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Shifting to Hogwarts by thatonebihufflepuff
Shifting to Hogwartsby thatonebihufflepuff
im gonna upload my script as well as some different shifting methods. ill also be documenting all of my shifting attempts :)) #1 in shifting #2 in journaling #4 in scrip...
No Longer a Monster | Chenji by fr0nkoreov
No Longer a Monster | Chenjiby Fr0nkoreoV
After a year of regaining his kindness, Jisung was let out of the hospital as he was accepted into his family once again. This time, Jisung learns multiple things about...
Ashley's Form of Meraki by partiallytired
Ashley's Form of Merakiby ᴀsʜʟᴇʏ
Sometimes, you just have to let things out.
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐋𝐀𝐖 𝐎𝐅 𝐀𝐓𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓� xina suhan
So I just thought making this book and just post about my manifestations. This is a book were I write: - My results/manifestations - My thoughts down - I'll be scripti...
how to script ~ law of attraction/manifestation by frenchdummy
how to script ~ law of annabelle <3
you can manifest anything with journaling ! here i will give you some tips on how to script as well as share my own scripting to give you ideas and examples. i will also...
Wishful Thinking by Spacey_Soul_Stxrr
Wishful Thinkingby Starr K. Diaz
Memoirs Of A Lost Soul ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Poetry & Random Exerpts about Life, the cosmos and existence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A miniscule glimpse into the starry abyss that is...
In the Nest by KatJEnersen95
In the Nestby Katrina Enersen
In which a teenage Lily Matthews watches the world through her window and decides that darkness is simply something that hasn't yet come into the light. Cover photo cred...
Leather Bound ✓ by SuppleHeart
Leather Bound ✓by elaine
Held together by the seams of his leather bound book, their love wrote black and white on crisp paper, all in which he wrote for the girl he could admire, but never fall...
a bible study by God_Is_Greater
a bible studyby God_Is_Greater
This is a study on multiple topics, some very lengthy and in depth, some lighter, some... controversial. A compilation of things I'm learning about Christ and His Word. ...
You're a teenager feeling lost? An adult that can't remember where your priorities are outside of work? Unsure of where you're going and what you're doing? You know you...
My Riding Journal by M_Equine
My Riding Journalby Ride_In_The_Momment
I don't really have many horsey friends that share the excitement of going over my first jump or just the joy of going to another lesson so I figured I'd just post this...
▪A Probing Mind▪ by awhat_awhat
▪A Probing Mind▪by ▪ T E E ▪
Your average overthinker , trying to get her brain sorted , sharing her unpopular opinions , being relatable & penning down the chaos in her mind. If you are willin...
🌸~Norma's Journal~🌸 by NormaBates_x
🌸~Norma's Journal~🌸by verafarmiga_xx
🌸~Norma's Journal~🌸 About her life, thoughts, feelings, secret desires & things that annoy her! 🥰 [Something a little different from the normal fanfiction stories! Bu...
Sh*t....About Bisexuality by gonearethestrangers
Sh*t....About Bisexualityby Kayla
My poems, free writes, journal entries, and thoughts regarding my sexuality, the LGBTQ+ community, and how society plays a factor in it all. Very sporadic. Very random...
The Fangirl Life by EmeraldEyedJedi
The Fangirl Lifeby ɛʍʍʏ
This is basically just a book where I do what I do best! Fangirl! I also will publish some stuff about my life and my walk with God every so often. In here I will post r...
My Art Book by ThatPansexualPerson
My Art Bookby ThatPansexualPerson
All of my art including paintings, sketches, and my art journal Note: Most of these drawings, paintings, etc. are from images because for some reason I cant do anything...
Covid-19 Quarantine Life {Complete}  by RomeoBleeds
Covid-19 Quarantine Life { Romeo Cross
For the next few days I am on quarantine house-arrest, you guys get the chance to read my "diary" as I take hourly notes on everything. Every day for the next...
My Journal by Meaka2019
My Journalby Meaka
This is a journal that I am going to do whenever I feel motivated to find a writing prompt make sure to check out my poem called Where I Am From
wishful thinking ≫ misc. by the-preppy-avenger
wishful thinking ≫ m✰
ੈ✩‧₊˚ ❝ lying around daydreaming. ❞ &&. in which this is a space full of my miscellaneous ramblings. © the-preppy-avenger