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The New Monarch (Human! Bowser X Reader) by Aninayrt2
The New Monarch (Human! Bowser X Aninayrt2
(F/n) leads a peaceful and calm life in the Mushroom Kingdom and shares a strong bond of friendship with the noble Princess Peach. Though, (F/n) has a unique fascination...
The Dryad's Loyalty by imagobin
The Dryad's Loyaltyby Spade
Bowser x OC fanfiction. Hazel is a lone dryad who's lived in complete isolation their entire life... what happens then, when a Koopa King comes crashing down in their fo...
Small but Strong: Super Mario Bros x Nezuko! Child! Sister! Reader by LexiKamado901
Small but Strong: Super Mario LexiKamado901
Y/n is the adopted baby sister of the family. Problem is, she's very allergic to sunlight and has some powers that nobody knows about. When she was a baby, she was left...
SMG4: the Mario arc. by MEGAMANZLEGe
SMG4: the Mario
what happens when our lovable red plumber, who has been there since the very beginning, gets repeatedly beaten, mocked and abandoned?... oh... you don't know, why I thin...
Reincarnated In SMG4 As Mario by SUPERMANGO64
Reincarnated In SMG4 As Marioby SUPERMANGO64
This is the story of a 17 year old boy named Alex ferrer who dies in his birthday met a celestial angel name Metas then reincarnates in the retarded world of SMG4 who se...
Movie bowser x reader  by hannathecartoonlover
Movie bowser x reader by hannathecartoonlover
Sooooo I watched the new Mario movie was actually good * SPOILER if you haven't watched it PLEASE DO anyways this is basically the movie but with a reader insert
🌟Jump Up, Super Stars!🌟 *ON HOLD* by SuperDanielaSisters
🌟Jump Up, Super Stars!🌟 *ON HOLD*by Super Daniela Sisters
(Yandere! Super Mario Odyssey Villains x Mario Bros Twin Sister! Female! Reader Insert) Oh no! Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser for forcing her into marriage! Look...
Ever Just the Same (Bowuigi) by beetlegoose01
Ever Just the Same (Bowuigi)by beetlegoose01
Bowser's desperation to woo Peach makes him impulsively ask his human captive for advice. It just gets gayer from here. (Some spoilers for the Mario Movie) Reuploade...
Job Searching for Dummies|Sonic for Hire Series x Male!Reader by Dracunyan1987
Job Searching for Dummies|Sonic Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
You just don't know how you got into this situation. A female hedgehog by the name of Sonia saved your own life from a group of thugs and you promised to pay her back af...
Mario x donkey kong by sdfghjdh
Mario x donkey kongby Ifailedbeingstraight
Mario wants love... with donkey kong?! all art not mine
What if Nintendo Mario met SMG4 Mario? [English] by PeachGamers
What if Nintendo Mario met SMG4 Peach Gamers e Cia
What would happen if Nintendo Mario met SMG4 Mario? In this story, I will try to describe how this could happen in my own way. [No images used in the book were made by m...
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022) x Sister! Reader by ShiraFangirl
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope ( ShiraFangirl
Cursa, a mysterious and malevolent entity seeks out energy to further its nefarious plans, plunging the galaxy into chaos. Twisting the planets with its evil influence...
Pyrrha & Y/N: Superstar Saga Volume 1 by YodaTheWise
Pyrrha & Y/N: Superstar Saga YodaTheWise
Y/N Nikos the lesser known twin brother of the famous Pyrrha Nikos is sent to Beacon with his Sister. General Hijinks ensue.
SMG4 Oneshots & Short Stories | SMG4 by Magic446ender_wolf
SMG4 Oneshots & Short Stories | Magic
This is a book full of Ship Oneshots, Reader x SMG4 Character(s) Oneshots, and Short Stories, all based around SMG4! This book does include SMG34, MxM, and Meggy x Tari...
Another  one? (SMG4 and SMG3 x male!reader) by AlexisKindness
Another one? (SMG4 and SMG3 x
So for this one you're a male. (Sorry to the ladies!) You're either gay. Also credit to the person who made the cover! More information will be in the info page! Also I...
PUZZLE-FAN-VISION: SMG4 Wars by DS123Products
PUZZLE-FAN-VISION: SMG4 Warsby DS123 // DS123 Productions
THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING TO READ... PUZZLE-FAN-VISION! 📺 A long time ago in a Galaxy, far far away... SMG4 Skywalker dreams about fighting the Empire, but Princess Meggy...
The TV and the spider Mr. Puzzles x oc by TraciWiederman
The TV and the spider Mr. Traci Wiederman
this is the book when a spider name Mary was friends with the Smg4 crew and she will be apart the crew, she will go on adventures with Smg4 but she will meet someone els...
Ang kwentong ito ay isang katang isip lamang.. sana magustohan niyo. ps: rated SPG ang kwentong ito. 18 pataas lamang ang pwede mag basa ng kwento nito.
Y/N multiverse  by KoopaGhostKing59
Y/N multiverse by KoopaGhostKing59
The Multiverse of one human can be start by just a snap of a finger let us see what are guest will see about their so called "weakest student" in the school
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Come To Your Brothers by JulieMcIntyre4
Come To Your Brothersby Julie McIntyre
Teenage brothers, Michael and Sam, and their kid sister, Stacy, have just moved to Santa Carla, California with their single mom, Lucy. It isn't long until they discover...