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a thousand instincts (#1) by GianaTPQ
a thousand instincts (#1)by Giana K. L.
Life Lesson #1: If you are planning on going to a nightclub in the middle of sketchy, dark woods, don't. Life Lesson #2: If there are too many attractive, healthy peop...
Alpha's Blue (BXB) by qatikin
Alpha's Blue (BXB)by qatikin
After meeting a scary guy in the woods, Blue can't help but want to know more about him. 🏅Rankings: #1 gay - 04/09/2020 #1 bxblove - 05/09/2020 #1 boyxboy - 07/09/2020...
My Rejected King  by MissLulu004
My Rejected King by MissLulu004
21 Year old, Elise Snow decides to sign up into the mysterious, famous new dating app with encouragement from her best friend. The following morning she wakes up in an u...
Kol by angellina273
Kolby angellina273
~A minute goes by and we don't mutter a single word as he holds my eyes with his. He drops his down to my lips and I instinctively take my bottom lip between my teeth. ...
I'm My Best Friend's Mate by STUD247
I'm My Best Friend's Mateby STUD247
For years, Jason Wade and Kylie Johnson have been the best of friends. They've had their ups and downs but always pushed through it together. However, unknown to Jason...
Nosy Neighbors by Kanade213
Nosy Neighborsby Kanade213
Dylan Douglas and his four best friends went swimming at the beach one day when they were between 13-14 year olds. They were covered in a yellow-ish gooyie ooze that cha...
The Wolf | Felix ff by KookieSashimi
The Wolf | Felix ffby KOOKIESASHIMI
"Do you know we wolf and Hooman will never be together?! Hooman are monster!" said the guy with long blonde hair that tie in ponytail. "don't you forget w...
Alpha Titus (editing) by astortaa
Alpha Titus (editing)by shan ♡
He ruled the werewolf community yet he was a mere 24 in human years, His lack of a mate caused him to be cold hearted, mean and ruthless. She was everybody's dream girl...
The Wolf's Nerd by STUD247
The Wolf's Nerdby STUD247
Jordan Whitehead the nerd that no one ever payed attention to. He never was the popular type, and was always a victim when it came to bullying. And above all, he has nev...
Powerless to You by ClosetConfessions
Powerless to Youby LemonPawsUwU
Frank Iero is an omega with an attitude that doesn't like following the rules. Gerard Way is an alpha that wants the stubborn omega to himself. But frank is lusting afte...
His Dark Embrace (Rewrite)  by emilytwin
His Dark Embrace (Rewrite) by Emily
His Dark Embrace - Rewrite (There will probably be the odd typo here and there. Will be fully checked once completed.) "Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalg...
The Alpha and the Nun by cupcake_is_bae
The Alpha and the Nunby Mercy
She is pure. She is innocent. She believes in God and above all, she doesn't believe that creatures like werewolves exist. she believes they're Demons. ________________...
The Hunter by CarlllJ
The Hunterby CarlllJ
I woke up to a low growl. A man with broad shoulders stood above me. I could feel that he was an alpha and almost wanted to cower among him. "Hello mate" he s...
(EDITING) Under A Lonely Moon by TanyaHasNoLife
(EDITING) Under A Lonely Moonby TanyaHasNoLife
Zak, a twenty year old boy, is forced to move out of his childhood home after his mother remarries. He moves to an unknown village, isolated from the rest of the world...
Sparks Of Attraction  by Peachsk
Sparks Of Attraction by Peachsk
A world where life has become unfair and unjust. The one where Humans were exiled to farms and factories. Where Werewolves stood on top. Humans became lower than omegas...
The 2 kinds that should never mix  by WolfGirlOkumura1069
The 2 kinds that should never mix by WolfGirlOkumura1069
A lone wolf girl finds herself pinning down a Human boy of which she finds herself... Attracted to? Well that took quite the turn, what'll happen next??
The alphas broken mate • Wattys 2017 by the-arts-combined
The alphas broken mate • Wattys the-arts-combined
Nicole is broken. She puts on a mask that convinces the world she is happy when in reality; she's done with life. She doesn't care. Replaces pain with more pain. When Ry...
MARRIED TO THE ALPHA (Werewolf's Mate Book 1) by BlossomBlueMoon
MARRIED TO THE ALPHA (Werewolf's Ahshan
Ruby No one wants you. That's the only line she was said from the day of her accident. That's true. No one wants her. Her uncle and aunt never wanted the burden of taki...
Volturi Gif Imagines by XxLost_Girl192xX
Volturi Gif Imaginesby XxLost_Girl192xX
I'm taking requests! I'm willing to do the following: *Felix *Demetri *The kings *Alec *Etc..... Also I'm willing to do other Twilight characters like: *The wolf pack *E...