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"I want you." With a touch as light as a feather, Cillian hooked a thick finger under her chin to get a better look at her face. "Look at me." Slowly, her eyes cracked open, but she didn't dare meet his eyes. His grip tightened ever so slightly, a warning. Her breath caught in her throat when she looked at him- I mean, really looked at him. His golden eyes were as direct, not even blinking as much as the average person. They glistened in the moonlight that peeked through the blinds, bringing an inhuman shine to them. A satisfied smile stretched across his lips until his prominent canines made an appearance. A finger tugged on the collar of her shirt and dragged it down- just enough to reveal the mark that was imprinted forever on her delicate neck. "Do remember what this means?" It was this speech, this deep, heavy voice of his that immediately set him apart from everyone else. No longer able to hold his gaze, her eyes fell and she shook her head. His hand caught somewhere behind her neck and base of her jaw to tilt her head back so her eyes met his. "I think you do." He persisted. His other hand came up to lightly brush the hair back away from her face. "What are we, hmm?" His fingers trailed down the curves of her body until they settled on her hips to gently tug her closer, pulling a sharp inhale from her. With their bodies pressed together, hearts racing in sync, and butterflies fluttering in both of their stomachs, she peeked up at him once more. A shudder shot down her spine as he leaned in to nuzzle her neck, his hot breath fanning against the mark. "C'mon, say it." He breathily taunted. With a shaky breath, she whispered, "we're mates." - ranks - #1 new story #1 wolf # 2 alpha


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