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Bat Brothers by FaithScarred
Bat Brothersby Faith Scarred
Imagine what it would be like if Danny and Dick were brothers that got separated at nine years old after their parents died in the circus and got sent to new families, t...
The Girl Next Door | Baby Daddy by fanficqueen13
The Girl Next Door | Baby Daddyby EJ
When an ex leaves a baby girl on Ben Wheeler's doorstep, his world is flipped upside down. The first person he recruits to help him is Cassie Perrin. Along with being hi...
Not Just a Kid (DP Avengers Crossover) by Playedcrowd5610
Not Just a Kid (DP Avengers Crosso...by Playedcrowd5610
The last thing Danny was expecting was having some government agents showing up in town wanting him to help them save the world on a team of heroes. Should he accept? Wh...
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Love Island 2019 - Tommy Fury by Tank345
Love Island 2019 - Tommy Furyby Tank345
So single men and women want to enter the villa to find love. What happens when a new bombshell enters the villa? As always it is a journey of love, betrayal, jealousy...
Hollywood Undead BXB One Shots by -zeebear
Hollywood Undead BXB One Shotsby ☻Deri✿ ツ
I think most of these will be Danny X ------ ??? σh вσíí, hєrє αrє ѕσmє trαѕhч σnє ѕhσtѕ! gσ αhєαd αnd rєquєѕt whαtєvєr hu ѕhíp чσu wαnt.
Ghost in Gotham by LittleNightling
Ghost in Gothamby EyesOfCrows
Welcome to my (a bit pathetic) attempt to make a Danny Phantom Crossover with Batman! I've always wanted to make a a crossover but I always thought I would make it terr...
Invade My Heart by zabellerain
Invade My Heartby zabellerain
(Second book to “Marked by the Alpha”. It is highly recommended that you read MBTA prior to IMH.) I, Daniella Saunders, had suffered quite a lot when I stayed in Huntsto...
Bite Me Harder -Sterek AU- by HPTF2Love
Bite Me Harder -Sterek AU-by Inactive
What if Stiles was bitten that night, not Scott? What if his life changed course the way Scott's did but with all more...Stiles-ness and Sourwolf? My AU of Werewolf!Sti...
Meet On The Ledge || Greta Van Fleet by jerryinchains
Meet On The Ledge || Greta Van Fle...by Love & Peace
Remember that first day? I do. In the car, the windows rolled down, music flowing through the air. I was at peace with everything and everyone. We were family.
Ice Witch • Scott McCall by millunicorn
Ice Witch • Scott McCallby Millie x
‟𝕀 𝕒𝕞 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝕒 𝕨𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕨𝕠𝕝𝕗 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕀 𝕒𝕞 𝕒𝕟 𝕚𝕔𝕖 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙„ {Teen Wolf} {Season 2-6} {Scott McCall x Female OC} {DISCLAIMER: I don't own Teen Wolf, I only...
.: Never Better :|: Miguel Diaz/OC :. by VashWritingPro
.: Never Better :|: Miguel Diaz/OC...by oɹd˙ɓuıʇıɹʍ˙ɥsɐʌ
'' I Wanna Hold Your Hand So Tight, I'm Gonna Break My Wrist '' ~:||:~ Miguel Diaz/OC --- Ongoing, Started 5|13|18
Danny by morganknave
Dannyby Morgan Kira Nave
MC Book 4 Alaina Hart was a nurse in Memphis, Tennessee. When she visits some old friends from college, Lana and Sarah Reyes, she meets the handsome bar tender, Danny Ri...
Michelle's Mama (Full House) by tharealmvp
Michelle's Mama (Full House)by Tha real MVP
Danny Tanner's oldest child - Brooke Tanner - copes with losing her mother, helping her younger sisters and raising her baby. All with a little help from her dad, sister...
it was the sun and moon. - josh kiszka. by chaicoffeelatte
it was the sun and moon. - josh ki...by ali ann
"He moved closer to touch my hand, more meaningful than just a graze of his fingers. His hand wasn't clammy, just warm. He was warm, and it was fitting. How he was...
ELAPID ✪ COBRA KAI by FruityGal26
ELAPID ✪ COBRA KAIby Athena Weasley
Andrea Diaz is the twin sister of Miguel Diaz. Both teens have just moved to the area and are preparing for their first day of school. It's always hard being the new kid...
Everything Has Changed: Book Two by paperandpen444
Everything Has Changed: Book Twoby ~Samantha~
Tears rush down to my cheeks and splatter on the wood floor of Danny's university apartment. He has an imprint on his face from the creases in his pillow and keeps blink...
The Foolish Five by SarcasticallyWitty
The Foolish Fiveby Leata
(THE GIRL IN THE HOODIE SHORTS BOOK) Just a bunch of short stories of the Foolish Five as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Along with some random one shot type things. And some headcanon...
Steve McGarrett Daughter (Book 1) by LovePineapples123
Steve McGarrett Daughter (Book 1)by DreamBig123
Are you ever curious what life is like with the McGarrett Family? Well keep on reading to find out...... Welcome to the McGarrett Family!! This book is going to be abou...
Kenickie's Girl (UNDER HEAVY EDITI...by the void♥️
|Kenickie Murdoch/Grease(1978)| A good girl hidden by a bad attitude. That's one way you could describe Lilly-Mae James. Her life had once been, to her opinion, perfect...
" Bang." (Zack Foster x Reader) by d0llygur1
" Bang." (Zack Foster x Reader)by angie
UNCOMPLETED ______ Y/N was released from the asylum 1 year ago, she was there since she was 13, she's now 20. It was hard at first to live in an ordinary lifestyle but s...