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Danny Phantom x Reader  by LayceJ25
Danny Phantom x Reader by RJ
You and your parents move from (hometown) to Amity Park because your father got a job offer at Axion Labs. Few days after you move, you start your new school year at Cas...
A Starstruck ghost  by JuviaAnarchy
A Starstruck ghost by Rukia.scarlet
Arriving in the world of Jump City, an accident causes Danny to be trapped in ghost form with only a few of his powers. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Starfire sees what she t...
Ghost Of You by CassandriaWilson
Ghost Of Youby Cas or Cassie
Danny lost it all... He couldn't stop it. "Its inevitable, Danny. You WILL become me... it's only a matter of time." Danny turned with glowing toxic green eye...
His Lil Brother by Davidscrazy234
His Lil Brotherby UltraPhantom
When the Grayson's died Dick and his little brother Danny where separated at the orphanage and taken by different families. Four years later Robin rescues the ghost boy...
Phantomus Dragonificus (HP - DP Crossover) {COMPLETE} by sparklydog9
Phantomus Dragonificus (HP - DP Cr...by A Person
Danny never meant to touch the silver stone. Truly! He didn't! He also never meant to turn into a giant, sky-scraper sized lizard with wings after touching said stone. S...
I Hate Christmas by F1r3W01f13th
I Hate Christmasby Fire Wolf
Jack is worried about Jamie not believing in him. Meanwhile, North has to know why Danny Fenton sees him, but doesn't believe in him.
To Fix Him (DP X GF x-over) by SilentWithAPen
To Fix Him (DP X GF x-over)by AyJay
(Danny Phantom x Gravity Falls) What if Danny Phantom/Fenton ended up in Gravity Falls. He must hide his secret while a weird yellow wearing demon man seems to be intere...
Lord Phantom by RusEmp
Lord Phantomby Renat Ahohov
Harry is having bad year so far. Voldemort is on the rise, Ministry hates him. And now there is that new student.
Danny Phantom x Reader- Ghost Hunter by AnimeMavy
Danny Phantom x Reader- Ghost Hunt...by AnimeMavy
You and your family of researchers decided to move to Amity Park after their newfound interest in ghosts. You soon become good friends with the trio: Danny, Tucker, and...
My brother's are hereos to by Tanjanette
My brother's are hereos toby Tanjanette
Marinette has the black cat miraculous.Jason is her eldest brother and Danny is her twin brother.Unfortunatly each of them was adopted by different people so they where...
Royal Field Trip by Albrittina_Lover
Royal Field Tripby Albrittina_Lover
Danny's English Class goes on a Field Trip to the Ghost Zone. Team Phantom (Jazz, Tucker, and Valerie) is going to have to find a way to keep their English class (Jazz a...
Rising King by RusEmp
Rising Kingby Renat Ahohov
Humans hate him. Humans tortured him. And now they enter his home. What's going to happen? My idea about field trip. Don't own anything except this tablet I'm writing o...
👻 Danny Phantom 👻                       Trip into the Ghost Zone by ThePurplePanguino
👻 Danny Phantom 👻...by ThePurplePanguino
Another Danny Phantom Field Trip story!
The Ghost of a Hero // Book 1 {PJO/HoO and Danny Phantom} Unedited Version by Book_Worm117
The Ghost of a Hero // Book 1 {PJO...by Book_Worm117
Daniel Fenton has experienced enough trouble for several life times.... For several people. Ever since the Accident with the Fenton Ghost Portal, ghosts have plagued the...
Of Ghosts and Demons by RusEmp
Of Ghosts and Demonsby Renat Ahohov
Everything the newest Ghost King wanted was some peace and quiet. That's why Phantom had moved as far as possible from his home, from the persistent hunters and all who...
Fantazmë (Danny Phantom x Young Justice x Batman crossover) by dunny1234
Fantazmë (Danny Phantom x Young Ju...by EJ Connor
Who is this kid hanging out with the Rouges? AND WHY IS HE CALLING HARLEY MOM?!?!
(Rewrite) Transdimensional Troubles  by RusEmp
(Rewrite) Transdimensional Trouble...by Renat Ahohov
The Fire Nation has been waging a war for hundred years, and will stop at nothing to finally achieve victory, no matter the means. Even if it means summoning a potential...
The Insane Ghost (Young Justice x Danny Phantom crossover) by dunny1234
The Insane Ghost (Young Justice x...by EJ Connor
Batman forces the team to host a Arkham inmate in the cave. Who is this mysterious person?
Field Trips And Secrets by Waves-Of-Fury
Field Trips And Secretsby Waves-Of-Fury
Danny and his class are going on a field trip to the Ghost Zone, because someone thought that that was a great idea. Everyone is excited except three, Danny Fenton, Sam...
Slade's New Apprentice by LealPhantom
Slade's New Apprenticeby LealPhantom
Slade has given up on trying to make Robin his apprentice. He know has his interest on a certain ghost boy with unlimited power.