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Lori Loud x male reader  (COMPLETE)  by Theboywonder4
Lori Loud x male reader (COMPLETE...by The Boy Wonder lV
Hi everyone this is my first story on here so I decided to do Loud house x reader idk why I just did this story is about lori I made it long but I hope you enjoy it also...
I hate you (Daryls daughter/ Carl love story) by noandisaidno
I hate you (Daryls daughter/ Carl...by Lauren Johnson
Diana is a girl on the run in the zombie outbreak. she ran away from someone, only to get caught by someone else; Daryl Dixon. He thinks she's a walker and shoots her. ...
The Rest of your Life by danni_topper
The Rest of your Lifeby danni_topper
They say that the end of the world is bound to happen. People scare one another regarding the impending doom of life as we know it. As long as the apocalypse is not hap...
You Are Not Safe by danni_topper
You Are Not Safeby danni_topper
Diego Winchester is a four year old little girl that has been separated from her two older brothers. When the apocalypse hits will she find a new family with a caring re...
The Sheriff's Daughter by MerlinWeasley
The Sheriff's Daughterby MerlinWeasley
Anna Grimes is the eldest child of Rick and Lori Grimes. A smart, principled young woman, Anna had enlisted as a trainee for the police force to work with her father and...
Maya's Honey {Completed} by Kay_Qveen12
Maya's Honey {Completed}by Kay_Qveen12
Maya is a 24 year old woman with big dreams with her father gone & never knowing her mother Maya never really knew the true meaning of love. That is until she meets a w...
9 minds in one Loud (Loud house nsl fanfic) by Red16dragon
9 minds in one Loud (Loud house ns...by Red16dragon
During the events of nsl Lincoln is raped by his family as this causes his mind to shatter into 9 other parts each with their own personality and some with powers. Now w...
Daryl Dixon daughter fanfic//deaf  by lillian13andjj3
Daryl Dixon daughter fanfic//deaf by Violet._.Dixonlol1234567
I was only 9 before the world ended, I was 9 when I found out that I was deaf in both of my ears. I learned sign language but my dad didn't know sign language so I gave...
He's Irreplaceable (The Loud House) by Saused
He's Irreplaceable (The Loud House)by ugh
Lincoln finally decided to stop manipulating his sisters and tries to be nice, but his sisters still treated him like dirt. Lincoln then finds out about a little secret...
Loud Secrets  by Jayley85
Loud Secrets by Amethyst
The Loud Family discover something that they never discovered before Also My First Story!
Friends or more ? by marine_bis
Friends or more ?by 🐍
Les morts reviennent à la vie, mais cela n'est pas nouveau. Et si Rick Grimes avait eu une fille ? Riley Grimes va essayer de survivre avec l'aide de son groupe et sa fa...
No Such luck el contraataque de lincoln by Sombraoscura21
No Such luck el contraataque de li...by el sombras
Este evento ocurre luego de que lincoln se negara a ponerse el traje de ardilla para ir a la playa con su familia , desde ese momento lo continúan marcando de mala suert...
Landon and The Loud House by JaminusLandonus
Landon and The Loud Houseby Alexis Axis
This is about Landon and Laney, being brought up in a big family with Ten sisters and one brother Lincoln. Landon and Laney stops brawls, mental breakdowns that go along...
the loud ghost. TLH by Wolfzero1
the loud ghost. TLHby Wolfzero1
(Special THANKS To NEWCHELSSICACC, FOR MAKING THE COVER FOR THE STORY, PLEASE SUPPORT HER PROFILE AND STORIES.) (: a young boy was took away from his love ones, a boy we...
Ai Means love[HAITUS] by Missdreamer_writes
Ai Means love[HAITUS]by Miss_dreamer
Ai hinata is Rintaro hinata's biological daughter and ema hinata's adopted little sister, After living with her alcoholic and abusive mother for 7 years, rintaro found o...
Anthony Grimes (The Walking Dead) by -_AnthonyGrimes_-
Anthony Grimes (The Walking Dead)by Koala
Rick and Lori have 2 sons, Anthony and Carl. When the apocalypse starts, Anthony is 12 and Carl is 11. Anthony tries to stay the same while everyone around him keeps ch...
The Loud House: Oneshots (Completed) by ZexyZane
The Loud House: Oneshots (Complete...by xXZexyZaneXx
This book will contain Oneshots from the show "The Loud House" it contains many stories published by other authors in which case I hold no credits in any story...
Shane's Daughter (Glenn Rhee Love Story) by BridgetElizzie
Shane's Daughter (Glenn Rhee Love...by Bridget Elisabeth Greene
This is a story based on the walking dead. It is a Glenn Rhee love story. There are 5 Chapters for each season. There are spoilers in this book. Season 1-?
Lincoln Loud x Female! Reader by DigitalMonsters
Lincoln Loud x Female! Readerby Digorno
Welcome to Royal Woods, Michigan, you just moved here from (your current location) and moved next door to an extremely LOUD family called the Louds. You don't like loudn...
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Abuse (Carl grimes gay fanfiction) by Imlostinthewoods
Abuse (Carl grimes gay fanfiction)by I'mlostinthewoods
As Adam try's to cope with his abusive mother and his little brother. At his failed attempt to run away he is caught by a special group of survivors of the apocalypse h...
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