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I droguar ne syte e tu by love_iimagination
I droguar ne syte e tuby love_iimagination
Dy te rinj te dashuruar ne kohen e tyre me te mire, marrin nje perfundim te ndarjes diçka qe ata nuk e priten. Por a do mund te takohen perseri dhe si do jete takimi i t...
Ask/dare the Balkans by T-rex_lover
Ask/dare the Balkansby Cute_Deadly_Slav
I just had that idea. (also I couldn't find a cover picture that fits) Ask or dare them anything, from their crushes to who's the oldest to their favourite food. Anythin...
If i can't have you, No one can! (Shqip) by love_iimagination
If i can't have you, No one can! (...by love_iimagination
-Perse je zgjuar, ora ende eshte 03:23. -Ku ishe, pashe nje enderr shume te keqe. Thashe teksa ai dol nga banjoja dhe erdh afer meje. -Çfare endrre? -Sikur ti po me trad...
Ask or dare the Balkans by _Esthetic_Lover_
Ask or dare the Balkansby cringe_rakija
My Human Mate (Shqip) by love_iimagination
My Human Mate (Shqip)by love_iimagination
-Askush nuk duhet ta di sekretin tone! Me keto fjal u rrita e jetoj, ne fillim nuk e kuptoja arsyen ndersa tani e di, njerezit nga frika ate diçkan qe eshte ndryshe nga...
SHHH! by love_iimagination
SHHH!by love_iimagination
-"Nga çfare ke frike?" -"Frike?...Ëhm epo mendoj qe nga perbindeshat.Ka perbindesha te ndryshem ne kete bote;perbindesha qe nuk e shohin veten dhe shfaqin...
Dearest of desires by _Esthetic__Lover_
Dearest of desiresby ASTHETICS
Serbia and Albania have been enemys for too long, by the time their forgot the reason why their hate each other... the problem is.. their always desired to see the other...
an other story about the balkans... or is it? by bosnian_write
an other story about the balkans...by bosnia and Herzegovina
just them breaking the 4th wall, living. we also adore angst 🥰 and yep you can ask questions and dares etc. 💪🏼(this wil mainly be abt the adventures of bosnia so dont...
Catalea (shqip) by lori_liza
Catalea (shqip)by lori_liza
Nje vajze e re me plot energji pozitive e cila studion ekonomi, ka pasion teatrin dhe librat, bene nje jete krejt normale me familjen e saj 6 antareshe, fati e takon ras...
Ask the Albanians! / (Q&A with them Albos !1!1!) / (have fun dawg) by X_QIFSHAROPTGAMING_X
Ask the Albanians! / (Q&A with the...by Qifsharoptgaming
This shit is dedicated to all my fav albanians, either living currently in alb or kos, or being diaspora mfs... // So theres four characters: Albania, Kosovo, Ilirida, a...
Balkans everyday life / /countryhumans  //  by Idrbrunette
Balkans everyday life / /countryhu...by Idrbrunette
Basically about Balkans and there everyday life This will include all the Balkans OFC And the Cypriot twins???? Non political!! (Maybe idk depending on how you view it)...
Just a Piece by Theobeeia
Just a Pieceby Austroluck
Albania and Serbia share Kosovo, this takes place in the 1900s.
Albania x Serbia smut fanfiction by Coolcatgirl42
Albania x Serbia smut fanfictionby Severina
Serbia and albania get very naughty in public
Just a Piece by theodoretheidiot
Just a Pieceby Serbee
Kosovo is being shared between the two, Serbia and Albania. Would Kosovo revolt or stay like that? Read to find out!
Aubergine by JSThompson
Aubergineby JSThompson
Short story based in post-war Kosovo highlighting the experience of two Canadians involved in different aspects of foreign service.
Caluanie muelear oxidize parteurize in United States by metalsolution
Caluanie muelear oxidize parteuriz...by metalsolution
We are wholesale suppliers and Distributing company of Caluanie Muelear Oxidize Chemical, Research Chemicals- Red Mercury,GBL Wheel cleaner, GHB,ETC. Caluanie Muelear...
In another lifetime by Writer11032016
In another lifetimeby Writer11032016
I wrote this when I was at my worst and for some reason, I wanted to post it even though it's not that good. I hope you guys like it. I want you guys to read this blind...
When We Meet  by lightbrowneyes1
When We Meet by lightbrowneyes1
When long distance lovers meets over the summer. Shes an independent 19 year old canadian trying to make a name for herself while getting over heartbreak. He is a 21 yea...