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The Heartbreak of Truth {Loki x Amnesic!Reader} by LimeDane21
The Heartbreak of Truth {Loki x Am...by LimeDane21
What happens when the reader forgets everything? or more importantly...what happens when they remember?
Meant to be (Loki x reader) by hifuncti0ningfangirl
Meant to be (Loki x reader)by lokiedokiee
You've been living unhappily with your foster parents for years and hiding your magical abilities, until one day Thor accidentally throws a bus at your head and you get...
Bad Luck Charm (Avengers x reader) On hold by alexandradecker123
Bad Luck Charm (Avengers x reader)...by Jackie
In a world of soulmates, each soulmate has a tattoo or tattoos representing their soulmates interests. (Y/N) is a mutant and has more soulmarks than anyone else, probabl...
Calm Before The Storm | Tom Hiddleston x Reader by samuthots
Calm Before The Storm | Tom Hiddle...by M.
"You were enough..." Reader has been friends with the Avengers cast through her connection with Chris Hemsworth and she was introduced to Tom and they instantl...
Tom Hiddleston | Loki Laufeyson Oneshots and Imagines by musickidmickey
Tom Hiddleston | Loki Laufeyson On...by Danielle♥
Just some things I managed to do in my free time, most of them are from my Tumblr and I just wanted to share it with you all. Please, enjoy, and don't forget to vote an...
loki x reader - threat by kiwifruithiddleston
loki x reader - threatby <3
Y/N works for S.H.I.E.L.D, and she is given the job of watching over Loki and making sure he is not a threat, but what happens if ends up falling for him in the process...
Be my eyes (Loki x reader) by hifuncti0ningfangirl
Be my eyes (Loki x reader)by lokiedokiee
You are blind after a mission went wrong with the Avengers a year ago, and you're desperate to accompany the team on a mission after a year out of action. However, when...
Avengers One Shots and Imagines by Deadhead321
Avengers One Shots and Imaginesby LilBow
Characters: -Steve Rogers -Tony Stark -Bruce Banner -Thor Odinson -Clint Barton -Natasha Romanoff -Wanda Maximoff -Vision -Bucky Barnes -Sam Wilson -T'Challa -Loki La...
Avengers X Reader Chatroom by Lexia-Stark
Avengers X Reader Chatroomby L҉E҉X҉I҉
you and the avengers (+ more) are in a chatroom together. oh what fun will that be? ;) [female reader] ||I don't own marvel but i have my rights to this book so don't st...
Come back to me by hifuncti0ningfangirl
Come back to meby lokiedokiee
You're one of the few Avengers who survived the snap, and you're mourning the loss of all your friends who didn't survive the snap, and Loki, your soulmate, who has died...
Avengers/marvelxreader oneshots/preferences idk by LittleLune2019
Avengers/marvelxreader oneshots/pr...by LittleLune2019
this book includes Clint Barton Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes Loki laufeyson (I think that's his last name idk) Pietro Maximoff that's all for now please give me suggestions...
Loki Laufeyson Imagines by justauthoring
Loki Laufeyson Imaginesby justauthoring
All imagines are taken from my Tumblr - JustAuthoring
avengers imagines by laufeyspilot
avengers imaginesby - ˏˋ𝐅𝐋𝐄𝐔𝐑ˊˎ -
a bunch of avengers imagines x reader! will you be travelling to the beautiful realms of asgard, or be out on daredevil missions, with steve, bucky, tony, or thor? or c...
Alone ( Loki x Reader ) Lemon by _eiki_
Alone ( Loki x Reader ) Lemonby _eiki_
Summary: she couldn't have him, that much she knew. It was only in wildest fantasies she could have the god to herself, and so that's what she did. She plunged herself...
TOM HIDDLESTON x READER (Imagines/Preferences) by samuthots
Random little pieces of Tom Hiddleston x Reader! Enjoy!
marvel oneshots by pottair
marvel oneshotsby india :')
all the marvel oneshots from my tumblr!! no smut, don't worry :D
Loki one shots :)  by sweetrevengebaby_x
Loki one shots :) by sweetrevengebaby_x
Just some old fics I had saved in my notes :)
Loki x reader by hi__potato_childern
Loki x readerby hi__potato_childern
So, basically is you and Loki Will be fluff but no smut Plz enjoy
Trouble in Paradise (Loki x Reader) by massedcleaver
Trouble in Paradise (Loki x Reader)by Homecoming
(Y/N) (L/N) is an alien princess, that arrived on earth in 1899, escaping her arranged marriage to Loki Laufeyson. (This story doesn't really have a time but it's before...
Marvel preferences and imagines  by SassyLaurenTheKiller
Marvel preferences and imagines by SassyLauren
Preferences and imagines between the reader and many of the marvel universes characters. Enjoy!