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Princes and Plumbers by Active_Ace260
Princes and Plumbersby Ace260
Luigi and his chance meeting with the girl of his dreams, but there is competition to get her. Can he handle it? Story Complete! Total of 32 chapters! Achievements so fa...
A Princess and A Plumber (A Super Mario Fanfic) by DaisyDetergent
A Princess and A Plumber (A DaisyDetergent
What happens when a princess meets a plumber? Bad stuff. And what happens when that princess happens to be a tomboy? Uh...... And the plumber is a total coward? Gosh, th...
The Right One (Bowsario) by Brainbreak79
The Right One (Bowsario)by I MAY WRITE AGAIN
After fighting to win peach's love for years bowser decides to use a different method to get her love. He will change his looks into someone more human to get her attent...
Final Destination by MelonSodaSour
Final Destinationby EVE
[Various!SSB x Reader] Two voices call out to [Y/n] in a dream. One a bright and warm voice talking of nothing but a world of shining light! How dazzling that world must...
Loved by the Koopa King [BowserXReader] by TurdNugget5000
Loved by the Koopa King [ Cacahead555
Princess peach has ruled over the Mushroom Kingdom for many years. Occasionally Mario and Luigi would have to step in to clean up a few mishaps, but in general, it was a...
From My Brother's Shadow by OminousShadow22
From My Brother's Shadowby OminousShadow22
We've all felt inferior to someone right? Luigi has lived his life in the shadow of his brother who has more than taken notice. Tired of being dragged down Mario finally...
● Mario Villains ~ Boyfriend Scenarios ● by ____LEXI____
● Mario Villains ~ Boyfriend ~~Lexi~~
✩ Requests Are Open ✩ Reader Is A Female ✩Maybe Memes Ahead
Bowser X Luigi 18+ by GalaxyVillatoro
Bowser X Luigi 18+by Galaxy Villatoro
How luigi fell in love with bowser
🌟Jump Up, Super Stars!🌟 *ON HOLD* by SuperDanielaSisters
🌟Jump Up, Super Stars!🌟 *ON HOLD*by Super Daniela Sisters
(Yandere! Super Mario Odyssey Villains x Mario Bros Twin Sister! Female! Reader Insert) Oh no! Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser for forcing her into marriage! Look...
Adventure Here We Go!! (Super Mario Bros. Movie x Sister! Reader) by ShiraFangirl
Adventure Here We Go!! (Super ShiraFangirl
A plumber named Mario travels through an underground labyrinth with his brother, Luigi and his sister, Y/N, but he and Y/N ended up being separated from Luigi. They ende...
☆ super mario imagines ☆ by stariie
☆ super mario imagines ☆by 🌻
Reader insert imagines, headcannons, and oneshots featuring the Mario characters! [REQUESTS ARE CLOSED]
Super Smash Bros One-Shots (Discontinued) by ClaraAngel88
Super Smash Bros One-Shots ( Clara
Just some one-shots of various Super Smash Bros x reader. Requests are closed for the moment. I DON'T DO LEMONS. I am up to doing girl x girl and boy x boy now, even tho...
{Loved From The King Himself} Bowser X Reader {Under Editing} by D00M-UP0N-H0RIZ0NS
{Loved From The King Himself} DADOOMSLAYAS
One day a strange, yet forbidden love suddenly begins to form between The almighty Bowser, Ruler Of The Darklands, and a quiet, yet rowdy girl named (Y/n), sister to Pr...
The One and Only Me {On Hold} by Mystic_Ocean_09
The One and Only Me {On Hold}by Dani Dorito
All his life, Luigi knew he was different from his brother. What he wasn't actually a he? What if he was actually a 'SHE'? How will 'her' brother and friends feel? What'...
Scars That Never Fade by Writer_Sky
Scars That Never Fadeby sᴋʏ
A rewrite of the boss and ending of LM3. As Luigi fights the king of all boos one more time, secrets and truths become told. A lesson being that even when you get rid of...
ON MY BLOCK{ IMAGINES/ PREFERENCES} by johnnyorlandobaby14
ON MY BLOCK{ IMAGINES/ PREFERENCES}by johnnyorlandobaby14
imagines about the on my block cast I don't own any of the characters except for Megan, Chelsey, Tairah, Melanie, and lucas -Oscar(Spooky) -Cesar -Monse -Jamal -Ruby...
SMG4 Fanfic: The Alarm System by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: The Alarm Systemby DS123 // DS123 Productions
After the Castle got robbed... SMG4 decides to take action and fit in an alarm system.
On My Block Imagines by softlyiridescent
On My Block Imaginesby bee <3
Imagines for On My Block Characters Requests: Closed note: i do not own the character created by on my block characters milestones: 20k: February 23rd, 2019 40k: March...
His Prince (Luigi x Bowser) by qtjaelyn
His Prince (Luigi x Bowser)by qtjaelyn
An (probably unoriginal) AU I thought of where Mario and Luigi are the Princes of the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach and Daisy are their knights/protectors. This is a pretty...