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The quiet girl by Mayanater
The quiet girlby Mymy
Your super quiet Well you weren't when you were with your ex but now things have changed again You also have a secret your carrying Will your ex figure it out or not
Yuri on Ice and OHSHC crossover Yuri Pilsetsky x Reader x Kyoya x Hikaru x Mori by Kyliecharm
Yuri on Ice and OHSHC crossover Yu...by Kyliecharm
Y/N is the older sister of Haruhi not only that she is an Olympic figure skater who represents Japan. Y/N dated Yuri for only a year but suddenly Yuri cheated on you bef...
Torn apart by Mayanater
Torn apartby Mymy
Your family and the Hitachiins hate each other but you don't know why you've been told to never associate with the Hitachiin twins at school so you don't you and the twi...
Two ex's by Mayanater
Two ex'sby Mymy
What happens when you have more then one ex? Your starting ouran and your best friend haruhi is already there Haruhi brings you to the host club but what happens when y...
Tamaki's Twin (Hikaru x reader) by Emily_Michaelis_432
Tamaki's Twin (Hikaru x reader)by Emily_Michaelis_432
You were Tamaki's sister and he has been begging you to join the host club so males could come in and enjoy it as much as the girls. After having enough with his begging...
Heart Ache (Hikaru x reader)  by dontreadintoit
Heart Ache (Hikaru x reader) by dontreadintoit
Can you possibly fall in love with Hikaru? why does it have to happen now? what will he think when he learns the truth? find out by reading
OuranBoys x Bullied!Reader by animelia365
OuranBoys x Bullied!Readerby Animelia
((I spelt one of the twins' name wrong and im too lazy to fix 45 chapters of one mistake so plz forgive the spelling)) please no..not yet..a little longer.. Sure, su...
Not into the 'host thing'? (OHHC X READER) by Cartoon_vs_anime
Not into the 'host thing'? (OHHC X...by Cartoons V. Anime
(Y/n)~San didn't get the whole host club thing, in fact she hated, she knew the host types and knows everyone loves them, but she thinks it's all stupid. Her friend on t...
Tamaki's sister (Hikaru x reader) by cielxme
Tamaki's sister (Hikaru x reader)by Destiny Phantomhive
You are Tamaki's sister, but no one knows. When your mother decides it's time for you to meet your brother she sends you to Japan to look for him, but you don't know wha...
Ouran Love Story (Reader X Hikaru) by OuranLover666
Ouran Love Story (Reader X Hikaru)by OuranLover666
(Y/N) (L/N) is just another ordinary girl who goes to Ouran Academy. She has 4 older brothers, she has always kept to herself and brothers. Being the youngest and the on...
The little devil and the demon twin by Mayanater
The little devil and the demon twinby Mymy
Your not a normal girl and you never will be why? Your a demon that's just how you were born and everyone is scared of your even your own twin sister But one person is...
Haruhi's Cousin (Hikaru and Kaoru x Reader) by stereoatypical
Haruhi's Cousin (Hikaru and Kaoru...by Alex
Haruhi has a wealthy cousin that the host's never knew. well, she never told them anyway. until one day, she decided to visit Haruhi and the boys, and of course. the Twi...
The new Hitachiins toy by Mayanater
The new Hitachiins toyby Mymy
You've known the hitachiin twins since elementary but you've always ignored them because you had to keep up your study's not socialize But when your paired with the two...
Deaf by Mayanater
Deafby Mymy
Your deaf Yup you can't hear Well you have hearing aids so you can hear if you want to One day you stumble into the host club and meet everyone But one twin finds you...
no one can come into our little world (ohshc fan fic) by lovesrandomshiz
no one can come into our little wo...by Kiera Schutte
two twins trapped in their own little world unlike the hitachin brothers they have everything incomin besides for one thing. they are kicked out of school for playing tr...
The Mute Musician... by ooeyspace
The Mute Musician...by oli★彡
(host club x reader) You were such a happy and cheerful person! Everyone wanted to be around you and you were always smiling. But that one day 6 years ago changed it all...
Kyoyas little sister by Mayanater
Kyoyas little sisterby Mymy
You had to stay out of school to take care of your daughter but now your back and your daughter is 3 years old When you see your ex (father of your child) what will you...
Circus freak by Mayanater
Circus freakby Mymy
Your mother is in a circus when she was your age she ran away from home and joined one so you were raised by one You know how to do so many things that your circus fami...
Until the End~. Hitachiins x Reader. by Blue_bunf
Until the End~. Hitachiins x Reade...by Blue_bunf
Kaoru and Hikaru x reader! You just transferred to another school. Things get way to complicated for you, Unfortunately you don't have your old friends to help you out...