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A True Devilish Angel, Maybe Angelic Devil by Miokichi
A True Devilish Angel, Maybe Mio
An Angel's Friends fan fiction. Sulfus × OC Elos is a lonely angel, not used to friendship. She fell into the world with the kindest angel she ever met and has set a cou...
Daisuke Uchiha (Naruto's Fanfic) by linasyafiqah
Daisuke Uchiha (Naruto's Fanfic)by Lina Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha is happily married to Sakura Haruno. She gave him an elder daughter and a son; Sarada Uchiha and Daisuke Uchiha. Sarada felt as if she's not really noticed...
Anime!Gumball X reader by Fanfic_writing
Anime!Gumball X readerby Fanfic_writing
[ON HOLD] This is the lovestory between you and Gumball Watterson! Although they are animalistic and object-like characters, their appearance will be somewhat close to...
~His Smile~Ink bendy x (your gender) Reader by Snowtime_foxy
~His Smile~Ink bendy x (your Snowtime_foxy
Ink Bendy kidnaps you somehow and takes you to the abandoned Joey Drew Studios, where he and his younger siblings live... along with many other monsters. Will you set th...
'I found you!' [ Lloyd x reader ] Ninjago red string Au. by actuallyabiscuit0602
'I found you!' [ Lloyd x reader ] Actually A Biscuit
Everyone is born with a red string attached to their finger that links them to their soulmate once you meet it disappears. As a children you and your soulmate learnt Mor...
The Human Survivalist (Madagascar x Human!reader) by KawaiiNeko1999
The Human Survivalist ( Blue Cat
You are stranded on stranded islands for years after you and your parents were separated as a child. You survived, hunt, fight against predators, protect the prey, and f...
☆Feeling The Love Once Again☆ Phineas and Ferb [ON HOLD] by SnowlightGlimmer
☆Feeling The Love Once Again☆ ARMY_Forever 13
This story starts with a girl who have blonde hair and unique eyes. She lives on a tall building with his dad and older sister. Suring the past years, she has a secret t...
yandere girls x male reader by lamargardiner
yandere girls x male readerby lamargardiner
tons of girls who want you
Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
Male x chubby female reader book 1 ( Completed)  by marydiva17
Male x chubby female reader book marydiva17
Males from this book will be based on Supernatural creatures Anime Cartoons Disney movies I will also be taking requests as well so if you have any comment on any p...
The Silver Paladin by Rubyrose645
The Silver Paladinby Rubyrose645
I remember nothing of my past, but when I look up at the sky, I felt like I belonged somewhere other than here. I've asked myself why I was here, and who I was supposed...
Male x chubby reader book 2 (Completed)   by marydiva17
Male x chubby reader book 2 ( marydiva17
This is the second of male x chubby reader. I hope you all like the second book as much, as you like the first one. This I will have in the book Disney Marvel Dc C...
A Little Light Mako x Reader by Camival101
A Little Light Mako x Readerby Kamryn Nicole
You are best friends with Korra, always have been. You could bend two out of four elements which terrified most people, except Korra who could bend four accepted you in...
The Batman x Male Reader by sigmar2001
The Batman x Male Readerby Insert Name
It's difficult being a high-schooler in your senior year, it's even more difficult being a high-schooler in Gotham. You know what's even more difficult? Being a high-sch...
Cronicas Hentai: Una antologia centrada en el sexo. by Buenasvibras1998
Cronicas Hentai: Una antologia Buenasvibras1998
Una serie de historias cortas ubicadas en el mismo universo. Un universo donde la humanidad es libre para hacer que sus fantasias mas oscuras y morbosas se vuelvan reali...
Claws of Rage by BlackDogWrites
Claws of Rageby Black Dog Productions
We all know about the temper of Gumball's mother, Nicole. But what if she has been holding herself in all the time? What if this story tells more about that rage within...
Yuri / GirlxGirl One-shots ♡ by Sazrei
Yuri / GirlxGirl One-shots ♡by Anthony
Here I will be writing long or short one-shots. Either Female Anime Girl x Female Reader, Or Female Cartoon Girl x Female Reader. As the title says, this is YURI! Meanin...
Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do Us Part by flemingsara
Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do sara
You're young and hopeful voice actress in her late teens and your name is (Y/N) Pendle. You had a good life until your sister Allison and her husband, Thomas, went missi...
listen // mlb fanfic - complete by WhisperedLies
listen // mlb fanfic - completeby ⚜️ torn ⚜️
(COMPLETED) Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction - Adrien is Not a Model. He's an abused, broken boy. Ever since his mom died a year ago, he's been abused by his father, who...
INSIDE OUT (DP+Batman crossover) by TheWhiteKnights
INSIDE OUT (DP+Batman crossover)by TheWhiteKnights
||COMPLETED|| Book 1 of 2 "I know it's sometimes hard, but you have to face your demons." The oldest protege of Batman said, his voice soft. "...