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high school dxd X werewolf  by Axrto234
high school dxd X werewolf by Rene Oosthuizen
a young boy who is a black alpha werewolf tries to live a normal life but he soon gets dragged into the world of devils and he meets the devil known as rias gremmory
The Destructive/Limit Breaking Hero by Shadow2190
The Destructive/Limit Breaking Heroby Shadow2190
Yajin Hidashi was born with 2 amazing quirks one is energy manipulation and the other is a quirk that multiplies your power but with a cost it destroys your body the mor...
The Ruler Of The Everything (Dxd x Male Saiyan) by izukuxjirou
The Ruler Of The Everything (Dxd x...by Gogeta Blue
A Saiyan Takumetako born the man trained to be the next Zeno after the multi universal aged child gave up his title he became the god of the multiverse
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Phoenix by SilentScribe313
Phoenixby Isaac Spells
A physically dissociate teen has teen has the aspiration to be better, but he has to take one of the teachers down a few notches in order to do so. What will this prove...
My original character, DJ's, story. This is my main story and I don't see it ending anytime soon.
Dragonball Universe 12 by Levvy_1
Dragonball Universe 12by Levvy_1
This book is about a character I created named Pyrite. We follow Pyrite though his timeline in a tournament in which he just might win. (In this book the word "vani...
if i was a sayian by real_smileoff
if i was a sayianby connor spicer
this is about wat i would do if i was a sayian
Dragon Ball: GTS by danial1397
Dragon Ball: GTSby DanialArceus
After defeating the Shadow Dragons, Goku now has time to rest, however, things may not seem that way since he now has to face even stronger friends and foes alike. GoChi.
Dragon Ball: The Dissipation of the Art by yeahasddsadas
Dragon Ball: The Dissipation of th...by Mada Mada
''In no way I am letting go off your tail!'' Goku's survival against his evil brother has changed the Z-Fighters significantly, are they still tough enough to lend off a...
dragon ball z challenge majin Bulma x innocent neko reader  by Jo3y420
dragon ball z challenge majin Bulm...by Joey Oliver
Ok so here's a dragon ball z challenge for you guys so please give it a chance i would really appreciate it if you accept the challenge. Please leave a vote or comment...
Dragon Ball Inferno by ChristmasDaiko
Dragon Ball Infernoby ChristmasDaiko
This is in a Timeline called "Timeline 26." This Timeline was cratered using Super Dragon Balls. This story is the story of Dragon Ball Z/Kai, but without Goku...
KAIOKEN! (Male faunas reader x RWBY) by Aquietgamer
KAIOKEN! (Male faunas reader x RWB...by Dragon_ball_fanfic
You are a human called Daiko shut up all my male characters are called daiko so yeah your semblance is the kaioken technique because I wanted it to be you can go intimat...
Raging Red Hero by Gyuki-stuffs
Raging Red Heroby Gyuki
I'm still bad at these but I don't own dragon ball or my hero academia
Female Gohan x Saiyan Reader (Chapter 1) On hold for now sorry by CoolSaiyanboy12
Female Gohan x Saiyan Reader (Chap...by King Shallot
The fight with Raditz was over but Raditz says that three more Saiyans are coming to Earth, Who are the Saiyans that are coming in the One year the Z Fighers Train.