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Godzilla vs Lincong: The Beast of NSL by Omega0999
Godzilla vs Lincong: The Beast of...by Monstrous Theropod
After having enough of his sisters, Lincoln felt rage at his family, but eventually, that rage, will turn him into a Monster, literally....... but little did he know...
Big Bro Loud by Davis5583
Big Bro Loudby Davis
Oc Big brother Lucas Loud how will his appeases in the loud universe change things.
The loud house: a new beginning by 00Blazzier00
The loud house: a new beginningby 00Blazzier00
after the events of NSL lincoln loud has decided after everything that has happened to him, has started to feel that staying in the loud house will get him nowhere, so j...
Lincfrost by werewolf259226
Lincfrostby werewolf259226
when Lincoln was kick out of the house and he was so sad he stared to say fire was all around him no one cared about him not his best friend not even his girlfriend he w...
A New Addition | A Loud House Fanfic by SteveIsARetard
A New Addition | A Loud House Fanf...by TheFlamboyantFlame
Since I don't like writing descriptions I'll get to the point quickly. Basically Rita and Lynn Sr. want to adopt, and you can figure out the rest on your own
I'm not just Lincoln WE ARE VENOM by Kage_fireDemon
I'm not just Lincoln WE ARE VENOMby Kage_FireDemon
Venom after a fight with Spider-Man, was send to a new world when he found a nearly dead Lincoln
Loud house genderbend x reader by Cowgirl104
Loud house genderbend x readerby Anime_Weeb
What if you are Linka's friend and you come over for a sleepover and all the brothers fall in love with you will you fall in love with one of them or will you only think...
A Loud's Return  by Cmdragon95
A Loud's Return by Cmdragon95
Lincoln Loud is the oldest of the Loud siblings but at the age of 11 saw something he shouldn't have and runs away he returns 9 years later a changed man haven seen much...
A Loud's Children by Cmdragon95
A Loud's Childrenby Cmdragon95
A few months after Lincoln disappeared, three teenagers by the name of Mirajane, Elfman, and Lisanna Strauss arrive in Royal Woods looking for the Loud family. What busi...
Borderlouds (Borderlands x Loud House) by Lance1889
Borderlouds (Borderlands x Loud Ho...by Lance1889
NSL AU, don't like don't read. Being locked out of the house unless he puts on the Moscot costume, Lincoln wandered the streets of Royal Wood, where he came across a cam...
The Love Note by InEveryUniverse_FFN
The Love Noteby InEveryUniverse
Lincoln is alone on a Sunday night, just at the mall. There, he meets a familiar face...one that he happens to have feelings for, and vise versa. Unknown to the Loud, th...
LOUD IN THE FOUNDATION (ft THE_13_CLUB) by demonicwritins73
LOUD IN THE FOUNDATION (ft THE_13_...by demonicwritins73
What if Lincoln didn't lie about having badluck to have time for himself, but to have time for a certain foundation. I didn't work on this story by myself I got help fro...
Determination. No Such Luck (Loud House short story)  by MaxMoxLee
Determination. No Such Luck (Loud...by No Comment
Because of being labeled bad luck, Lincoln was horribly mistreated by his own family. He was locked outside forced to eat and sleep there. Lincoln was sad and angry, but...
A life changing deal (Loud house x Hazbin Hotel) by Red16dragon
A life changing deal (Loud house x...by Red16dragon
Lincoln ended up in a horrible accident that cost him his life. Desperate for a way to return to his family he makes a deal with a certain radio demon. "I will retu...
Loud House Genderbend x Reader by tourmaline_fanfic
Loud House Genderbend x Readerby tourmaline_fanfic
You are the adoptive sister of the Loud House family. You have 1 sister and 10 brothers. To make things even crazier, all the brothers have a crush on you. (in this stor...
Crimson Wolves by R3aderKing
Crimson Wolvesby Rock N Reader
"You know the thing about Wildcards and Jokers? They can never be predicted. You can have a great plan but something will always cause it to verge off course. Or yo...
Ridin' high (a Samcoln story) by Lane667
Ridin' high (a Samcoln story)by Lane667
Ynow I wrote a super shit story on my first main wattpad account like this~ I've learned from past mistakes~ one day Sam comes over to the loud house only to find out Lu...
The Loud House Future [Remake and Continuation] by Reomatic
The Loud House Future [Remake and...by ReoTheWolf
Lincoln and his 10 sisters goes into the future... What year would they be in the future? Find out by reading this! Disclaimer: The pictures or even the storyline does...
My True Family (Loud House nsl fanfic) by Red16dragon
My True Family (Loud House nsl fan...by Red16dragon
After the events of NSL Lincoln runs away from his abusive family after being locked out of the house and told that he was adopted and ends up meeting with a few unique...