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The Tomboy princess by Mayanater
The Tomboy princessby Mymy
You've never been a girly girl you've like sports and you hate dresses even though your a princess Your parents sent you to ouran to maybe knock some manners in you and...
I've Always Been There (Kaoru x Reader) by MaeBelle3
I've Always Been There (Kaoru x Re...by MaeBelle
(Y/n) has always attended Ouran. Her grades were always close to the top, and her status wasn't half bad either. She wasn't popular, not too well known, and liked to sti...
Kaoru x Reader by SenpaiT-Rose
Kaoru x Readerby SenpaiT-Rose
Another love story with another character from a show I watch. I chose Kaoru because, he's my favorite twin. Enjoy!!!! So this is about you and Kaoru loving each other...
My Beautiful Flower (Kaoru x Reader) by traciepanda
My Beautiful Flower (Kaoru x Reade...by ヾ( ' - '*)
Hello this is my first fanfic so yup!! Hope you enjoy!! Book 1 of 2 {Currently being edited by @OHSHC_TALES}
I'm Here For You (Kaoru x Reader) by xDepressedDiminishx
I'm Here For You (Kaoru x Reader)by CEO OF RANCH
The Host Club vice president, Kyoya Ootori, realized that some girls stopped coming to the host club, causing him to worry, he then came up with the perfect idea. Having...
Sold (Reader x Ouran High School Host Club) by phanattheanimedisco
Sold (Reader x Ouran High School H...by phanattheanimedisco
(Y/N) (L/N) has signed a contract with a demon after her family was murdered and she was sold and tortured. With a cold outlook on life she begins to attend Ouran Academ...
I don't wanna share by Mayanater
I don't wanna shareby Mymy
Your the twins child hood and best friend Your also there only friend besides each other So of course they both fall for you But what happens when they both decide th...
Differences - Kaoru x reader by cookiesandwich9
Differences - Kaoru x readerby Colly-chan
You made it into Ouran with flying colours, only being partially passed by Haruhi Fujioka. What happens when you meet the host club?
The Sister host (Ohshc reader insert)  by Weird_Weeb_101
The Sister host (Ohshc reader inse...by My old man is a sumbag
Your thrown into the drama filled life or Oran high school, will you survive the host club with your sister Haruhi? And will you find love? (All characters belong to the...
Two ex's by Mayanater
Two ex'sby Mymy
What happens when you have more then one ex? Your starting ouran and your best friend haruhi is already there Haruhi brings you to the host club but what happens when y...
Honeys and Yasuchikas sister by Mayanater
Honeys and Yasuchikas sisterby Mymy
Your a 2nd year at ouran (Honey is still a third year and Yasuchika is a 1st year it's just how it's gonna work) You love your brothers and if you weren't alive they pr...
O.H.S.H.C. x Bullied! reader [WILL...by Resident Disco Queen
(Y/n) was once in a terrible accident that left her in a wheelchair. And for that she gets bullied everyday by none other then the Ouran High school host club. But will...
Mirrored (Yandere Hikaru x Reader x Yandere Kaoru) by thatanimeramenchick
Mirrored (Yandere Hikaru x Reader...by thatanimeramenchick
"You were fourteen and had a huge, glaring, embarrassing crush on Hikaru Hitachiin. " -- At least you did in junior high. A lot has changed in a year though, a...
The African host  by Mayanater
The African host by Mymy
You come from Africa your family sent you to stay with your aunt and uncle and their children When you get their they send you to school which is Ouran Your the only b...
The Mute Musician... by ooeyspace
The Mute Musician...by oli★彡
(host club x reader) You were such a happy and cheerful person! Everyone wanted to be around you and you were always smiling. But that one day 6 years ago changed it all...
Mine, Not Yours (Kaoru X Reader) by dessigonzu
Mine, Not Yours (Kaoru X Reader)by ♪☆V'S #1 BEACH☆♪
Kaoru Hitachiin has always given his older twin brother, Hikaru Hitachiin, what he wanted. Including girls. But when he meets a girl who's different from the rest, every...
Fell For You (Kaoru x Reader)  by daisys001
Fell For You (Kaoru x Reader) by daisys001
Based off of the song "Fell For You" by Greenday. Kaoru x reader. Basically you and him keep on having reaccurung dreams about one another and you're both not...
Ouran x Reader insert  by Celastrial_Queen
Ouran x Reader insert by Celastrial_Queen
You had a bit of a troubled past. But you always managed to bounce back, you loved alone, lived alone , were alone . That is of course until you move back to Japan and...
Mysterious Twins ~An Ouran High school Host club Fan fiction~ by Countless_Dreams
Mysterious Twins ~An Ouran High sc...by Dreaming till' I die
~When a certain pair of Identical twins end up joining Ouran High school in an attempt to move on from the past, they meet a certain Host Club that'll change their life...