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The Wife/Motherly Type (OHSHC x Male! Oc/Reader)(BoyxBoy) by RosenNeko
The Wife/Motherly Type (OHSHC x Ma...by RosenNeko
Hello! I am Ukari, Miyoko! Yes, I am a girl. However, my precious Iitaka is not! And he is to be my wife! "Miyoko!" "Gomen, gomen." Anywho, Iitaka is...
Love, Music, And Cancer | OHSHC by HINATHOE
Love, Music, And Cancer | OHSHCby 𝑯𝑨𝑯𝑨!
❝Welcome to the Host Club!❞they all said together once more. I strained a tight fake smile at them all, grabbing the double doors and slamming them shut before I could...
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Another Suoh..?||Boy x Boy||OHSHC by King_Satan
Another Suoh..?||Boy x Boy||OHSHCby Just A True King Tho.
What if Tamaki Suoh had a brother? An OLDER brother at that. What if Tamaki didn't want any of the hosts to know? What if said older brother came to Japan from France du...
Kyoya's New Little Sister by TheFandomLair
Kyoya's New Little Sisterby TheFandomLair
[Completed as of 11.15.16] Mai, that's all she knew. Her name was Mai, her mother told her to wait in the park. She had been sitting there for 3 days. Her mother said sh...
The Shy Type {OHSHC} by crispyink
The Shy Type {OHSHC}by Jade Louise
Mitskuni Haninozuka x male! OC #432 - 1/18/18 #416 - 1/12/18 #565 - 1/9/18 #584 - 1/8/18 #600 - 1/7/18 #832 - 1/3/118
The Adventures of Hiromi Fujioka (OHSHC fanfic ~ Haruhi's Twin) by xlaurynwritesx
The Adventures of Hiromi Fujioka (...by Lauryn
Haruhi and Hiromi Fujioka are twins. One day they walk into the third music room hoping for some quiet, but instead they end up with a rather weird group of guys known a...
The Sound Of A Heartbeat (OHSHC x Deaf!Reader)  by ReadingAddict1102
The Sound Of A Heartbeat (OHSHC x...by ReadingAddict1102
Y/N Fujioka is your name, and unfortunately, you're sadly deaf in your game. You're homeschooled because of your condition, but you always get information about the inf...
Candy N' Honey (Ohshc) by andrea_liss
Candy N' Honey (Ohshc)by 100% Cuteness
Candy Mellows is a top notch kuudere. But what happens if she met the Host club? And fall in love with their one and only boy-lolita?
Haruhi x female reader (An Ouran high school host club fanfic) by Fanfic_UniversZ
Haruhi x female reader (An Ouran h...by sksksksksks
You live with your wealthy family in a very nice house.You get accepted into Ouran Academy and while walking into the building pass a very strange guy/girl. Even though...
The Puppy Type (OHSHC) by dannyzedd
The Puppy Type (OHSHC)by Danny Zedd
*Completed* No.1 in #haruhi and #collar Being the puppy type of the Ouran Host Club has its ups, and, so far, no downs. Daichi Akiyama is free to do what he wants. He w...
The Sleepy Type (On Hold) by Killme-now
The Sleepy Type (On Hold)by Killme-now
(Ohshc fanfic) It's hard to stay awake in class and we all know that, but for Sokou it can't be helped. He has a rare disorder that causes him to randomly pass out. His...
The Psychic of Ouran | Ouran High School Host Club Saiki K Crossover | by ChikaShane
The Psychic of Ouran | Ouran High...by NotMeWrongBitch
Ouran High School is a well-known school in Japan, a school for the rich, the powerful and the intelligent. Though one fateful day Ouran's principal and administration a...
Haruhi's Sister by DepressoWolf
Haruhi's Sisterby Wolfie
Who would have thought Haruhi had an older sister nothing like her. Where Haruhi is calm and caring shin is anxious and smothering. The poor girl has misophobia and hypo...
[COMPLETE] I Found You Nii-san! || OHSHC Fanfic [Kaoru Love Story] by xXAkatsukixLoverXx
[COMPLETE] I Found You Nii-san! ||...by Ezekiel T. A.
We all know Mitsukuni Haninozuka, also known as Honey-senpai, right? Well have you heard of Tomoyo Haninozuka, Honey-senpai's little sister? A first year? No, right. Rea...
Quiet (OHSHC FF)/(TwinsxMale!OC) by Worldwide_Genius
Quiet (OHSHC FF)/(TwinsxMale!OC)by Tsumi~
Speak Be free Give back what once was mine Forever lost with a single touch Recover from a loss never to return Until the touch of another heals the wound ~ Haruhi is no...
Kohai Kawaii[Ouran High School Host Club Love Story] by Miss_Ani_Me
Kohai Kawaii[Ouran High School Hos...by Miss_Ani_Me
Kōhai: In Japan, senpai is an upperclassman, someone of a higher age, or senior and kōhai is a protégé or junior. The mentor system is found at all levels of education...
Undercover at Ouran [Assassination Classroom x OHSHC] by Datstranger001
Undercover at Ouran [Assassination...by Datstranger001
After Nagisa Shiota and Karma Akabane graduate from middle school they are approached by their teacher, Karasuma, and they are given the opportunity to go to one of the...
Lost Song | male reader insert by 101_classified
Lost Song | male reader insertby 101
F/n l/n is the heir to the l/n talent agency, one of the most popular talent agencies in Japan and one of the few that has branches in America and Canada. He's also a me...
Cloud {OHSHC} by crispyink
Cloud {OHSHC}by Jade Louise
Kemuri Fujioka, Haruhi's older brother, isn't a normal 16-year old. He spends some of his days being Kuma Arita, a famous influencer. One day he decides he wants to go...
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