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Amit & Adam by sarahgarvey12
Amit & Adamby Sarah
Amit Gypps was just a normal high school girl, when the new politcal party, the Nazis came into power and began make life misery for the Jewish people in her community...
Auschwitz Death Camp by JustBeth96
Auschwitz Death Campby JustBeth96
When Lena's life gets turned upside down by one of history's most tragic events, she has no idea what to expect. But she could have never imagined love...
GerIta Holocaust by orangelife
GerIta Holocaustby orangelife
Homosexuality was forbidden under Paragraph 175 of the Nazi Reich-Germany and Italy must pay the price of their love in blood and tears within the concentration camps as...
The Holocaust Story "Never Again" by PetsRock26
The Holocaust Story "Never Again"by FullMoon
She looked out the window of the train then back to the cracked mirror in front of her. She turned and saw the number that was burned on her shoulder bright black saying...
In the Dark of the Night by KiahVance
In the Dark of the Nightby Kiah Vance
Leah is a young 13 year old Jewish girl living in Germany during WWII. Her father is in denial about everything that is going on around them. He refuses to escape to saf...
Sky Blue Eyes by ForeverAndNever123
Sky Blue Eyesby Sammy Cheng
"His eyes were the color of the sky on a sunny day. They were like jewels from the king's palace. All of a sudden, he looked up, right into my eyes."
The Pilot by AlexisG1984
The Pilotby Alexis Garrison
Just before World War Two in Europe, young Marion Ludwig, a German girl, finds a crashed U.S. plane in Germany and an intriguing American pilot with it. Suspicions arise...
The lie of life.(hetalia Germany x reader) by anime_for_life2
The lie of life.(hetalia Germany x...by anime_for_life2
You thought you knew your life,before it was stolen from you.
Deception - WWII Resistance / Holocaust Novel by historicole
Deception - WWII Resistance / Holo...by nicole
Holland 1943. Mieke de Jong is tasked to lure German officers to their deaths. She changes her identity. Infiltrates the enemy. She must lie to live. Fight for her freed...
A Troubled Soul | Freedom Writers by EvaMorgan269
A Troubled Soul | Freedom Writersby Eva Morgan
A dedicated teacher in a racially divided Los Angeles school has a class of at-risk teenagers deemed incapable of learning. Instead of giving up, she inspires her studen...
Eliana (holocaust story) by StillTwirling
Eliana (holocaust story)by T
(COMPLETED) Eliana Goldenberg is your average teenage girl living in Germany. She goes to school, argues with her little sister and even has a boyfriend. But her family...
Singer of Songs by AutoChrist
Singer of Songsby AutoChrist
Maria is a young orphaned violinist in Nazi Germany. When one of Hitler's closest friends hears her play, she is sky-rocketed to fame - until her teacher, jealous of her...
Darker Than The Camps || Ereri || by sinah-chan
Darker Than The Camps || Ereri ||by sinah
Holocaust- 1940s The 17 year old Eren, is a runaway Jewish boy from Germany. Both his parents were caught by the German soldiers, known as the Nazis, and taken to concen...
WE'RE IN A DIFFERENT CENTURY!? (Solangelo Love Story)(COMPLETED)  by EmoGothicGirl14
As we all know Nico came from a different century he has adjusted well, has a boyfriend, and couldn't be happier. But what happens when him and his friends and Will get...
What If Anne Frank Survived? by ContagiousMind
What If Anne Frank Survived?by ContagiousMind
What would have happened if Anne Frank and the rest of the Secret Annex members survived? Would the Franks and the van Pels have gone their separate ways? Would Anne and...
Love's Breaking Point: A Gay Yandere's Obsession by squid_from_pluto
Love's Breaking Point: A Gay Yande...by Quill
In the aftermath of a devastating war, Ukrainian refugee Xylo Vovk finds himself stripped of everything, including his own sanity. Lost and broken, he embarks on a harro...
A Tale of Blood and Ink by _marmoris_
A Tale of Blood and Inkby 𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖍𝖆
❝ IN THE CLUTCHES OF HELL, HER LAST HOPE IS THE DEVIL HIMSELF ❞ When separated from their family, Hanna Cohen does everything to protect her little sister. In the concen...
FIRAINTH Fire Water Wind Earth (FANTASY) by Paostoryteller
FIRAINTH Fire Water Wind Earth (FA...by Pao
4 Children have been chosen by the Goddess Eve to be the next Human Incarnation of the 4 Elements of Nature in the magical realm of FIRAINTH. Away from the miserable and...
After the Concentration Camps by Joy21405
After the Concentration Campsby Joy Baldacchino
Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Anne Frank and Peter Van Pels survived the Holocaust ? See what might have happened if they returned back to Amsterda...
The Communist & The Jew (Max Vandenburg) [ON HOLD] by -PerksOfWallflower-
The Communist & The Jew (Max Vande...by -PerksOfWallflower-
[THE BOOK THIEF - MAX VANDENBURG FANFIC] Liesel is my little sister, and my best friend. We were being sent away to a safer and better family. I didn't know what being...