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The unforgiving by CartoonFF
The unforgivingby CartoonFF
after his family threw him out, Lincoln ran from home and was never heard from again. 14 years later, Lynn Sr's died, Rita tells the siblings that Lynn's last wish was f...
Lincoln the Jedi by Hollowhunter2
Lincoln the Jediby Hollowhunter2
What if Lincoln can feel the force? Request from Evancorp123456
The Loud Dark Knight by Lightman2120
The Loud Dark Knightby Lightman 2120
A crossover with Loud House and Batman, where an amnesiac Lincoln had found himself and was raised by a wealthy family known as the Waynes. The day he lost them, he vowe...
Anger Issues by Ch276Zj
Anger Issuesby Ch276Zj
The Loud sister's have been a massive pain towards the whole town of Royal Woods. And it's time that they knew that. I don't own The Loud House or it's characters...the...
How NSL Should Have Happened by Ch276Zj
How NSL Should Have Happenedby Ch276Zj
This is another NSL fanfic that shows a different take from the first NSL fanfic that I've made which is still ongoing. I don't own The Loud House or it's characters, Th...
Chainsmoking your Love by CartoonFF
Chainsmoking your Loveby CartoonFF
Lincoln Loud was viewed by many to be a strong, caring, and kind person. He had suffered through so much, Sister Fight Protocol, Bad Luck, everything that was thrown at...
One-Punch Linc (One Punch Man x Loud House, Reboot) by Lance1889
One-Punch Linc (One Punch Man x Lance1889
The Loud parents and Sisters gain powers from one of Lisa's experiments blowing up, Lincoln was away on a trip with Clyde, so while his family became heroes like many ot...
Silly Girl (Leni Loud x Male Reader) by ProfessorGodLike
Silly Girl (Leni Loud x Male Professor
Y/N is a very kind and caring teenager to those he meets. But everything changes on that fateful day when Y/N had first laid eyes on Leni Loud. Every time Y/N saw her, F...
New alpha host found: Lincoln loud by chogath1111
New alpha host found: Lincoln loudby Overmind
Life has strange way of intertwine two unlikeliest of souls together.
Loud House: Mutant World by omegacrow-nexus
Loud House: Mutant Worldby omegacrow-nexus
When lisa invents and activates a nuclear fusion bomb, it unleashed a devastating explosion throughout the entire world. Years have passed since the explosion and the wo...
Loud-Casa Group Chat by HealerRaphael1201
Loud-Casa Group Chatby Pirohiko-Baltazar
Basically a Loud and Casagrande Group Chat Parody. Songs are owned by mentioned artist in each chapter. Memes are inspired from other sources. TLH/TC are owned by Nickel...
Psycho Lincoln by Dubekar
Psycho Lincolnby Az
Based on the events of the episode "No Luck" little by little, thanks to a false rumor and a ridiculous suit, a small child loses his innocence and sanity This...
Oh Brother! by CartoonFF
Oh Brother!by CartoonFF
Lincoln Loud is the Oldest of the Loud children, and with his Mother gone and his father shutting himself out, Lincoln needs to be the parent his sisters need, although...
Truth of Joker by TheBoarSin
Truth of Jokerby StaidAlarm42056
All it takes is one rotten day to turn a man... into a monster. The Joker knew these words well... but what happens when Joker sees' an old face? Note: I own nothing and...
The incredibles (Lobby Style) by Edeemer17
The incredibles (Lobby Style)by Ethan Deemer
15 years after superhero's are forced underground Bobby Santiago aka Mr incredible longs for the glory days He gets his wish when a secret company hires him to destroy...
Behind Backs by CartoonFF
Behind Backsby CartoonFF
Lincoln and Ronnie are happily in a relationship as well as Sid and Clyde. However, what Ronnie and Clyde don't know is that their partners are becoming a little too clo...
A female perspective. by Superbbbbb
A female Superbbbbb
after a accident with one of Lisa's experiments Lincoln life changes...possible for ever.
Luna Loud x Girl Reader Drabbles by Cupcake_Books
Luna Loud x Girl Reader Drabblesby iLikeTuRtLeS
Hello, reader. I hope you like this Luna x Girl Reader fan fiction for girls only. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) You're mother's a snowman. Btw gtfo if you're homophobic. ENJOY!!!
The Curse of Three Louds by TheBoarSin
The Curse of Three Loudsby StaidAlarm42056
A fight occurs in the Loud House that causes Luna, Luan, and Lincoln to run away. So what happens when things go astray and the three Louds are captured by the traitorou...
The loud house: a new beginning by 00Blazzier00
The loud house: a new beginningby 00Blazzier00
after the events of NSL lincoln loud has decided after everything that has happened to him, has started to feel that staying in the loud house will get him nowhere, so j...