an...
and they were roommates! (oh my god they were roommates!) by yoloclownperson
and they were roommates! (oh my go...by !_!
Trophy and Cheesy have to share a room in hotel Oj, and Trophy is more than displeased at this information. Trophy learns to tolerate Cheesy and starts to develop a crus...
Great Spirit of the Skies by Suahtloh
Great Spirit of the Skiesby Suahtloh
Perhaps, Bell did not have the luck of the march rabbit. Perhaps, the disease that took his mother was bound by a gene that was a little more dominant than some would li...
My Time (KamiDeku) by -ABANDONEDfACCOUNT-
My Time (KamiDeku)by ABANDONED
**MEGA SLOW BURN* "I can't believe him.." Izuku and Katsuki were known to be a very happy couple. There was nothing that could separate them. Until tragedy st...
My Opinion On Genshin Impact Ships! by Ninilene
My Opinion On Genshin Impact Ships!by Nini
Just a disclaimer: There will be a TON of rarepairs, the majority of them being talked about positively. If you aren't okay with the fact that I ship characters that don...
Love Alphabet by QueenC138
Love Alphabetby C. M
Very short stories inspired on 2Moons, and the rare couple of MingPha! so if you don't like this couple please don't get in here!
Jam'd Up! by Ohiddto
Jam'd Up!by Ohiddto
"Hehe.. I wonder what's it like when cookies taste eachother's flavors?" said a very unusual witch... wait why is she blushing? All Cookies belong to devsister...
Bad Habits | oisuga by slutforkageyama
Bad Habits | oisugaby osamu <3
Sugawara has a bad habit of wearing his boyfriend's clothes, what happens when his friends start to realize that they aren't his? this is basically just a really fluffy...
⭐️My opinion on Bungou Stray Dogs ships⭐️ by justsomerandomweeb
⭐️My opinion on Bungou Stray Dogs...by Trash
This fandom has so many godtier ships that I had to make this, I just love??? literally every single ship??? Fair warning, I have a soft spot for rarepairs. Also Oda bes...
Simple Reasons (Fluff UshiHina) by Lisaerisabeth26
Simple Reasons (Fluff UshiHina)by Lisaerisabeth26
Hinata falls in love with Ushijima and confess. Sadly, Ushijima rejects him and it was hard for Hinata to handle his broken heart. PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS FANFIC WITHOUT...
4 : 33 [DISCONTINUED]by ‎
(a/n: bad, cringe writing. don't read ❕) he makes the pretense of licking his lips as if taking a taste. "peach flavor... is that your favorite fruit, kim sunoo-ssi...
Something to be Golden About (Comedy Gold Fanfiction) by partoftheosc
Something to be Golden About (Come...by mason
OBJECT FORM! Lime and ANGST 😈 will be in this story. Cover art is made by me. I do not own any of the characters in this story. "It's just another afternoon, unti...
Bestfriends or lovers?(bokuroo) by idrktbfh
Bestfriends or lovers?(bokuroo)by idrktbfh
So basically this is my first fan fic and i'm just trying out writing so yeah here is a summary. Im a huge fan of rare pairs • • Bokuto is in a relationship with Akaashi...
My Actor Boyfriend by LifeK1ng
My Actor Boyfriendby DIP
So two people wanted me to do a LevixDeku alternate universe between them and I really can't think of how to do it so I decided to change it a bit. This will be a hero A...